We learn about Nick's past—and he learns a little himself.

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Nick Collins finally gets a backstory! As promised by Peter Mooney, we finally learned why the beautiful, brooding rookie is such a lone wolf. The reason is sad, but it makes us love Nick even more.

What kicks off this revelation episode is Nick getting a call from Finn, his estranged brother. (Didn’t know Nick had a brother? Don’t worry—neither did Andy.) Nick gets the call while Chloe is in the car, so he hangs up. Clearly this is not a person he wants his friends and coworkers to know about. He then goes to Finn’s house, where we learn 1) he’s in a wheelchair and 2) the reason he summoned Nick after 18 years of silence.

Remember when Nick told Andy how his parents died in a collision with a drunk driver? Well, this never-before-heard-of brother was also in the car… and so was Nick. Finn saw the drunk man look into the car before fleeing the scene. Now, 18 years later, Finn just saw him again. Apparently, he and Nick made a pact that they would kill the man if they ever found him, and that’s exactly what Nick sets out to do in this episode. But his real job gets in the way a bit.

The 15 Division is tasked with finding an inmate who escaped from the hospital while being treated for cancer. No one is more excited about this assignment than Diaz, who tells the whole gang that the escaped inmate, Brody Simmons, is actually a well-known MMA fighter. Nick and Juliet are sent out onto the streets to track down leads. Nick uses the license plate number his brother gave him to track down his parents’ maybe-killer. He tells Juliet that he heard one of his CIs mention Brody Simmons before, so they should go find him. But they can only find him via his license plate … since he only ever met his CI in his car. It’s a terrible lie, but Juliet believes it for some reason. The man—we now know is named Marco Brunswick—isn’t home. Nick quickly fakes a migraine and gets out of his duties for the rest of the day.

Nick makes quick work of the guy’s tires, to ensure he can’t go anywhere but the bar below his building, which is exactly where Nick finds him later. They bond over bourbon, and Nick quickly gets Marco to open up about his secrets. He’s a terrible father; he didn’t go to the hospital the day she was born; he once hit family of four while he was drinking—and there’s the secret Nick was hoping to unlock!

Juliet, back at the 15, mentions to Andy that Nick is leaving because one of his migraines he “always” gets. Andy obviously knows this is a lie; she lived with him for six months after all. They start digging into Michael Brunswick, who Nick said was in his early 20s, and learn he’s actually 45. Seriously, Nick, you couldn’t come up with a better lie? Juliet does some more digging and learns about Nick’s wreck, that he was in the wreck, and that he has a brother. Andy is feeling really uninformed right about now. But it’s not until Chloe mentions that a guy named Finn called Nick when she was in his truck that morning that they put it all together.

NEXT: Nick learns more about his own past

So Juliet goes right back to the bar, where she tells Nick to “do what he needs to do, but don’t lie to your partner.” He says, “Okay, give me five minutes” while lying to his partner. He instead goes out the back with Marcos, who thinks they’re just going for street beers. They do get a bottle of something, but they take it to a rooftop. The very sad Mr. Marcos tells Nick this is where he goes to play “Jump or Have Another Drink.”

They’re sitting on the ledge, which is why it’s not hard for Juliet to spot them. Nick goes over to lock the rooftop door to keep her out, and comes back to Marcos saying, “Let’s get this over with.” He’s figured out that Nick was the kid in the car, except he thinks Nick was the one driving. Nick argues that it was his father driving, but Marcos is insistent there was a teenage boy driving—and that young boy swerved into his lane. This proclamation leads to Nick punching him in the face… and it almost causes Marcos to go over the side of the roof. But Nick grabs him, holds him over the edge for a second, and chooses to be the good guy we know he is and pull him back up. Juliet bursts through the door about that time and cuffs Marcos.

Nick goes back to his brother’s house to tell him they arrested the man who killed their parents. However, Nick confronts him with the info Marcos told him: He knows who was driving. Finn fesses up: Their dad got tired, so he took over driving. Nick leaves, telling him that they will have to testify tomorrow, so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Brother Finn.

But we have seen the last of the MMA fighter. He had stabbed the doctor with a scalpel to escape because he thought he was dying and needed to get to his ex to tell her he loves her. Dov and Diaz catch up to him at the woman’s house, where they tell him he’s actually not dying. He goes back to jail and Diaz gets a photo. Another win for the 15!

Crime Beat:

  • Oliver’s daughter was arrested for having ecstasy and the commissioner offered to make it “go away.” He takes him up on it—and this is definitely going to come back to bite him.
  • Jarvis told Marlo to shut down the bomber case, but Dov copies the files and sneaks them out in a Black Penny pizza box. This will also come to bite him.
  • Andy didn’t have much to do this episode, but she did voice her concerns about Juliet to Nick. It’s sweet that she still cares.
  • Gail made a before-kids bucket list, so Duncan is going to give her hip-hop lessons. And Chloe is going to drink warm beer with Duncan. Quite the episode for Duncan! Am I actually starting to like him!?

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