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October 19, 2017 at 11:05 PM EDT

Oh hey Fitzy!

After all these years, Fitz finally made it to Vermont, and he’s finally getting to spend that time with Ms. Pope. Oh, wait…not Ms. Pope? MISTER POPE? Oh, great.

Not that it starts that way. It starts with Fitz alone in Vermont. On day 1, he’s given a staff that looks like a political version of the von Trapp family, but Fitz fires them all because, respectfully, he doesn’t want a staff. He just wants to LIVE. Live and drive. And he’s living like a real person…with debit cards and loyalty programs at the grocery store! He burns a few turkeys, though I can’t for the life of me figure out why this man keeps cooking entire turkeys for himself.

Bored with turkeys and the news about Confederate statues, he unpacks some stuff, including a gun in a box. Then he gets bored with that and calls Marcus. In short, our friend needs something to do. Marcus, though, does not. He’s on vacation in Havana and making out with pretty ladies. But he’s not happy with that either, so Marcus comes up to Vermont for some BRO TIME.

Fitz wants to help Mellie out, but he has to wait 100 days. It’s a respect thing, you know, as an exiting president and also ex-husband, etc. etc. The conversation turns to Fitz’s library — in particular, where Olivia will fit into it. People love Olivia. She has to have her own wing because she’s Hillary and Beyoncé and Oprah. But Fitz isn’t interested in that conversation because he just wants a drink. So Marcus reserves them a bar and they head out.

At the bar, their attention turns to the news again: A man is sleeping under that Confederate statue until he gets the attention of the mayor and governor because something needs to be done. After Fitz assures Marcus that they’ll do great things, he decides he wants Olivia to have the same treatment in his library that Cyrus does, because Olivia didn’t define him. She’s not in Vermont. She’s just a woman.

Later, Marcus and Fitz are getting ready for a fundraiser when that man at the statue comes up again. He’s losing his audience, and Marcus suggests that they do something, but Fitz shoots it down because he says it’s complicated and divisive, and very subtly, Marcus says, “Is it?” At the dinner, one of the donors refers to Marcus as Chico, he nearly loses it. And when Fitz tells Marcus to get them another bottle of whiskey, Marcus says, “Get it yourself.”

So at the end of the night, Marcus quits. And when Fitz asks him what his issue is, Marcus says, “Do you not already know?” And that’s when Fitz says that he’s always angry. *STEREOTYPE ALERT.* At that, Marcus lets LOOSE and says that he’s not anything but a valet for Fitz, that he doesn’t know him, and that Fitz turned Olivia, who truly ran the White House, into “another black ho.” It’s a lot, guys.

And Fitz turns around and calls Marcus a coward who rode Olivia’s coattails, then Mellie’s, then his. He says it three times, and just like when you call out for Beetlejuice, TROUBLE COMES FAST. He threatens to hit Fitz, but as Marcus moves toward him, Fitz hits first. It turns into an all out brawl; Secret Service pulls Marcus off, but it’s all but certain that Marcus won’t be coming back to the Grant home. (Recap continues on page 2)

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