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January 18, 2018 at 10:35 PM EST


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In the days following Quinn’s death, Huck heads to AA, which is code for Killers Anonymous, while Olivia literally downs an actual bottle of whiskey. But it’s not enough to bring Quinn back. David Rosen shows up at the crematory to find Abby clutching Quinn. She says that she wanted more for Quinn — something else, because cremation seems so final. Back at OPA-turned-QPA-turned-Sad Times Bar and Grill, Olivia is in Quinn’s office, wasted, trying to write her eulogy. Huck comes in with a gun to kill whomever the intruder is, but it’s just Liv, trying on that white hat again like some drunk crazy ass. You can see in Huck’s eyes that it’s crossed his mind to shoot her, but Olivia is too far gone to be saved by death. That’s saying a lot.

At the team table, Abby helps Charlie pack Quinn into bullets (yes, that’s a sentence). Huck joins in to help them, loading her bullets into a clip, and you know what? I bet you if Quinn actually is dead, she’s going to kill at least one more person.

Meanwhile, Rowan is putting his bones back together. Why does Rowan get his bones back? Have you guys been thinking that at all? Like, when you kill Quinn, you don’t get your bones. But that’s not the main point; Quinn is. Jake drives Olivia out in the middle of nowhere to meet with the rest of the team and say goodbye. But Olivia’s eulogy is barely one at all. All she can muster to say is that Quinn’s death is awful, and it’s nothing in comparison to Charlie saying, “Goodbye Robin. I love you.” They all take turns shooting her off with memories flashing of the woman they knew. It ends with Olivia, and her memory is turning over OPA to Quinn. If you’re like me and you’re still waiting for our girl to reappear, this is your official permission to throw that red wine glass against the wall because it’s starting to feel like a (very unceremonious) goodbye.

With nothing left to do, Abby and the team get drunk and trade hilarious stories about Quinn. But when Abby tells Huck that she called Olivia to join, he excuses himself. He’s still too suspicious, and with good reason. An hour later, Olivia hasn’t shown up. Where is she? She’s gone to visit Fitz, who welcomes her into his apartment in silence. She doesn’t want to talk or sit — she just leans her head on Fitz’s chest and says, “Just tonight,” and then they kiss. At this point, it feels played out.

But of course, that’s not how the night ends. David finds Charlie sitting in his car, where he says, “I don’t know where to go. I can’t go back to the apartment. Everyone keeps sending us stuff for the baby.” So Charlie gives David his keys, and David and Abby take everything down — and then find a USB hidden in the crib. But it may already be too late because Charlie has retreated back to the very man who killed his wife, begging for his old life back. As he turns to walk away, he hears the cry of a baby, and when he chases down the noise, he screams, “WHOSE BABY IS THAT?” There, in front of presumably Robin, Charlie chokes the life out of Rowan.

Is. Quinn. Alive? Are you off the cliff? Still in the car? Or is it finally all just too much?

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