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Mellie is wearing the White Hat. Recognize.


S7 E16
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April 05, 2018 at 11:12 PM EDT

So, guys, what if we killed Cyrus Beene?

It’s an idea, right? And in this final stretch of scandalous Scandal, it seems to be the most likely choice, but alas, the ability to complete the deed is getting harder and harder for our team. Is it because Cyrus is a speedy dude who can dodge bullets? No. It’s because after a couple seasons of some complicated storytelling, it seems that Scandal is getting itself aligned just in time. We find ourselves rallying behind Mellie, who has done plenty to warrant the support, but is it too late? Will Mellie be the ultimately sacrificial lamb or the center of a hurricane that is finally calming down.

Underneath the White House, Mellie is asking Olivia if she’ll kill Cyrus, and Olivia is like, “Ah, no! I can’t kill people!” and all I can think is there is a metal chair out there that says otherwise. But as Olivia defends herself, Mellie argues that this is the time for women, and Cyrus is simply trying to take it away from them. Meanwhile, Cyrus is taking his silly spiky hair and planning to take Mellie down with Jake’s assistance. Mellie knows what’s up though, and she’s eliminating essentially all communication between her and anyone else other than Olivia Pope. And it’s for good reason because Lonnie is up there in front of America saying that Mellie is a person of interest in the hijacking case.

Vanessa tries to talk to Jake about all the insanity at the White House, and all Jake can say is that they’re going to be fine. Imagine being poor Vanessa, staying perpetually wine-drunk and just hoping that you’ll live to see tomorrow and your sex robot of a husband just says in a monotone voice every morning that it’s all going to be ok. Poor Vanessa. But Jake has a point because he’s working one-on-one with Cyrus, who seems to be in control. Of course, that is until he’s summoned to meet with Lonnie. When he gets to the meeting place though, it’s Olivia and Huck who are waiting on him, and Olivia is wearing a FIRE blazer, so you know she means business.

As this is happening, Mellie is essentially being put on trial in front of the American people. Marcus eventually joins her, and Mellie confides in him and tries to explain that Olivia is handling her framing, but when Marcus questions her, she simply has him shown out because Mellie. Is. Taking. Charge. Speaking of taking charge, Olivia is downstairs chatting with Cyrus and letting him know (with the grip of a metal chair) that there’s a couple options: confess or she’ll make it happen herself. But he’s not interested in folding either, so Cy and Liv are at a stalemate and set up longterm shop until one of them backs down.

At QPA, Quinn and Abby go full tech gurus and start to hack into Cyrus’ phone. Yes, Abby. Girl is ready to step into the hacking skill set she desperately needs. Come to think of it, everyone is rallying behind Mellie (well, except Cyrus, but you knew that). Marcus confides in Fitz to help defend their girl, and God knows she could use it. She’s in the Oval getting a little messy as she discusses Karen’s love life. It looks like she’s going insane, but it turns out that she’s actually speaking directly to Jake via NSA camera. It’s kind of perfect because it’s finally Mellie’s moment to make good on the fact that Jake has been nothing but a pawn this entire time, and Mellie makes it clear to him: “We’re coming for you.”

Outside of the Cyrus and Olivia stake out, Huck confronts Olivia because she ordered three bottles of wine (which sounds like a party, hayyyy). She’s got two bottles of her favorite and one that’s not. It’s a convenient way to remember which one she poisoned when she serves Cyrus his glass. Of course, Huck calls her out because he just got his Olivia back. I’m with you, Huck. Girl has GOT TO stop killing people. So she goes back into the room and starts chatting with Cyrus about his daughter Ella. Cyrus shuts it down and brings up Fitz instead. He asks Olivia what she thinks would have happened if she’d never met him. Cyrus, through laughter, says that he would be the exact same, but Olivia? Well, it’s up for debate… does Fitz make Olivia a better or a worse person? For Cyrus? He does nothing because Cyrus will always be Cyrus. It’s enough to convince her not to poison Cy. (Recap continues on next page)

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