Straight out of a horror film, the Green Devil and a new killer take two new victims
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The sudden and badly timed death of husband-to-be Chad Radwell still rocks the hospital staff. That is to say, not everyone is exactly saddened by the news, mostly just the love torn Chanel. Despite a prominent member of the gang being taken by the killer, all this ultimately does for a majority of the group is place a fire under their butts to locate the real killer and bring an end to all of the slaying. Sadly, this week it seems two more people may be joining Chad behind the pearly gates. On to this week’s installment of the bloody soap opera that is Scream Queens!

Chanel changed into her Jackie Kennedy outfit, complete with a powder pink suit, to show her sadness over Chad’s untimely death. Not everyone was feeling the grief though, including Dean Munsch, who would rather focus on finding the killer than spending another minute shedding tears. The one and only Detective Denise Hemphill semi-agrees with Munsch, but discloses that she needs time alone with Chad’s body to follow her Quantico training by the book. The real reason she needed some alone time? She wants to see how all of his “parts” hold up post-mortem.

After taking a moment looking over Chad’s junior (wink, wink), Denise and Munsch head to Hester’s prison cell to push for an answer on the killer. Shocker, but Hester doesn’t divulge anything to them; instead she requests a chance to attend the hospital Halloween party. This request is immediately denied, but it would’ve been pretty fantastic to see what she would have dressed as.

Amongst the heartache and terror, thankfully the annual celebration across the nation, “Chanel-o-ween,” is still going down. This year, Chanel wanted her “homely, rural, well-wishers” to experience her true grief over Chad by sending them surprise gifts. Vlog style footage of excited teens tearing open sketchily unmarked cardboard boxes creates a montage that shows off just how evil Chanel can be. Rancid liposuction fat, exploding corpse bile, and old bloody hearts are just a few of the gifts given by the HBIC.

While this brings some happiness to Chanel, she still can’t shake the sadness of losing the man closest to her. Well, that and the fact that she learns Chad left all of his money to Dean Munsch and the C.U.R.E. program. Suspiciously, Chad changed his will to reflect this decision the same day that he was murdered. After attempting to strangle Chad’s lawyer, Chanel settles down, but her outer appearance begins to show some wear and tear. Dr. Holt takes a peek at some mysterious rashes covering Chanel’s body and ultimately creates a tonic for her. All seems well, however, the next morning she wakes up completely, literally, blue.

Let’s clarify, just because bodies are dropping and skin pigments are changing doesn’t mean everyone can’t celebrate Halloween. The hospital becomes a hot spot for activity, well, more than usual, as the party starts to get into full swing. While alone, Denise hears a strange noise, so like any horror show actress following the tropes, Denise goes to investigate and runs into none other than the Green Devil. No worries though because Denise knows how to handle herself — she did defeat the Red Devil and all.

Pulling out her gun, Denise fires several shots toward the new killer, but it seems that nothing makes direct contact. In a separate area of the hospital, Chanel runs into an unknown guest donning a bone-chilling Ivanka Trump costume. While Chanel attempts to figure out who is underneath the wrinkle-free mask, Ivanka goes nuts and chases Chanel down the hallway with a pole. Chanel fights back, but Ivanka gets a solid slash into Chanel’s thigh. Before any speculation can begin, Ivanka rips off her mask to reveal none other than Hester! The real Red Devil strikes again.

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With two killers on the loose in the hospital, Munsch believes the Halloween party will be the perfect trap to finally unmask him or her. Surprisingly, in the midst of all the chaos everyone manages to put together pretty decent costumes, with notable nods to Dr. Holt throwing blood onto his doctor coat and saying he’s “the script for Batman v Superman.” Chanel leans into her blue skin by dressing as Smurfette, which is an interesting choice since she would do much better as a waterlogged Jason Voorhees. Oh, well, maybe next year. Before any real fun, or sleuthing, can happen, a huge gang of Hamilton characters rushes into the ER suffering from bowel issues. Dr. Holt quickly diagnoses their issue and sets up several care units.

Instead of helping the needy, Chanel and Denise decide to have a séance to call Chad’s spirit back to them to get some questions answered. First on the list is asking which of the ladies Chad was most in love with before he died. Perhaps because it was All Hallow’s Eve, Chad does appear by possessing Denise to talk directly to Chanel. Sadly for Chanel though, he apparently loved Denise more and liked Chanel for her money. On top of it, he attempts to reveal who the killer is to Chanel, but Zayday appears in the room before he can get past his annoying banter. It seems the hospital staff is desperately in need of help, which prompts Zayday to even ask Chanel for support.

#5 took on a helpful role by collecting catheters and feedbags for the suffering patients, but of course, she had to travel to the darkly lit corner of the hospital to get it all done. Suddenly, Hester, still donning her Ivanka outfit, steps out into view to taunt #5. Before she makes any swift movements, the Green Devil slowly stalks behind #5 and firmly stabs a knife into her back. Meanwhile, Zayday realizes the ailment that each of the patients are suffering from only has short-term effects, which pushes her to realize the Green Devil wanted to cause a distraction instead of a mass murder.


With two killers now on the loose, the main identity of the Green Devil is still unknown, but it raises questions. Is Hester in cahoots with the new killer? Did she plan the attacks against #5 and Denise? More importantly, is this the last for #5 and Denise? The number of bodies continues to rise, and the answers just seem to get more complicated.

Episode grade: B-

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