While the Chanels meet their favorite TV personality, one of the killers is taken down
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Here we are, the penultimate episode of Scream Queens’ season 2! With all three killers now unmasked, we can really get down to the politics of who kills whom without wondering about the man (or woman) behind the mask. It seems Chanel is still the main target for both Wes and Hawful, with neither willing to give up their chances on revenge. And to make things a tad bit simpler and avoid confusion, one of the killers joins the list of victims.

The battle for the Chanels begins, with all three Green Meanies striking their best stalker poses as they attack. Of course, Cascade has his own reasons for taking on the girls and would rather protect #3 then see her killed. Just when Chanel is down and out, the argument between Hawful and Wes over who gets to deliver the final blow gives Chanel just enough time to slip out unnoticed. Now, with division brewing among the killing trio, they decide there has to be a process to their murders so no more victims are able to slink away.

It isn’t all murder and mayhem for the Chanels, though: After their brush with death, the trio gets a surprise visit from their favorite TV show personality, Dr. Scarlett Lovin (Brooke Shields). The gag here is Lovin wants the Chanels and Holt for the first-ever live surgery on daytime TV — well, more specifically, on Lovin the D. The Chanels all scream “YES” in unison, but Holt reminds everyone the girls aren’t actually medical students. Not wanting to miss the chance of a lifetime, Chanel says they’ll take the MCATs in time for the surgery. How they’ll get through one of the most difficult exams in existence, no one knows.

While the Chanels rush to find ways to cheat — er, study — Hester holds a “murder summit,” allowing each of the Green Meanies to recount the number of people they killed in the hospital. Not surprisingly, Cascade has the most bodies on his list, probably because of how long he’s been with the C.U.R.E. Institute, but there’s also the whole “My mom wants me to kill everyone in the hospital” thing. While this could’ve been a meeting to see whose machete was the longest, it turns into an all-out brawl to take down Chanel. Wes offers Hawful #3, #5, and Munsch in exchange for killing Chanel on his own, but Hawful’s desire to end the leader’s life is too strong. Ultimately, Hawful gets to take down Chanel, Cascade manages to snag #3 and Wes is forced to deal with the rest.

It looks like Wes and Hawful aren’t the only people who want Chanel gone, though. Even her own boyfriend, Holt, is starting to feel her presence grate on him. With his serial-killer hand gone, Holt is now terrified of himself after realizing his urges to end Chanel’s life. At one point, he even grabs her by the neck with both hands, proving his killer instinct is stronger than he originally thought. What better person to talk through feelings of psychopathy than Hester? Revealing his dark desires to her, Holt begins to realize maybe a life without Chanel wouldn’t be as bad as he thinks. Plus, Hester laying on the seduction to get him to join the ranks of the Green Meanies isn’t helping to keep him standing on solid ground.

Now, with another person ready to take down Chanel, the race to see who wins is getting even more intense. On top of it, Wes isn’t trusting of Hawful as a member of the Meanie team and confronts Cascade to form an alliance against her. The plan: He takes care of Chanel, then with Cascade by his side, the two of them could blame all the killings on Hawful, finally putting her away and giving them a clear pass. Thinking he can use this to give more protection to #3, Cascade agrees to take down Hawful when the time is right.

Apart from that snag, Cascade still has the pesky problem of getting his mom to accept #3 as his girlfriend and not another victim. Bringing her over to talk, his mom immediately shuts #3 down, forcing Cascade to choose between the two of them. Though #3 could offer Cascade a new life, he chooses his mom and the promise he made to kill everyone in the hospital. Just like that, #3 has another target on her back.

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Just a night before the actually airing of the live show, the Chanels finally take the MCATs — and in a shocking twist, all three pass! Of course, it’s quickly revealed Chanel and #3 had some help cheating from Holt and Cascade. How else would they have been able to get through it? Interestingly, #5 didn’t cheat and managed to get the highest score of the three, meaning she either has dumb luck or her months of working in the hospital have finally rubbed off. With the plans falling into place, everyone heads home to prep for the next day — including Hawful, who creates a boiling oil bath for the Chanels to fall into after the live surgery. It’s time to see who throws the first wrench into the plans!

First up, Wes attempts to kill Chanel with a deadly coffee cocktail; however, before she can take a sip, Dr. Lovin checks in to see how Chanel is feeling about the show. In the process, she grabs the coffee and takes the proverbial bullet. Foaming at the mouth and convulsing, Lovin dies just minutes before the live surgery. Strangely, her publicist doesn’t have a shocking reaction to this, but seems more nervous no one will be able to step in and take over the show.


With the surgery a success and the first live medical procedure in the history books, the publicist gives the Chanels their ultimate dream: the job of hosting Lovin the D. Feeling the rage well up inside her over this news, Hawful decides she can’t wait any longer… But before taking out Chanel, she has to deal with the betrayal in her group. Joined by Cascade, Hawful confronts Wes about trying to kill Chanel on his own. Instead of leaving her ingenious oil death trap for Chanel, Hawful sets her sights on something better and uses the watery grave for Wes. The third killer dies willingly, knowing he would be framed for all the murders now that he sees Hawful and Cascade are thick as thieves.

If that wasn’t enough for a final bang, when Munsch finds Wes’ burnt body, she faints, causing everyone to rush to her side. Holt promises to look into why she’s been having so many fainting spells, but she stops him before he gets any further. Munsch reveals to her terminal illness to the group, putting into perspective just how important finding cures for incurable diseases is to the Institute. With only one episode left this season, the secrets have mostly been revealed…which begs the question of who will get caught, who will find salvation, and more importantly, who will die.

Episode grade: C-

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