The 15 Division is back from the bombing "break" and things are already messy again.

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Our favorite Canadian cops are back! When Rookie Blue began airing on ABC, many of us probably saw it as a fun summer stand-in for Grey’s Anatomy. And six seasons later, it almost feels the other way around. Waiting a whole year for this show to come back is just too long. A year is a long time to remember where we left the 15 Division last summer, so let’s refresh, shall we?

• Nick kept bumping into a random woman named Juliet, whom he quickly kissed—only to have her run away when he told her he was a cop.

• Gail decided to adopt a little girl, just as Holly told her she wanted her to move to San Francisco.

• Dov broke up with Chloe when she finally came clean about Wes kissing her.

• Chris was still struggling with addiction, and a slip-up on the job led to a suspect killing himself.

• The precinct evidence room was blown to pieces.

• Oh, and no big deal, but Marlo found out she was pregnant.

And in the nine months we’ve been waiting for this show to come back, nothing has changed. “Open Windows” picks up right where we left off, which isn’t surprising considering that these 11 episodes were originally produced as the back half of season 5 before becoming a new season entirely.

Everyone at the 15 has been on break. (Apparently that happens when your work blows up.) Andy and Swarek spent the time at Oliver’s cabin, where they’ve mostly been doing a different kind of work … if you know what I mean. Chloe and Nick have become friends who workout at parks together. Dov and Marlo have also become close: They’ve been working on figuring out how the bomber got into the precinct, and they’ve gotten so close that she’s told Dov about the baby—and that it’s Swarek’s. (Oh, no.) The break seems to have been good for everyone except Chris, who is skipping NA to hook up with a married woman in the parking lot.

But break’s over! Everyone has to get back to reality. And reality for Sam is harsh: Surprise! You’re going to be a daddy, Marlo tells him. He handles the news quite well, but he’s probably bracing himself for how Andy will take it.

Andy, unrelated, decides to take a night off from Sam to stay at Traci’s. Traci is spending the night at Peck’s, so Andy gets the house to herself—until an uninvited guest tries to join her. In a scene that actually made me scream out of shock—ski masks get me every time—Andy is attacked by a man in all black. She’s able to fight him off and he runs out and jumps over the balcony.

NEXT: And just like that, we have our case of the week!

Apparently women in the area have been getting attacked when they leave their balcony doors open—it’s as if they’ve never watched Law & Order: SVU or something. The 15 Division’s detective skills help them deduce that the guy only goes after women he thinks he knows, and Traci was the actual target. Because in most of the cases the women have been raped, a “Detective Capello” from the sex crimes unit is brought in. She pulls the typical TV jurisdiction war and tells them to leave it alone. Does she not know!? The 15 Division leaves nothing alone.

The whole gang begins canvassing the area, but that becomes unnecessary when Dov realizes that every woman got flowers before her attack. And the lightbulb goes off for Traci! SHE GOT FLOWERS, TOO. (Come on, Traci, does Peck really seem like the kind of guy to say “XOXO”?) When they call the florist, they find out he has just sent flowers to another woman.

Swarek and Andy bust down the door of the woman’s apartment when she doesn’t answer, only to find she’s in the shower. This means the attacker hasn’t come yet, so the two decide to have a stakeout. And when’s a better time to tell your girlfriend that your ex-girlfriend is having your baby? Literally any other time than when you’re mid-stakeout trying to find a rapist. But Swarek goes full-steam ahead anyway—luckily Gail interrupts him. She said there’s movement outside the building. Swarek and Andy run out to see a man scaling a pipe on the side of the wall. He jumps down and they catch him. That was easy…

…Yep, that was too easy. The guy was just trying to break into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment to get his laptop back. The perpetually exasperated Detective Capello comes back to scream about how the 15 went against her orders. Now the perp will run away, start victimizing an area, and never be caught. But I think she’s wrong; I think we’ve just been introduced to a season 6 story line, so we’ll definitely see this perp again.

And here, the big season 6 plot—Marlo’s pregnancy—is dropped on Andy. I appreciate Swarek wanting to be upfront and honest with McNally, but maybe wait until you’re both not working and carrying guns. She, not surprisingly, isn’t overjoyed by the news. She needs “a second, or a day, or three” to process it all.

Per usual, the other former rookies are having relationship problems as well…

• Remember how Diaz was hooking up with that lady in a car? Turns out she’s the wife of Inspector John Jarvis, Chris’ boss’ boss, basically. Not good.

• Chloe wants Dov back; Dov seems indifferent.

• And in an interesting twist, Nick’s random run-in Juliet walks through the doors of 15 at the top of the episode. Turns out she is a cop who was just transferred. She quizzes Chloe the whole day about Nick, and Chloe loves talking so much that she doesn’t find it suspicious. At the end of the episode, Juliet gets into a car with a man who asks her how it went, and she says Nick didn’t think it was suspicious at all that she transferred to the 15. Well, now I’m suspicious…

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