A new cop in town and the reveal of big secrets brings about a new no. 1 suspect.
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Surviving high school is ridiculously tough, whether you’ve got a psycho killer running around or not. But on Tuesday night’s episode of Scream, “Exposed,” Emma’s high school career got significantly worse when she had to return to school after a video of her sexual exploits made the rounds faster than someone can actually say the word viral. Being that she is only person who can even partially understand what Emma is going through (this school is certainly big on the video leaks), Audrey is the only person who can even try to comfort her. But it’s not going to be so easy, especially with Will running around trying to convince Emma he didn’t tape her first time, like the biggest creep in the world. In fact, he immediately pins it on Jake. Didn’t take long for that bromance to end.

But “Exposed” doesn’t put all of its energy on Emma’s ultimate embarrassment. We also get more reveals and a new name at the top of our suspect list. But of course, first our murderer has to have a little more fun at Emma’s expense, by taping a photo still from her video in her locker with the words “Just like your mother.” Classy, murderer. Real classy.

Now that we’ve got a few bodies on our hands in Lakewood, and Tyler is clearly not the killer, Sheriff Hudson is definitely under some heavy scrutiny. He’s not getting his job done and Mayor Maddox has to save face (while he’s still got one). So without consulting his new chief of police, he brings in a new character to the mix: Detective Lorraine Brock from the State Police Special Task Force, and from the moment we see her smarmy smirk, we know she shares an intimate past with Hudson, or Hud as she calls him (a.k.a. the most unoriginal nickname of all time). Maddox tells Hudson that Brock’s going to be taking over the case and to add insult to injury, Brock utters this totally condescending line: “Don’t take it personally hun. There’s just been a loss of confidence in you lately.” Um… How does one not take this personally? Hudson gets relegated to enforcing the curfew rather than assisting on the case and he leaves in a huff, understandably so.

Because Scream is not a subtle show, the kids are back in class with Mr. Branson where he is teaching them all about the themes of hypocrisy, misogyny, and female oppression laid out in the The Scarlett Letter, a novel that should be on drinking games involving any TV show or film that is at least partially set in a fictional high school. Jake, being the ever bad boy, asks why this book matters during all the “cyber bullying, gifs, and mayhem going down,” and Mr. Branson replies that it’s now more important than ever. Cue the cyber bullying as Emma and everyone else in the school gets sent a gif of her leaked video.

Emma attempts to rise above the douchebaggery of her fellow students giving herself and Will a hard time by reminding people that all they should be caring about are the friends they’ve lost with an upcoming candlelight vigil. But Kieran, who is suddenly back in school after he mysteriously “had to drive up to Bloomington to deal with insurance stuff” for his mom’s accident (which is definitely a lie, right?), comforts Emma with one simple sentence: “People are dicks.” Truth brother. Sometimes that is absolutely accurate, especially in high school. Oh, and he also uses the opportunity to put the moves on Emma a little more. Can’t tell yet if that’s creepy or if it works considering Emma is definitely feeling it. Both, I guess?

Emma tells Kieran that she thinks the killer planned for her sexual adventures to leak around the school and that she’s terrified every time the phone goes off. And to help her get over that fear, Kieran later takes Emma for some target practice and offers her a gun for her protection. Again, creepy or not? This guys is definitely dancing all over that line.

Audrey and Emma visit the memorial for Nina, Tyler, and Riley. Emma apologizes to Audrey for the absence in Rachel’s memorial and is then made to suspect Audrey’s motivations for liking Rachel by Piper. I still don’t fully get Piper’s inclusion in the show. At this point, Gale Weathers easily inserted herself into the story line of Scream and made several enemies in the process. So what’s Piper’s endgame? Could she be getting close to Emma and trying to throw a wrench in Emma and Audrey’s friendship for the story?

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The candlelight vigil begins and Emma tells a sweet story about the first time she met Riley, one that I really wanted her to finish, but of course she was interrupted by her phone. Doesn’t Emma think it’s a good idea to, I don’t know, put her phone on silent during a candlelight vigil? The killer threatens to put Emma’s mother’s heart in a box if she tells the new detective about their scary conversations (read: torture calls) and then she sees the Brandon James mask in the crowd. The only person from our list of usual suspects who wasn’t present somewhere in the crowd is Mr. Branson. Dude is getting more and more suspect every day.

And what happens next doesn’t really make things any better. Noah discovers through his Language Arts homework that Mr. Branson has installed malware that allows him to spy on his students, and Nina kept the files. And when Audrey and Noah go snooping on Mr. Branson’s laptop at school, they discover that Riley had access as well. Isn’t that fun.

