The Lakewood killer is revealed but more questions arise.

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Well Scream fans, I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I do have to give props to fellow EW writer Natalie Abrams and some of you for calling this ending weeks ago. The season finale actually gave us the identity of the serial killer in Lakewood and while it’s not entirely a shock, the ending does leave some interesting questions for season 2. But before we get to the big (already predicted) reveal, let’s play catch up.

We last left Emma at the big Halloween school dance as the monitors turned on and showed Sheriff Hudson bound and gagged somewhere by the killer as both the two “obvious” suspects Kieran and Seth Branson are nowhere to be seen. Maggie fills Emma in on Branson’s escape—which the police believe, as we discussed last week, was much too staged to actually have been committed by the guy. Piper immediately finds Emma to see if their, I mean, her mom is okay and tells Emma she’ll go to the station to find out what’s going on.

Emma immediately calls Kieran to fill him in on Branson’s escape and to let him know about his own dad, but he’s too busy loading bullets into a gun and sulking about being accused as a murderer to pick up the damn phone and find out that his father is about to die a gruesome death. And man, is it gut-wrenching, quite literally. When Maggie and Emma find the Sheriff tied to a tree (Maggie pulled the necklace Brandon made her out of the mouth of a dead cop, which naturally led them to the tree where Brandon used to leave Daisy gifts), Sheriff Hudson’s guts literally come out of his body. Apparently the killer was using the rope tying the Sheriff to the tree as a tourniquet. It’s disgusting but also quite possibly the most cleverly tragic of all the murders, even more than Will’s big slice.

While things are getting bloody and tense with the Duval women, Brooke of course fulfills the stereotypical slasher (series) house party scene with her big bash at her currently unoccupied McMansion. She bonds with Audrey, the only semi friend at the party, over the fact that people “generally suck” as Brooke is still annoyed at Jake for spying on her while Audrey is pissed Emma won’t believe that Kieran could be the killer. To be fair, Brooke doesn’t believe it either because apparently Kieran is “too pretty,” but that’s usually why he would be suspect number one. And as she contradicts that statement herself, Ted Bundy proved that “hotness doesn’t cancel out crazy.” Well said young Maddox. Jake of course has to show up drunk as his obnoxious self just in time to make Brooke jealous, but Brooke returns the favor by hitting on some random preppy loser.

Maggie is feeling guilty over Clark’s death just in time for Piper to drive up to “report” on the death. Maggie tells Emma that she has to tell Kieran about Clark’s death, as Piper once again tries to comfort Emma and offers to check on Brooke at her party. Noah the superman calls Emma to let her know that the malware apparently has turned off ringers and notifications on all of their cell phones, but he’s isolated the signal of the source: Brooke’s house. As if the killer is listening in on their call, Emma immediately gets a text threatening her that her friends will all be “headline news” (cliche killer slang for dead) if she tells the cops. So instead, they drive off to Brooke’s house themselves with Noah accurately calling their actions insane. Emma says they have to finish this themselves, but Noah tells her that if this is the big showdown the killer will try to take out all of her friends until she’s the last one standing because she’s “survivor girl.” It all comes down to her.

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Jake attempts to make up with Brooke and admits that he was kind of spying on her as the previously deleted spyware was put back up and he was trying to figure out by whom. He even admits once again his faults and jackass personality. But their makeup-turned-argument is cut short as Audrey discovers a body and is immediately confronted by the killer. But she’s not the only one. Branson runs to Brooke in an effort to get her to believe him, but she’s not having it. She locks all of her doors and it seems like Branson is about to leave, but instead she sees the killer and makes a run for it. Of course someone has to make a stupid move when escaping from the killer, and this time it’s Brooke, who hides in the freaking freezer her dad once put a body inside. The killer has a little bloody fun at Brooke’s expense, turns on the freezer and leaves her to die right as Emma and Noah drive up to Brooke’s house.

Emma and Noah find Piper’s car with blood all over the door, and then run into Kieran whom Emma once again accuses as the killer by telling him and Noah that Piper said he could be Brandon James’ son. Kieran gives a pretty convincing argument that he’s not the killer and Emma reveals that his father has died. I’m still a little weary about how quickly he stops mourning his father’s death, but there’s a killer to identify, so they move on. Somehow all of Emma’s friends are still living despite all being in dangerous positions (slasher movie makers wouldn’t be too pleased by the lack of a body count in this episode). Emma takes a phone call from the killer and realizes that her mother has been taken and heads to the dock where Brandon died.

Emma finds Maggie and comes face to face with the killer: Piper. Again the reveal is not as huge as I’m sure the Scream series writers were hoping for, especially when Piper says the most cliche line ever “Hashtag mind blown.” But she confirms that she is Brandon James’ daughter and that Emma shouldn’t have just believed that Brandon James’ kid was a boy. “It’s 2015 Emma, sexist much?” she gleefully says. Emma gives a recap of their relationship and Piper states her motive — apparently she was angry and bitter that her father had to die and that she was “tossed” away by Maggie while Emma got to have “the perfect life” — it would have been easier to just have her admit she’s crazy. She tells Emma that Branson will be the fall guy for the Lakewood slasher murders, including Emma and Maggie’s deaths, and Piper will stumble out and broadcast the killer’s death to the world.

Of course there’s a struggle between psycho daughter and her sister and mother, but things don’t go so well for the Duval women. Thankfully Audrey shows up in the nick of time and shoots Piper, but she doesn’t go down in the first shot. No, this is Scream, and as our heroines always state: “They always come back.” Neve Campbell would be so proud. Night turns to day and the carnage is replaced by ambulances, police cars, and a stretcher for Maggie.

Noah takes over Piper’s podcast for the final episode as In the end, Jake gets his girl, Kieran gets his, Branson leaves the police station, and Audrey opens up some secret compartment to reveal that she received letters from Piper Shaw and she had the paperwork stolen from the Lakewood Municipal Building one year prior. We know that Piper and Will were attacked by someone, so can we safely assume that Audrey killed both Nina and Rachel before Piper came to town? And at which point they worked together on the other murders? And with the series getting a season 2 renewal, will we find out Audrey’s motives for possibly co-killing with Piper? I’d love to hear your Audrey theories as well as the many potholes Piper left open with her murder admission. Despite all the killing this season, the show’s story lines are still rife with possibilities.

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