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Well I’m glad I buckled my seat belt — that was a bumpy ride!

I was tickled pink (as I usually am!) by the fact that Trinity Taylor was not eliminated. She got all Olympic gymnast on us and FOUGHT for her right to remain in the competition with one of the best lip sync numbers I have ever seen. In. My. Life. And trust me, darlings, I get around. This is not my first gay rodeo.

I was disappointed to see Charlie Hides leave last week. She is a real pro and I know she had more to give. I’m just so confused (like Farrah Moan-level confused) on why she didn’t fight to stay. She just gave up. And in this competition — and in life, kids — if you really want something, sometimes you have to fight tooth and (Lee press on) nail.

Trinity took no time to wipe down Charlie’s goodbye message on the mirror. I didn’t even get to read what it said before she Windexed that message to crystal clear oblivion. Apparently, this isn’t her first rodeo either.

I have a soft spot for Alexis Michelle. I just like her. I think she’s talented and works hard, but more importantly she’s just likable. I was glad she won the sexy selfie mini-challenge. (And even more thrilled to see the return of the pit crew and Yadir. Frankly, Yadir we all give a damn!) She had a moment to shine in her role as director of the Hamilton-inspired hip-hop her-story lip sync musical extravaganza about one of the greatest contemporary American dynasty’s, the Kardashians!

But back to that mini-challenge — I need to give an honorable mention to my dear Valentina. Although it was “fast drag,” she put her all into that look. Just like the real Miss Venezuela. That’s dedication. I’ve said it before, she must have been a Girl Scout because she is prepared!

So back to our Kardashian kweens. Alexis has taken charge and assigned the roles. Listen, if you’re the boss, you’re the boss. Assign roles, direct, and get these gals organized! I applaud Alexis for her take-charge attitude. Plus, most of the queens are ready to tackle the challenge at hand and chew the scenery. Except for Nina Bo’Nina Brown. Who is not down…at all.

See, Nina wanted to be Blac Chyna. Who doesn’t want to be Blac Chyna? But thems the breaks. Take the role you are given and make the best of it. Find a way to shine despite your disappointment. Trust me, Nina — this will serve you well in the future.

But she didn’t. And it caused her performance to fall flat. She seemed sour the whole time and that doesn’t play well with Mama Ru or the judging panel, for that matter. When life hands you lemons, take a cue from Eureka and bedazzle them!

Did I mention Nina is very upset with her role? Oh no. I didn’t. But she did. Oy.

Rehearsals for the musical were basically a hot mess. Todrick gave great input, and it was up to the gals to take those notes and polish their performances to achieve’ Kardashian kred.

Alexis was into it. She lived and breathed her Kris Jenner momager role. The hair, makeup, clothes and the attitude were spot on. Couleé embraced her role as Blac Chyna and stole the show. She was right up there with Alexis, LIVING for her role. And selling it! Nina erased her pout and gave a respectable performance as Khloe. But Cynthia as Kim? Read my lips: Learn your material. (On a side note: Was anyone else getting Michael Jackson-vibes from the makeup and not Kim K?) Valentina and Farrah were pretty.

Ru made the right decision to bring back Cynthia and Farrah. They were the weakest links. I knew, deep down in my cuckoo, that Cynthia would fight to stay. And that she did. Her snuggie of a dress came off and she slayed.

Farrah, on the other hand, gave a mediocre performance. She’s gorge, talented, and sweet as pie. but this pie needs to rise to the occasion. Alright, that was bad metaphor. Sorry for the loafing.

The shocker came when Ru walked off set. None of us knew what was going on. I turned to my new bestie, Meghan Trainor, in disbelief and almost gouged my eye out with her unicorn horn.

In minutes, she was back and gave us the sad news that Eureka had to leave given her knee injury. I sure hope they bring her back for season 10. She is a contender.

Justice for Cynthia and a lucky break for Farrah!

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