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While Olivia calls Mellie to tell her to cool her jets on angrily bombing Bahsranis, it seems that the team has discovered some crucial information. Sergeant Ladd, an Air Force officer, saw what happened on the tarmac. Problem is, Olivia and Jake are going to have to do some work to change the story and place the blame on Ladd. Ultimately, their plan is to pin it on Glackland, whom Ladd worked for, but the bigger issue is that when Abby goes to Cyrus to set this plan into motion (and hopefully find Quinn), Cyrus is not going to be convinced of this insanity. But when he thinks a bit more about it, he considers that maybe Glackland is using him. It’s unfortunate because we know Glackland isn’t the one to blame, but it’s too late. He’s all plastic wrapped and in Charlie’s custody because no one is going to take Quinn from Charlie. You know, like the good ol’ days of B613.

Things aren’t looking great for the bride-to-be because it turns out Sergeant Ladd is dead. And David is feeling pretty bummed about that, and bummed about the world at large (preaching to the choir, Rosen). But what he’s specifically bummed about is all this death and tomfoolery. Speaking of tomfoolery, Mellie calls in the head of tomfoolery to speak with him about some potential B613 business she wants done, but Head of NSA/Tomfoolery Jake informs her that she can’t just give him orders because she doesn’t have that authority. With that option exhausted (personally, if I were Mellie, I’d be a little more concerned), she calls in Marcus for his opinion on what she should do in Bashran.

Back at QPA, the second call Quinn made is revealed. It was to Pryce, which gives them a very specific window to work in. Cyrus is able to prove that he was with Glackland at that time, which clears Glackland’s name, but that puts Olivia all the more at risk. The team pinpoints Quinn being at the monument the night before, so they decide set off to retrieve that security footage. Of course, that sends Liv into a tailspin, begging Jake to get the footage before anyone else can. And in the meantime, Huck (just in time) chases down Charlie, who is beating the bejesus out of Glackland. They launch into action to really find Quinn.

Mellie calls the ambassador back in to tell him America and the new regime in Bashran can strike a deal. Mellie will set the terms of the new nuclear agreement, they will sign it, and she will recognize them as the new leaders. So it seems that situation in Bashran is taken care of, but Quinn is definitely still missing. Even when David brings in the park footage revealing Quinn’s whereabouts the night before, the part that would have shown Olivia arriving is erased. Charlie absolutely loses his mind and demands that all the wedding stuff is removed. But as the night comes to an end, it would seem that everyone has someone to pair off with, even under the worst of circumstances. David and Abby finally reunite. Cyrus and Glackland tend to his bag-of-oranges bruises. Huck and Charlie share a drink. And Olivia and Jake review footage together revealing that Quinn actually was on her way to her wedding. The theory that she’s trying to build a case against Olivia? Fake news.

But that does mean someone kidnapped her. Who took Quinn?

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