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Well, hello racers! Let me start my engine this week by mentioning Shea Couleé, the little queen that could. I loved how she started the competition (hot dog anyone?), but then I kind of lost her in the crowd. However, she has been consistently good and is now ready to rise to the top. Good timing — she could win this thing.

On the flip side, I have to say I was a tad surprised that Nina Bo’nina Brown managed to stay in the game after that rather tame lip synch, but I’m glad she did. I was thrilled to see the book-mobile pull up to the work room for the reading mini-challenge. Yes my dears, reading is fundamental. And while I didn’t think this would be Valentina’s strong suit, she did her homework, and as usual, she slayed. I also liked Trinity. A lot.

And then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, we learned Michelle Visage is being roasted — Christmas came early! I had my popcorn ready. (Now here’s a little inside scoop, I happen to adore Michelle and she has never looked more gorge than in this episode!)

Now, roasting someone is not easy. Especially when the person you’re going to roast will help decide if you go home only two seconds later. But kweens! Have you not watched the show before? Relax. Michelle can take it. She gets it. And like she said herself, it’s a roast. Go hard or go home. Which is exactly how I feel… about shopping.

This week’s makeup application, our “the more you know moment,” became about LGBT oppression in Russia. Again, a smart and thoughtful discussion of issues that affect our community, but this time, on a global scale. The heinous acts of oppression happening today in Chechnya resonate more than ever. Take a moment to learn more about this truly horrific situation and how you can help.

Now, back to the roast. Shea continues to slay. Did I mention that I think she could win the whole shebang? Oh yes, I just did. Sasha Velour, you are smart and funny. And shockingly, this was not Trinity’s medium. I’m not sure what happened with her, other than just sheer nerves. And Farrah’s going home. Immediately.

The razzie for the most ‘unhappy ending ever’ goes to Alexis Michelle. I adore Michelle, and I’m not sure what happened. That Elpheba-green get-up (perhaps an homage to Michelle’s love of Broadway) and her jokes did not fly, making me very nervous that she would sashay away.

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