Jake and Brooke bond throughout the episode, and Brooke realizes that it’s time for Emma to learn “the truth about freshman year” and Jake doesn’t really work too hard to stop her, despite knowing it would break Will’s heart. The secret is this: Nina bet Will that he couldn’t sleep with Emma within a month, and he took the bet. Will’s never getting back with Emma now, and he’s definitely lost his best friend. When Jake and Will go pick up the blackmail money from Mayor Maddox and Maddox reveals he’s a bit short, Jake breaks his nose and silently gives him one day to get the rest of the cash ready. Will witnesses his BFF’s brutality and backs out of their plan for good. Plus it really doesn’t help that they get into a fight over the reveal of the bet while at school.

Sheriff Hudson and Maggie share a steamy moment (which is uncomfortable to watch when you think about how their kids are attracted to each other as well), Detective Brock seemingly finds the videos that Nina had saved on her laptop, and Brooke learns that her mother never went to an ashram (Mayor Maddox says he checked her into rehab). That’s when Jake decides to shatter Brooke’s world. He reveals Nina and Tyler’s secret videos and states that Will was the one who tried to blackmail Brooke’s father into giving Will the money we saw Jake take.

What Brooke doesn’t realize is that Maddox is spying on the two kids and taking notes to potentially see who deserves his revenge, and thanks to Jake, he lands on Will. But what Maddox doesn’t realize is Jake is about to show Brooke the video he is so afraid will get out. It shows Maddox carrying something that looks an awful lot like a body bag the day after he supposedly checked his wife into rehab. So who’s looking the most guilty? It’s suspect ranking time!

13. Emma

She just had the video of her first time go public to the universe and she’s still being tortured by the killer. She’s not the killer, she just can’t be.

12. Maggie

Nope, still looking innocent. Next?

11. Brooke

Brooke is trying to fix her bitchy image, and it’s not going totally well. But she did just discover that her father may or may not have killed her mother and stuffed her into a body bag. She’s all over the place right now; she can’t be the killer.

10. Noah

Noah’s on the side of the light at the moment, and he still seems to be mourning Riley’s death. Sure, we still don’t know what’s up with the scar on his forehead, but I can’t see Noah taking on the killer’s identity for the time being.

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9. Lorraine Brock

I don’t suspect her of foul play at the moment. But that’s doesn’t mean I like her.

8. Sheriff Hudson

Sheriff Hudson is about as far down and as far out as he can be in his career at the moment. That being said, I’m still surprised and suspicious of why he was so terrible at finding clues in this case.

7. Audrey

As much as I hate it, Piper has caused me some self-doubt when it comes to Audrey. Perhaps I don’t want to accuse Audrey of being the killer because she’s awesome and schooled Will in self-defense in the episode, but if Piper did speak to Rachel’s parents and they were actually worried about Audrey’s influence over Rachel, then maybe we do need to be worried about Audrey’s true motives?

6. Piper

She keeps moving closer up the list despite not really having much to do in the episodes where she is featured. She revealed this week that her father was murdered and the killer was never found, so it is possible that’s why she feels so connected to what’s going on in Lakewood. But nonetheless, she could try and ruin Audrey and Emma’s fragile friendship.

5. Kieran

The going out of town for “insurance stuff” was a lot of bull right? The guy is a little too strange at times and his attraction for Emma is a tad inappropriate given their circumstances (Though in all fairness, Emma showed her attraction for Kieran in this episode as well). But I can’t find anything overtly dangerous about Kieran at the moment, aside from that he could break Emma’s heart. Yes, he is great with a gun, but the killer uses a knife, so that proves nothing. He could just be good with a gun because his cop father might have taken him to the gun range.

4. Will

Ugh, Will sucks. End of story. I don’t think Will is the killer, but he’s a sketchy man with a lot of secrets. Also he’s probably going to get what’s coming to him soon now that Mayor Maddox could be out for revenge.

3. Jake

Did anyone catch Jake’s creepy stare toward Brooke when she was watching her father’s dirty little secret? That combined with his overall aura of creep definitely continues to keep him near the top of the suspect list.

2. Mayor Maddox

The guy might have killed his wife. Total psychopath if this ends up being true.

1. Mr. Branson

Installing malware to spy on your students doesn’t have to give off murder-y vibes, it could just make you a giant pervert. But the fact that Nina and Riley were the two people who had access to his computer, that pushes Branson into the territory of serial killer.

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