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So, kids, we are down to the last six queens, and I have to say, I am still recovering from Valentina sashaying away last week. Now, if you had asked me at the beginning of the series who was going to win, I probably would have said Valentina. But she was unprepared and there’s no excuse for that. Many times a front-runner leaves the competition too early. And it happens on all kinds of competition reality shows — from Dancing With the Stars to Drag Race — and often times in show biz in general, you are only as good as your last performance. But I KNOW for sure we will be seeing and hearing a lot from Valentina. She will just get better and better, I suspect.

One thing’s certain — all the Queens are OVER Nina. While she sang her padded ass off in the lip sync challenge, it seems her heart isn’t really in the competition. It seems her head is getting in the way. I understand completely why the other ladies are so frustrated with her. Sasha said it best, as per usual, that this is not group therapy. And now is not the time, in my opinion, to burden the others with your drama. I’m with Peppermint: Nina. Snap the #%^* out of it!

As Ru always says and her lovely crew sister Aaron noted, “If you can’t love yourself, then how the hell are you gonna love someone else” — or win this competition, in this case?!??

I must admit I hated that I wasn’t there to judge the crew makeovers. But on a side note, how great were the judges this week? I love and admire Zaldy’s work and, every time I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack, I think of the lovely and talented Kesha! She’s just cool and fun. Michelle nailed the critiques — finally! Just kidding; I love her and she is always right on target. And Ross with that Christmas Story lampshade leg… I can’t. I just can’t!

And how fun to share the miracle of drag with our unsuspecting crew! And I have to tell you, they really are a family. They spend so much time with the queens and all of us on set and I can tell you first hand, there is not a better crew in the business. They are smart, talented, kind, and have such heart! I always say… it takes a village. Sometimes it takes the Village People. These guys are a little of both!

The crew guys are kinda big, tough, burly guys and to see the respect they have for the girls and the art that is drag was really gratifying. I know Ru was deeply touched and that made me smile. What a great episode!

Now, about the queens:

Shea chose Josh. Gurl, so would I! Dreamboat!

Nina deciding to sew for the first time was a terrible idea. Back to the funny (a.k.a. odd) face painting and a swimsuit bunny costume. This is getting old.

Shea is shining and such a love with her sister, but it was a messy combo in the end.

Trinity is thirsty for the win — so much so she wants to tuck her crew members member in a swimsuit look. Rizzo tucked one for the team and slayed all day!

I have to agree with Zaldy that Alexis’ choice of costume was more basic when we really needed something more ballsy. Sorry for the pun.

And Sarge — being put in the corset like Scarlett O’Hara by Peppermint was one of the funniest things I have seen since, well, last week’s show.

And it was very sweet to see the dynamic between Aaron and Nina — sharing stories about their own struggles and him giving her the pep talk all the gals have been giving her. Duncan was strangely gorgeous and for sure the missing Velour.

Clearly, as Ru said, the crew and our queens are family. And, as you know, the family that drags together slays together!

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