Emma races to win the killer's new sick game, but murder is inevitable in Lakewood

By Keertana Sastry
August 12, 2015 at 04:15 AM EDT

Well, it’s not a real slasher (series) until someone gets killed in the most brutal way possible. Another one bites the dust on Tuesday night’s newest episode of Scream and it’s about time, because we’ve been death free for weeks now, and seeing Mayor Maddox potentially dragging his wife’s body in a video does not count. (Is it creepy that I want to see people get killed on this show? Probably.) The death for Tuesday night’s episode “In the Trenches” is definitely in keeping with the type of horror we see on TV and film these days, but considering who gets murdered, perhaps we’ve got a new name for the top of the suspect board?

After watching Will get stabbed and dragged away by the killer, Piper wakes up after being knocked out, feels the blood on her head, and sees a sign meant for Emma written in what looks to be blood on the wall of the abandoned building where Will (and secretly Piper) met with Mayor Maddox.

While Will is being strung up and left for dead, Emma’s morning consists of her egging her mom on to continue dating Sheriff Hudson while she dates his son. Kieran asks Emma if their situation is weird, and she says they’re in a trial phase, so basically their sexual misadventures don’t count as uncomfortable and a little skeevy. But before she can enjoy a nice day at school which will probably involve a lot of makeout time, she gets a text from “Will” saying “Tried to make things right last night. I failed. So sorry.” Jake and Brooke get Emma up-to-date on Will (and Jake’s activities), and Piper makes her way to the school to lead the gang back to the building.

Piper explains to Emma that Will was trying to make amends and even saved her life, and then points to the sign that reads “No Cops Emma.” Emma tells Jake and Brooke to take Piper outside as she’s definitely got at least a concussion (seriously, she needs to get that checked out ASAP), and of course she immediately receives a phone call from the killer as soon as everyone is out of earshot. Will is screaming for Emma on the other end of the line as the killer interrupts, taunts Emma about breaking Will’s heart, and then tells her that the game has changed, it’s now hide and seek, just like Daisy and Brandon used to play. The killer gets a chance to insult Emma’s mom one more time (jeez, someone’s a little sensitive) and tells her that “in time she’ll learn the truth.”

As Sherlock Holmes would say, “The game is on,” but finding Will won’t require the famous sleuth’s high skill set, all Emma needs is Noah. Noah of course, is cracking wise with Audrey about her recent stint at the police station as Suspect #1 (the girls who stare at her as she walks by prove she’s definitely not innocent in the public eye at the moment) and making jokes that he would have made a boatload of cash off selling some Audrey-related merch. If that had happened, I hope Audrey would have demanded a large percentage. Noah doesn’t tell Audrey that he was afraid she was actually capable of murder after watching the videotape, but it’s too late to really come clean as he is quickly recruited for Operation Rescue Will (Much like Leslie Knope, I shall find a better name for that later).

Brooke confronts her father about Will’s abduction and her mother’s whereabouts, but Mayor Maddox sticks to his story: Her mother is in rehab in Arizona apparently. The sketchy mayor’s not really looking to entertain his daughter’s supposed hysterics right now, but the slight smirk he had on his face when he told Brooke he had no idea where Will was and the look of worry he had when she told him that his story was bound to come out thanks to Piper definitely make him look guilty of something. Is he the killer? Only time will tell, but his skeletons are starting to seem less connected to the main story line at the moment.

Eventually the ragtag team assembled for Operation Saving Private Belmont (Nah, I can do better) make their way to the location to which Noah tracks Will’s phone: an abandoned bowling alley. (What is with this town and all of its creepy abandoned buildings? It’s like the town was literally designed to be a killer’s paradise.) Emma gets a call from Kieran wondering where she is as they are supposed to have a weird family dinner with their parents, which might partially be to celebrate Brock getting kicked off the homicide investigations. (Is no one else as creeped out by this family dynamic as me?) Emma asks Kieran to cover for her by saying she’s helping Audrey study, but Kieran can’t stay put during the awkward dinner and tells the parents that he’ll go pick up Emma.

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At the bowling alley, the gang splits up to find an entrance inside, because it’s a horror series and despite Noah’s objections, everyone has to make bad decisions for the plot to move forward. And yes, I’m moving past Jake’s horribly corny phrase: “Let’s shake and Jake.” How about instead we forget that ever happened? Jake tells Brooke he suspects Noah of being the killer (or as he cleverly calls him “Nerd HQ”), and later Noah tells Emma he suspects Jake of the same title. Meanwhile I suspect them both.

Quickly the Operation Ex-Boyfriend Expedition team (This name just feels right) finds a way in and it doesn’t take long before they split up once again to find their man. To echo Noah’s sentiments, the phrase “let’s split up” is “said by no one who survived a horror movie ever.” Nevertheless Noah is outvoted once again and he’s off with Emma as Jake tries to get into Brooke’s pants by helping her forget her anger toward him and using “fear of death” as a motivator. Classic frat “doosh” move. He runs off to use the restroom and while waiting for him, Brooke escapes death by stabbing rather narrowly. Emma and Noah find an unconscious Will hanging in the back room and Brooke follows quickly after, but there’s no Jake in sight. Noah tries to tell Audrey where they are when she calls him after her midterms and Will miraculously comes to.

When Will feels a shooting pain in his back, Emma sees that the killer has carved “B4” into Will’s skin. Emma finds the same letter/number combination in the back room and finds Brandon James’ time card and an audio tape of Emma’s father named “PTSD Project.” The creepy Daisy song from the pilot suddenly plays over the sound system, and once again Noah gets the line of the night: “Cue the creepy murder music, I knew I was missing something.”

Emma leaves despite protests from everyone to go listen to the tape and hears her father saying that he let Maggie down and that she slept “with that monster.” Was Maggie/Daisy and Brandon’s connection deeper than childhood friendship?

