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Image Credit: Mathu Andersen/LOGOTyra Sanchez, wielding her hateful attitude, has incited drama several times already on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, notably in episode 2 when she whined her way through the first group challenge where the queens did burlesque. And “the other Tyra”—as Ru has taken to calling her—certainly delivered on the drama front again last night. She ruffled the other contestants’ feathers—well, mostly just Tatianna’s—as she hummed-shrieked-sang while putting together her dress for this week’s wedding-themed challenge.

It’s clear the producers or episode editors want us to believe that the Tyra-Tatianna drama was a big diva showdown, but honestly, was it? Seems just like a couple of bitchy queens snipping at each other, more than anything else. I mean, I can just imagine getting annoyed by Tyra’s undeniably irritating ways in the workroom—there’s no doubt that she’s a seriously hateful person—but why’s Tatianna bringing herself down into that mess by tattling to Ru on the Main Stage? My thought is that maybe Tatianna’s ratting Tyra out is the only way she thinks she can compete with the high-flying queen, who cleaned up by winning the challenge last night. As we all saw, Tatianna needed any defense possible, as the judges told her that she’d be in the bottom two if she didn’t have immunity from winning the Snatch Game challenge from two weeks ago.

And, let’s face it: Tyra did deserve to win, regardless of her attitude. The thing about Tyra is that she’s the perfect drag queen in so many ways. Here are three good reasons: 1) She’s beautiful as a lady with that porcelain-looking face and those oh-so-juicy, juicy lips. Really, did you see those lips last night? They were insane, as she sat there bitching about Tatianna! 2) She’s got great style, serving up some of the best looks so far this season on the runway. Hell, regardless of how stupid it sounds, she glue-gunned lacey things to her legs and wrists! This is a gurl who’s willing to be burned for her craft. And 3) She’s got attitude. It seems like maybe we’re forgetting something important as we get in a huff about Tyra’s awfulness: Queens are supposed to have attitude. Right? That’s sort of what they do. So, honestly, Tyra is just doing her thing and not worrying about anyone else. Which, sure, gets my hatred—but also my respect. Some of the other queens on the Main Stage agreed last night, as Ru asked them all what they thought of Tyra’s antics.

The Tyra-Tatianna mess, however, overshadowed what was truly sad about last night’s episode— (SPOILER AHEAD) the auf’ing of Morgan McMichaels, one of my favorite contestants. Sure, she was also a little on the bitchy side and had recently entered into some sort of weird and questionable alliance with Raven, but I loved Morgan for the sheer fun that she brought to the show. This is one queen who’ll be missed! I suppose, however, that I wouldn’t have wanted to see Sahara—who was also in the bottom two—go either. At least it wasn’t my other favorites Pandora Boxx or Jessica Wild—despite the admitted heinousness of their Main Stage gowns—who were up for elimination.

Otherwise, the episode was about as delightful as usual. I thought the Mini Challenge, where the queens had to “queenify” a box, was hilarious just because of all the fun wordplay Ru served up when she came in to choose her favorite. “I’m here,” RuPaul said with glee, “to inspect your box.” She added: “Can I hold your box?” It’s such fifth-grade humor, but whatever—it makes me smile. And Raven’s Edgar Allen Poe-inspired box was genius. Lastly, my other favorite part was the photo results of the wedding challenge, which found the ladies posing as both the groom and the bride. Did it remind anyone else of the alter ego photo shoots that the ladies did on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? I couldn’t help but cackle at the ridiculousness of it all. Raven’s looked convincing; Tyra’s was just so very Tyra; and poor, now-sashayed Morgan’s punk fest was a gem.

If you missed the episode, catch it here:

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you miss Morgan already, like me? Are you on Team Tyra or Team Tatianna? Should Tyra have won, even with her attitude? Have you had any luck getting Martha Wash’s “Carry On” (which Morgan and Sahara lipsynched-for-their-life to last night) out of your head yet?

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