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Well, kids, RuPaul’s Best Friend Race is officially over! All niceties are being set aside, and each and every one of the final four is ready for a taste of victory.

Now Trinity is what I would call a classic queen. Great look, great costumes, and great lip-sync. And she is usually confident and funny. You have to be confident to be funny, to trust yourself to say what is funny and sell the joke. This week’s challenge of singing and dancing had put her in the danger zone. While Shea Couleé is made for this challenge, she is Missy Elliott-ing the bejesus out of her rap… then we find our Sasha Velour can’t dance. Everything’s coming up Shea Couleé!

Todrick said it best when he mentioned that now is the time for the queens to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. That’s really what the show is all about: starting out good, doing the drag thang that you are comfortable with, and then pushing yourself and becoming more fierce than you ever imagined.

I was so nervous for Trinity in her dance rehearsal. I get it; I have zero rhythm, too, and trying to learn dance moves and choreography in 20 minutes is a real brain-teaser.

Then there was Shea. Can she do a pirouette? Check. Can she do a double pirouette? Check. Can she do a triple Salchow with a backflip and a death drop split? Yeah, probably. She always slays in rehearsal, and the other queens were very, very nervous!

All the queens thrilled on the main stage. Peppermint was excellent. I loved Sasha’s entrance. And Trinity may not have been perfect, but she sold the goods. And that a–, though! Nobody was looking at her footwork, I can assure you. But it was Shea who shut down the main stage down like a dangerous carnival ride. The rap, the look, and the dance moves were on point. For me, she was the clear winner of tonight’s challenge and, in my opinion, a very strong contender for the title of Americas Next Drag Superstar. (This message was paid for by Carson Kressley.)

Let’s be serious for a moment. As Ru said so beautifully, a lot of young people watch this show, and while it’s all in good fun and all about entertaintment, the show offers a strong message to young people that diversity can be a strength. All of the queens tonight told their younger selves to embrace their uniqueness and be their true selves. This message of self-love and acceptance is a constant thread throughout the show, and tonight, as we kick off LGBT Pride Month across the U.S. and the world, it was wonderful to hear the gals speak their truths and embrace them with confidence. That’s called pride, hennies.

Now back to the competition! Whew, this was a tough deliberation tonight because all the queens were so good. Everyone rose to the occasion and presented the best version of themselves. And that’s really the key to this competition: Rise to the challenge, but put your stamp on it.

I continued to be impressed with the contestants’ answers to their final question of why they should win. None of the answers sounded contrived or pageant-y. And each was personal and compelling. I didn’t envy Ru tonight. Okay, well, I did envy her for that dress!

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