When Huck is given an impossible assignment, everyone around him becomes a deadly suspect to the woman he loves most.

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March 23, 2017 at 10:27 PM EDT
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Well, here we are — where crazy meets crazy. We know that Rowan killed Vargas. We know that Rowan killed his girlfriend. According to some fans, Rowan also killed this show. So we find ourselves in a complicated place: where this show might just kill Rowan back. But at the end of the episode, there is someone who’s life is on the line. There is a traitor. And there is a reason to keep watching Scandal, y’all. The flashback episodes are over, and we’re back to single-timeline crazy. Let’s roll.

Kicking off the episode, Huck is having some kinky romance fight with Meg, Jennifer Field’s friend. But he’s interrupted by Quinn when she tracks Huck down because he’s not answering his phone. And she needed to find him because neither is Olivia. Then again, it’s the 21st century, and who even calls each other anymore? But when Huck reaches out, that does the trick. He finds Olivia on the side of the road, terrified as to how she got there. But she didn’t get there by force… she walked there, in non-sensible shoes, because I don’t care what you’re wearing: When your dad says, “I killed the president, and hey, also, here’s that girl Jennifer Fields,” and she walks in wearing a denim chambray like the political equivalent of Ina Garten without an ounce of good olive oil, you walk away.

When Olivia asks the unthinkable, Huck hesitates. But she wants it: She wants Huck to kill Rowan, and you know she means it because she calls him Rowan… not Eli or Dad, like when he’s not in trouble. Huck agrees to it because life is nuts and so is he. He does ask that Olivia be sure she’s certain, and she announces that she is. So Huck goes to it, heading down into a much nicer metro station than any that actually exist in D.C. But when he gets his moment with Rowan/Eli/Crazy Pants, Sr., Papa Pope breaks it down straight and tells Huck that he had no choice. And that’s when he announces that they’re threatening Olivia now, and you know how that makes Huck feel.

Guys, honestly, it’s a lot bonkers. The level of crazy town we’ve reached is insane, especially when Rowan calls that his crazy captors will be arriving to hunt him down, which they do. The only thing more unconvincing is that they took the elevator out of the metro, which is absurd, because everyone knows that the elevators are always broken. But with that information, Hucks decides to work with Rowan.

By tracing calls and records, he finds out that not only does Quinn hate Meg, but she’s casually helping hide Jennifer Fields by working with Jake. Huck tracks her down, finds her with Jake nad Jennifer, and pulls a gun. He says that he thinks Quinn is the mole, and not one to be outdone, Quinn pulls a gun on Huck, too. Again, guys, we’re in full bonkers territory. Instead of shooting, they decide to work together to track down Sandra, which is going to be hard since she’s super dead. But Quinn calls him out about Meg and asks if she could be the mole, to which Huck gives us the best line of the year by saying, “She’s still on Pinterest. She’s not a mole.” God, that’s so true.

Quinn still isn’t convinced and calls him out for falling too hard for basic pixie cut Meg and for giving her the key to his apartment. Remember Becky with the good gun… who shot the (Fitz) president? Yeah, it’s a tough track record for ol’ Huck. But that doesn’t stop him from having sexy time with her when he gets home. As they’re lying on a rug, Meg asks about Olivia… which isn’t a good sign. She wants access to Olivia so that she can get answers about Jennifer Fields’ death. She wants a face-to-face with Olivia. Red flag, y’all.

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With nowhere else to turn, Huck heads to Abby, who’s been MIA for a minute. He’s looking for a moment with an inmate, and to get that moment, he reveals to Abby that Jennifer Fields is alive. Of course, the real question is… who is that inmate? Oh, just Becky who once tried to kill the president. Huck wants to know what his blind spot was that allowed her to get to him, and she says she’ll help him if he helps her. She wants him to help find her baby sister, who is dying. Huck agrees, and in doing so, she reveals that blind spot. Huck, the absolute emotionless pit, is honestly the most emotional of them all. It’s almost too obvious. But Huck doesn’t want to believe it. He’s just a good guy, ya know?

So with no Rowan-kill on his hands and no strategy for beating love, Huck calls Olivia to tell her about Sandra and how Rowan might be an okay person.Olivia insists that people can’t change and that Rowan is just a monster. The end. Olivia is not pleased with Huck, but he may not be all wrong. Becky 2.0, a.k.a. Meg, pops a squat with our new psychopath Sarah in the park, confirming that Meg is no good. So Huck goes back home and calls Meg to invite her over. He waits in his apartment with a shot to likely knock her out. She knocks at the door, which is weird, because she has a key.

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She brings over a bottle of champagne, and that’s when Huck reveals that he’s going to knock her out and possibly force it out of her when she wakes up. Meg insists that she has never met that woman before and has no idea what’s going on, but Huck has seen too much of this business, so he pushes her up against the wall and screams that he trusted her. Meg finally says, “Do it, you monster,” still refusing to knowing any more than what she’s already said, so he releases her and tells her to go.

But anyway, after Meg and all that jazz, Huck meets Olivia and friends in a parking garage to find Sandra all decayed in a trunk. Olivia scolds him for falling for Rowan’s business, but you know… they’re both kind of right. Huck calls Olivia out for having a blind spot, and she does the same to him, but Rowan is definitely protecting Olivia. But he was also super guilty about killing Sandra. Who knows. Huck announces that he’s not going to kill Rowan, because he knows that he’s changed.

So instead, Olivia has Huck get rid of the body while Quinn finishes the Rowan kill in the woods. Huck digs the hole before uncovering Sandra’s body for one last look, but knowing how these things work, he also cuts a little notch behind Sandra’s ear and pulls out a chip, which leads to a camera that captures everything that happens with Rowan and Sandra. And as startled as Olivia is upon seeing the video, she also realizes that Huck is right. As “Lean on Me” plays in the background, Olivia seems to spring into action a little bit. They go to visit Meg, asking for her forgiveness so that Huck can forgive himself. And Olivia even announces that people can change.

But here’s the thing. After opening up to Meg and taking her to Jennifer Fields, Meg opens fire on Jennifer and shoots her in the chest and head. In the future, she catches up with Abby to tell her that everything is handled, which is when we flash back to Meg shooting Huck three times, as he falls to the ground and bleeds out. This is Scandal at full throttle.

Are you convinced that Huck is dead? Is there any way he can survive that? And what in the h-e-double silencer handguns has Abby going off the rails like this? Hit the comments with your theories, your celebrations, your gripes. We’re all gladiators together, just trying to handle it as it comes.

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