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Well, Nina is gone. Thinking back to the first episode this season, when Lady Gaga noticed her genius, I thought Nina was going to be a real contender. But so many times the queens get in their own heads and worry too much about the competition — it stifles their creative ju-ju. I think Nina was a classic example of just that. But she is a genius and no doubt will go on to do big things. This just wasn’t her time.

Now the remaining girls can focus on the positive, kick it into high gear and battle it out for the crown. This is usually the time in the show when the shade index goes through the roof — the queens can taste victory and they are thirsty for that big win.

But let’s get right into dishing about the queens, shall we? Yes, Alexis Michelle — do as Michelle Visage says and step up your look. This is the top five, lady, and you’re lucky to be here! She’s been on the precipice since the middle of the season and I think she is beginning to test the patience of the judges and the other queens.

How cute was the puppet mini challenge? Sasha Velour was pure magic, but Alexis Michelle’s performance was not so great, to say the least. Although I do think she did a great job crafting her Sasha Velour puppet lookalike. Maybe this could be her calling — I hear puppet stylists are in high demand.

Now to the main challenge: Three ball looks and an opening number saluting my favorite Olympic sport (right behind curling, that is) — rhythmic gymnastics! The rehearsal was a disaster, and Sasha Velour didn’t take charge. She’s too nice, I get it. It was so smart and reverent of gay culture to kick off pride month with a salute to the ball concept. And what could be gayer than unicorns, rainbows and the village people? Just me, probably.

Peppermint’s runway looks were a tad basic, but the S&M inspired outfit saved her, quite frankly. Alexis Michelle was basic, as well. No surprise there. And I have to disagree with Michelle on Shea’s rainbow look. While it was not actually rainbow in color, it referenced the theme and looked amazing — a true ball look if there ever werq… I mean, were. Trinity’s rainbow and unicorn looks were moderate, but she sells them so well and is really such a show-woman on the runway, so it works. Her cop look was beyond. And while Sasha was more ready-to-wear, they were smart and edgy — she could have been the night’s winner, as well. Oh, and how about Trinity’s “gym vs. doctor” prescription for a great ass? She’s a girl after my own heart!

Shadefest 2017 was in full swing when Ru asked who should go home. Claws were out, hennies! Note to Alexis Michelle: What you were wearing was definitely not “more fashion” (whatever that means) than Trinity or Shea’s outfits. Period.

Alas, it was time for the rubber to meet the road, and Alexis’ time has sadly come to an end. I cannot wait to see what next week brings as the race continues to tighten like my face!

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