John returns from his business trip, while Eric and Amanda discover a shocking secret
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He’s baaaack! The “he” in question here is John, who took a pretty sketchy hiatus following Kate’s death and disappeared for the last three episodes. How convenient, right? John returns in this week’s episode of Secrets and Lies after being away on “business” — but, as you probably could’ve guessed, it wasn’t that kind of business.

Following his return, John and Eric have a conversation in the latter’s apartment, where John makes a few douchey comments about the way he questioned Kate’s behavior after her death and the way he raised Eric and the gang while their mother was battling alcoholism. He storms out of Eric’s apartment without really apologizing or making things better for himself.

Someone else who’s not really making things better: Melanie. She’s at the police stationed being questioned by (read: flirting with) Major Bryant about what she was doing the night of the party and what reason she may have had for erasing the security footage. She denies all of this, of course, and kind of proves how much she reeeally doesn’t give a sh-t by only explaining to the Major where she bought that “tight, tight” dress she wore to the party.

Melanie also gets a little serious and explains she wasn’t actually leaving the security office… She was leaving the bathroom (allegedly). She claims she left the party on the 10th floor to use the bathroom in the lobby because the line upstairs was a wee bit long. (I feel that, Melanie.) But Major Bryant isn’t buying it, and he tries his hardest to get her to break by telling her they’ve already found her fingerprints on the keyboard in the security office. (That was a lie, btw.) And so was Melanie’s excuse, since it’s pointed out later in the episode there were two bathrooms on that floor (and probably a great deal of bathrooms on every other floor, but I won’t question this joke of an alibi since I’m not the detective here.) Still, Melanie admits Kate was the only Warner who didn’t hate her and, therefore, she would never have a reason to hurt her.


Moments later, in an attempt to get the old pals to make up, John leaves Eric and Neil alone in his office to talk things out. That’s when Neil confesses he’s in love with Amanda. They were together back in the day, but obviously, he messed things up. He’s hoping Amanda will give him another chance (especially since she’s currently in the middle of a divorce) but Eric is quick to rain on his parade when he tells Neil that Amanda will never love him back. Ouch. But that’s not important right now. Because, right after their heart-to-heart, they hear John’s second phone ringing in his desk (a flip phone, might I add) and discover a missed call from a cancer treatment center. Eric and Amanda ambush John with this information later, but he explains the phone in his desk actually belongs to someone else and he’s just waiting for May to find the owner. That turns out to be a lie because, duh, what show are you watching?

Meanwhile, Patrick appears from the shadows and finally explains to Eric the reason behind his fraud. Apparently, Patrick knew a guy (note: don’t ever trust anyone who says “I know a guy”) who claimed the Professional Golfers’ Association was really close to certifying a cluster of houses on a golf course. He had the bright idea of investing in the houses and selling them for quadruple the investment once the PGA made the big announcement.

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There were a few problems along the way, though:

  1. John didn’t approve of making the investment since a) the PGA had yet to confirm the houses were being certified, and b) their company didn’t deal with real estate. This led to Patrick having an “I’ll show you” moment when he opened up a line of credit and invested in the houses on his own. Yeah, that didn’t work out too well.
  2. The PGA was actually never going to certify those properties. The developer apparently started a rumor to get people to buy the properties, which means every company that bought into it pretty much got screwed over —hopefully not as badly as Patrick did, because it looks like he not only has to find a way to pay back $12 million, but he also has to do so without tanking the company and his life as a free man. Eventually, Kate found out about the line of credit, but instead of snitching, she offered to help Patrick while making it clear she was doing so to save Eric and the company, not him.

But before Kate found out, Patrick managed to find a rich and fiscally irresponsible friend to rent one of the houses so he could at least pay back a small part of the money before he found a better solution. I would say renting out the house was on the brighter side of things but, since there are other things going on in that house that are questionable AF, this is only going to go downhill from here — I’m calling it now.

And since we’re talking about questionable things, let’s talk about ALL of the questionable things that happen in the next scene. After Patrick tells him about what’s going on in the home he rented, Eric calls Danny to help him “investigate.” (You can pretty much guess that any time you see Danny pull up anywhere, something not-so-good — but also kind of entertaining and maybe even necessary — is going to happen.) The two meet up at the house and Eric basically proves giving Danny any information about Carly is like giving candy to a baby, because once he tells him he might just be able to find Carly inside of this house (THAT JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE THE SITE OF A PROSTITUTION RING!), Danny storms the place looking for her and bursts the bubble of multiple married men in the process.

One of those men runs away and leaves his wallet behind, because luck. And, because Danny is Danny, he shows up in the poor guy’s car the next morning as he’s leaving for work. We discover this man’s name is Oscar Reyna…and he’s a detective. Danny doesn’t hurt him, thankfully, but he does threaten to let his wife know about his extracurricular activities unless he can help him out with a little bit of vital info — like who’s in charge of this prostitution ring.

Meanwhile, Eric meets with a lawyer to discuss how he can move forward after finding out about Patrick’s fraud. The lawyer doesn’t sugarcoat anything and pretty much tells Eric that he, his father, Patrick, and their entire company are screwed. (To be more specific, they’re facing charges of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, conspiracy, and now prostitution.) Life comes at you fast.

Let’s take a quick break and jump to a family who was at least able to give us a little bit of hope tonight. Detective Cornell gets a call from Detective Ralston about her daughter, Jennifer, being picked up by the police, and she becomes nervous Jennifer might get sent to jail if the cops report her. That doesn’t happen, but Jennifer goes missing for a few hours the next day, and Ethan tells Cornell it’s possible she relapsed and stole some prescription medicine out of his desk when he left the room at some point. The two spend the entire day conducting an unlucky search and trying as hard as they can to avoid calling her parole officer. Luckily, they end up getting a call from a rehabilitation clinic saying Jennifer checked herself in. The two take a trip to the clinic and have a pretty emotional conversation with Jennifer before she makes amends with Cornell. The scene ends with lots and lots of tears.

Back to the story line that’s filled with nothing but bad decisions: Eric goes to Neil’s office as Neil is “moving back in” and apologizes. But he also expresses how disappointed he is that Neil never told him about Patrick. But, LOL, it looks like Neil and Eric aren’t on the same page during this conversation. Because Eric is upset Neil never told him Patrick was stealing money, but Neil seems to think Eric is upset Neil didn’t tell him Melanie is the one who’s calling the shots in that “whorehouse.”

Ahem, that means Melanie is a madam. The scene ends with me fainting.

Episode grade: A

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