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S4 E19
April 17, 2015 at 04:19 PM EDT

Remember last week, when Rowan showed up at Liv’s quintuple-bolted door with her poor new boyfriend Russell? Unfortunately, that wasn’t one of Liv’s PTSD-induced flashbacks. That was real… and this is the point where justice (as sane people know it) just flutters straight away. Papa Pope casually drugs Liv’s man and pitches his case to her. She’s a fixer, and he has a problem. “These people have decided I’m a criminal,” he says of the B613 case. But “I’m just a paleontologist at the Smithsonian.” He laughs a lot in his manaical, Batman villian-type way, and asks Liv if she wants to “dig into some Freud, baby”: “No matter how white the knight,” (see what he did there?) “all men are just like your father.” She has 48 hours to pick a side and handle the situation. Papa out.

Russell’s been given a “very light sedative,” so as he gurgles back to consciousness, Liv explains his lethargy by pretending they’ve been drinking all evening. “You do remember the dancing, the singing?” she asks, and they shuffle to bed.

The next day, Liv meets with Jake and David to talk strategy: They’re going after Rowan, and Jake will testify. Later, Jake shows up at OPA, green eyes glittering, to give one of his nice guy speeches. “I’m here if you get scared or nervous, which you should,” he says. “We all should. I’m here. You can call me.” He invites her to his meeting with David to go over testimony, and while they’re there, an old secret comes up in the practice questions: “What’s Operation Remington?” David asks, thinking he’s just honing in on a random detail in a footnote. Eventually the truth everyone else knows comes out—poor David, he’s always the last to know!—Rowan ordered a plane carrying 329 civilians shot down, and Fitzgerald Grant was the one to do it.

On her way home, Liv’s red door flashbacks are flickering back. She calls Lover Russell for comfort, but when he comes over, he’s got some problems with the other night: “I’m not a heavy drinker, and I never sing. Or lose time. And there’s a whole piece of the evening that’s gone.” He’s looking for something more stable and Liv’s life clearly isn’t—why else would she pretend to be her anti-Sasha Fierce alter-ego, boring, uncomplicated Alex? All seems forgiven… for now.

As David Rosen and company are toasting to “not what is easy, but what is right” and gearing up for their case, Rowan is checking in again: Is he an OPA client yet? Of course he isn’t, but he’s proud of his baby. “Look at what you’ve become,” he coos. “Choosing to be a warrior instead of merely a person. No longer running after that man to shine his boots.” 

“I will come after you,” Liv says.

And then we come to Jake. Beautiful, sweet, sometimes murder-y Jake, wandering through the empty OPA offices, telling Olivia he got her text. Suddenly, in a terrible, eerie mirror of the earlier scene with Marcus and the Mayor’s wife, a masked man emerges and the two begin to fight. He takes off his mask. “I know you…” Jake says, pinned to the ground. And so do we—it’s Russell, wielding a knife. He’s disappointed in Jake. “Rowan always went on and on about how special you were,” he taunts. “You’re not even making this a challenge.”

Jake’s bleeding from the stomach, but before he can fight back, Russell punctures Jake’s gut over and over, just like what happened earlier, in a foreshadowing I, for one, did not see coming. Not only was he, as a former Command, the linchpin of the whole B613 trial, but he’s Jake! No longer will our muscular protector be lurking in the shadows, ready to put on Liv’s “white hat” whenever she asks. Now, it’s up to everyone else to see if justice is even possible in such a demented world. Justice score: 1/10

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