The killer attacks the rest of the gang, presumably he gets to Jake first, and quickly everyone starts freaking out. Then, and I’m not sure how it’s possible, Will is miraculously well enough to hold the killer off as he lets everyone else escape. Brooke finds Jake in the bowling alley with a knife in his chest, she pulls it out and yet he doesn’t die. I give up—I just cannot understand these kids’ stamina. The killer attacks Emma, but Will saves her life. Audrey’s worry about Noah’s safety works in the gang’s favor as Audrey goes to Emma’s house and tells Maggie and Sheriff Hudson where the gang have gone to find Will. The police show up right as Will saves Emma’s life and the killer flees. But what’s interesting is that close to the door where the killer escaped, we see Kieran running in too late to save the day. He tells Emma that he heard the call on the police scanner and had been luckily driving around, but like Emma, I don’t buy that story.

Operation Ex-Boyfriend Expedition is a success as the whole team survives the bowling alley to fight another day. Emma gets reprimanded for keeping secrets from Maggie and the Sheriff and then gets a call from Will to come hang out. She’s clearly very forgiving of his previous sins thanks to his heroics at the bowling alley, in fact she’s giving up whatever she has with Kieran at the moment for another chance with Will. But Noah’s not buying the injured boy act, he theorizes that maybe Will (and Jake) could have set the whole game up to come out as heroes and to get Emma back. He says that he hopes Emma won’t reunite with Will so quickly, but she’s already on her way to his house with fancy candy.

When Will calls her once again as she’s getting out of her car, she realizes it’s the killer who tells her the game isn’t finished. “What did you do to him?!” Emma screams, and the killer replies, “It’s what you’re gonna do to him that’s the real bitch,” and he’s on the money. Emma finds Will tied up with an already running tractor/chainsaw contraption directly behind him. Emma runs to Will and triggers a tripwire with her feet. The last image we see is Emma getting showered with Will’s insides. Not the most pleasant way to watch your ex-boyfriend go to his grave. Guess we can cross him off the suspect list, am I right? #SilverLining

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12. Emma

She just accidentally murdered her ex-boyfriend. She’s definitely not the killer.

11. Detective Brock

She’s gone! She wasn’t really a suspect anyway. But new characters have to join the suspect board no matter what. That’s the rule I decided to make up.

10. Brooke

She knows how to make a spear (or as Noah lovingly called it, the “knife stick”), but that doesn’t mean she can kill people with it. She could have died at the bowling alley and the previews for next week show that things won’t be any easier for her.

9. Maggie

Yes, Maggie keeps hiding the truth and straight up lying to Emma about her history with Brandon. That definitely makes her fishy, but does it make her a killer? Probably not considering how much the killer enjoys insulting her.

8. Audrey

I actually believe that Audrey was taking her midterms while the action was going down. And plus, she’s the reason everyone ended up surviving The Almost Massacre at the Abandoned Bowling Alley (sounds like the title to a really morbid Hardy Boys novel). I’m less suspecting of Audrey this week, but maybe that’s what the writers were hoping all along. Damn you writers and your misdirections and your red herrings!

7. Noah

Noah was easily the voice of truth and reason at the bowling alley and was the least suspicious person during Operation Ex-Boyfriend Expedition. Sure he disappeared when the killer was attacking Emma and stabbing Jake. But guys, please just humor me this week. I really truly want to believe Noah was just trying to find another way out of the alley to safety. I really don’t want the show’s version of Randy to be the killer.

6. Piper

She told the gang Will’s abduction story and then promptly disappeared. Where did she go? Could she have controlled the whole bowling alley fiasco from the start, including hiring someone to kidnap Will for her? It’s a crazy theory, but sometimes the craziest theories are the eventual outcomes.

5. Sheriff Hudson

He might have been too busy eating Maggie’s kale and sausage dinner, but that doesn’t mean Sheriff Hudson couldn’t still be involved in the planning of the bowling alley hide and seek game. Perhaps he wasn’t the one doing the attempted killing, but he does have someone he could ask to do that for him… We’ll get to that.

4. Jake

Reasons he’s not the killer: He got stabbed in the freaking chest. Reasons he is the killer: I’ll let Noah take this one: “I’m just saying playing the fool is a pretty great cover. And he was pretty eager to drop into danger with the only people who know about what he did and pack a whole lot of knives…” And let’s not forget that at the end, “Jake’s on the mend. Will’s wounded warrior act made Emma forgive his sins. Either one of them could have set up this entire thing to convince us to trust them.” Noah is so wise you guys. Jake is back near the top of the suspect board.

3. Mayor Maddox

The creepy half smile and the look of panic on Maddox’s face while Brooke cornered him about his secrets is enough to keep him high on the suspect board. As stated before, his skeletons could have nothing to do with these Brandon James-related deaths, but Maddox is creepy and I’m paranoid.

2. Branson

Where the heck is he half the time? Branson is suspect and will remain that way until he is murdered or the killer is revealed.

1. Kieran

I’m not convinced that Kieran was just driving around and heard the call on the police scanner about the bowling alley. And the reasoning behind the killer’s desire to murder Will seems like something a crazy person who likes Emma would do. Kieran likes Emma, and Kieran realized Emma wasn’t done with Will after the bowling alley events. And what happened to Will despite all he went through? He was killed by the woman he loved. Will’s death was just poetic enough to be the perfect revenge death. Plus, where is Kieran when Emma gets the original phone call about Will’s abduction and the killer’s desire to play hide and seek? He’s staying at the top of the suspect pile. Sure, he’s probably the most obvious choice for the killer, which means he’s probably not the killer. But for now I’m not going to overthink it too much. I’m going with my gut.