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Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is speeding right along — I love it. But it’s going too fast, too furious! I want it to all slow down so I can savor all the glamour, drama and intrigue!

I’m thrilled for Shea Couleé as the winner of last week’s maxi challenge. She works hard, tells it like it is, and I feel like she’s just a good person — and I love it when good things happen to good queens. (Wait, I think that was the title of a book I read!)

I spent an entire week in devastation-station after Eureka limped away. I cannot wait to see what she brings to Season 10 — which I’m thrilled to announce is HAPPENING ya’ll!

I have to say, I was a little surprised about all of the crying that occurred when Eureka left. When she was still in the running, it didn’t seem like the other gals liked her all that much — or maybe that’s just me. Jaded, party of one, your table is ready.

I adore Alexis Michelle. As I said in this week’s show, oh wait, as Ross Matthews said, she is gaining momentum and becoming a real contender. But you are right, Alexis — if your runway look wasn’t basic with a capital B last week, you would have been the winner. Keep working, girl. You are approaching greatness!

The biggest shock of the night came when Farrah went for Nina Bo’Nina Brown. I didn’t think she had it in her. Go, girl! It was well intentioned and she did both herself and Nina a favor by stoking the flames of self confidence to get them both back in the game. Just as Alexis alluded and Ru said best, the time has come to…. separate the basic bitches from the badass queens! And now comes my favorite time of year — even more dear to me than the the high holy days and the Barney’s Warehouse Sale — it’s Snatch Game season!

Sasha Velour is so scary smart. But Judith Butler on the Snatch Game? I love her work in the field of philosophy and gender theory, but she may be just a tad too obscure. Marlene Dietrich proved to be a much better choice. And she did it with flair, beauty and an offbeat humor that really “werqed!”

My love affair with Alexis Michelle continued as she did her version of Liza with a Z. It was Liza to a T! And may I add, it was a joyful and flattering homage to one of our great icons. Lest we forget.

And, just for the record, for the Night of 1000 Madonnas runway challenge… well, let’s do the math here, kids. There are literally thousands of looks to choose from and two queens stood before us in identical looks! Now, I know they had to pack these looks in advance and there was most likely nothing they could do to change them, but what are the odds? It was “kimono-gate” all over again.

Oh, and furthermore, Valentina was safe, but I have to mention how genius I thought her impression of Miss Columbia was. She’s so funny, and her runway look was smart, cool, and very mam-orable!

I like to keep things positive, so I won’t dwell on the fact that Cynthia, Farrah and Peppermint’s Snatch Game made a bad impression. Literally.

And I just have to mention the moment Peppermint came out on the show as a trans woman. Congrats to Peppermint for coming out and being proud of exactly who she is, and to the other queens for being so supportive.

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