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At Rowan’s place, Quinn is having a hard time swallowing this business of letting Olivia run free. She sees how this is all unfolding on the news, and she realizes that she’s not going to win. Olivia will always be there, with her father wrapped around her finger. So instead, Quinn suggests that she leave with Charlie and the baby. They’ll go into the woods, to a cabin or someplace off the grid, and forfeit her right to justice just so everyone can finally be free. Speaking of being free, Mellie is at the hospital with the girls out getting that mammogram when Olivia shows up to inform her that she’ll be calling for Mellie’s resignation the following day. Of course, she’s given Mellie time to do PR for herself in the meantime. That Olivia Pope is a real gemstone.

At QPA, the team discusses the idea that maybe without Quinn the business should finally shut down, but Charlie pushes in the other direction. He gets close to finally announcing the truth but decides to run off. He can’t keep the secret from the team, so he decides to go grab Quinn, but when Charlie shoes up screaming her name, Rowan stops him and asks what he’s doing. You see, according to Rowan, Quinn left with Charlie an hour ago. That leads us to Olivia, and y’all, you know this is where s— hits the fan. Olivia walks in and hears a baby crying, and you can see the terror in Liv’s face.

When Olivia leans down, Quinn announces herself and says that she’d like for Olivia to see her goddaughter. Once. Because this is going to go two ways: Olivia is either going to read that pre-written confession and spend an eternity in jail, or Quinn will kill her. And Quinn suggests the former, in case she loses her “admirable self-control.” Olivia launches into a speech and tells Quinn she should stop before someone across the street eventually shoots her, and it sounds like a bluff, but guess what? This time it’s not. A gun fires, and Olivia is hit. Blood is spilled all over her white blouse. She tells Quinn to get the baby and get out.

At the White House, Mellie tells Jake that Olivia knows too much and that they may have to play along with her. Mellie truly thinks her time is up. But while this is happening, Olivia has retreated to Rowan’s to get that bullet to the arm taken care of. In mending her, Rowan talks about how Olivia wasn’t ready to be Command, and all of a sudden (guys, you’re going to judge me, but I’m beyond it…I’ve gotta make this call) THE BONES THINGS MAKES SENSE. Give him back his BONES? The bones is B613! I get it, I’m sorry, I’m doing my best. He embraces Olivia and gives a speech about how dinosaurs have died protecting their own.

The next day, Olivia’s public statement is still scheduled. She appears in front of the masses to finally make her move, but it’s not the one she originally intended. As “Stand By Me” begins to play, Olivia issues her resignation. Cyrus is broken, again. Jake is boxing up his stuff until he sees his system come back online. At QPA, the crew is absolutely thrilled, but that’s nothing in comparison to their reaction as Quinn reemerges at QPA with Charlie and their baby. And of course, in the Oval, Mellie looks on with her presidency still intact.

So, with a bullet on the arm, Quinn back at QPA, and a second chance to save her friend, Olivia has finally taken a step a bit closer to the sun. I’m not saying she’s in the clear or nearly at risk of a sunburn or anything, but she’s closer. Olivia is working toward getting that white hat, and there may just be a chance for her still.

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