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Without the war, Mellie wants Rashad to stick around in the U.S. When he asks her why, she says she’s not sure how she can be any more clear. So he gets in kissing distance (because hello) and explains that this isn’t her fight and that she’s passionate. And that’s when they kiss. Bashran and America sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Oh, and then he starts to take off her power blazer and she stops herself because THIS IS BASHRAN. With that, he leaves. Back at QPA, Quinn rolls in with Gettys Burger, making her the most relatable character these days. She explains that whole Yasmin situation and says that she could have saved herself a problem had she just asked the Olivia Pope question No. 1: What. Do. You. Want. It strikes something in Olivia, who takes off on her own.

At the end of the day, Glackland finds himself with Cyrus in front of that painting, and you know what? We were all right! Cyrus says that he thinks Glackland might be good in politics after all, and then they share a kiss. A kind kiss. Not the kind of kiss you give the Bashrani president in the Oval. It’s sweet. You know what, y’all? I’m pretty pumped about where Cyrus and Glackland can go.

Back on the White House balcony, Olivia approaches Mellie and asks her the question: What do you want? Mellie wants Rashad and she wants the treaty, so Olivia says that they’re going to figure out a way, but Mellie makes a good point too: They have to do something now. Olivia asks what she’s saying. “I’m not saying anything,” Mellie says. “I’m the president.” Olivia responds in the coldest of ways, “Consider it handled, Madam President.”

Back in the Oval, Mellie calls Rashad in and tells him that he will be going back to Bashran through Turkey, and he’ll be returning as president. He moves in and grabs her hand to tell her he’s committed to that treaty¬†and her, but Mellie rebuffs him a little because they have countries to love, and while love is love, sometimes it has to take a bit of a back seat. Which is a perfect segue to poor Yasmin.

She ran away, by the way. In the midst of all this Bashran craziness, Yasmin took off from QPA to go find her girlfriend. They find the two of them at a rest stop, and after quite the back and forth, Quinn sits down with her to explain that staying in the U.S. is dangerous to both her and her girlfriend. If she goes back to Bashran, they stand a chance. So Yasmin agrees and heads back to Turkey with Rashad. The goodbye at the base is pretty sweet, actually, and really sheds a light on Quinn.

With everything back on track, Olivia marches out of the Oval and tells Fitz, “I’m sorry it came to this.” And then Mellie gives¬†Fitz the privilege speech, and it has all the nuance that it did in the beginning in a completely different way. Fitz’s journey to redeem Olivia? Well, it’s just going to have to wait.

But here’s the big thing. The explosive thing, really. As Yasmin and Rashad’s plane takes off, it blows up. Yep. And Quinn and Charlie are there to see it all. It’s awful, but you have to guess that Olivia is the one behind it. It would make sense with Pryce’s mini-logue to Olivia saying that he was attracted to her beauty and her power, but he was wrong for thinking she had any other human qualities. So now we have a presumably dead Yasmin and Rashad, a very jaded Quinn, a banished Fitz, and one very, very dark Olivia. Guys, it’s not handled. Not yet.

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