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April 19, 2018 at 11:37 PM EDT

Over a cliff.

I remember the first episode of Scandal I watched. I had just moved to Washington D.C. and there was something cool about seeing a show that took place in the city you lived in, and after episode one, I was ready. I wanted to be a Gladiator. I wanted to address scandals. I wanted the best for Amanda Tanner, even if she was Fitz’ second sweet baby. I was excited because Scandal was doing something that hadn’t been done in over 30 years. It placed a black woman at the helm of a lofty ship and set it sail. And as a writer and purveyor of television, we can split hairs. Locking Olivia in an underground bunker and selling her on the black market? Strange. Season 6entirely? A little disastrous. But that’s the point, right? If you’re reading this, you didn’t sign up to go over a small sand dune. Not even a lofty plateau. You said, “I’m going to go over a cliff. I’m going to try and find the white hat, stand in the sun, drink the wine, eat the popcorn, believe in the Republic.” You said, “I’m ready for the cliff.” And it’s too sentimental and overwrought and over the top, but I’m really happy to be here going over the cliff with you. So let’s resolve it. Let’s recap. Straight over the cliff.

When we last saw Olivia, she had made the deal with Mellie that they’d all stand in the sun together. But now, it’s raining. And Olivia has met Lonnie in a warehouse, where he is offering her a Senate hearing. All that Lonnie wants is that if Mellie stays president, she will make gun control a top priority. She agrees, but with that, our boy Gary Clark/Lonnie shoots himself. That launches us over to Sally Langston at The Liberty Report, where she reports on his suicide. The suicide means that there will be an investigation, and guess who is vowing it will happen? Ol’ Senator Reston. Look at that! Nice to see you again, long lost friend.

Of course, with this investigation, David Rosen is back in charge. He’s headed over to QPA to let the team know that when B6-13 comes to light, Cyrus and Jake will be screwed (in Abby’s words). But Huck wants to know, when they admit to the truth, if their team will be screwed as well. Jury is still out on that (no pun intended). Next up, Olivia heads over to the Tidal Basin to meet Rowan. Olivia, in her own way, looks for her father’s support, but all he says is that she is extending her hands to be shackled. She’s nothing but a slave to the government, in his eyes. Rowan insists that he’s stayed in the shadows for the better of himself and people like him and Olivia, but Olivia insists that is not the truth. Once she’s done, no one will be in the shadows. Everyone will be in the sun, whether they like it or not.

At the Capitol, reporters have come together to discuss what could come next after this B6-13 exposure. But at the White House, Mellie is throwing back some hooch right next to her First Lady portrait. After all, that’s all the country will have left to remember her by when she’s impeached, but she’s ready, even if it’s all about to fall apart. Back at QPA, sans hooch, Abby, Huck, and Quinn sit and talk about everything they may have to give up to testify against B6-13. They all know there’s a lot at stake, but it all has to be done. So Fitz, Mellie, Olivia, Quinn, Huck, Abby, Tom, and just about everyone else you can imagine sit in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee to testify. Of course, Hollis Doyle gives no leeway because he’s a total a-hole. Everyone else though?  They sing like canaries. Following their testimonies, though, David explains that they should all prepare for the worst. They know what they’ve done, so all that the group asks is for Quinn and Charlie to have a moment together. Mind you, Quinn and Charlie use it to make out and look at pictures of Robin, but the big moment is when Quinn takes off her jacket to reveal a white dress. She’s here to marry Charlie, and Huck officiates. Turns out Charlie’s real name is Bernard Gusky, which was only barely distinguishable through all of my tears because, guys. This is too much. (Recap continues on next page)

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