A runaway has the 15 Division chasing all over Toronto.

By Dalene Rovenstine
July 10, 2015 at 04:44 AM EDT
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Don’t you just love when the lesson you’re teaching people at work is the same lesson you need to learn at home? Happens to me ALL the time. But seriously, “Perfect Family” did find a nice way to tie in the “Sam has a baby mama” story into our case of the week. It wasn’t one of the most suspenseful cases that the 15 Division has taken on, but it was pretty compelling.

A 16-year-old girl named Hayley Hill (played by Zoé de Grand Maison, a.k.a. Gracie from Orphan Black!) has gone missing. Her mom, dad, and little brother show up at the precinct to report it. The story goes that she went to the corner gas station for milk the night before and never returned. Her dad, Lloyd (played by David Sutcliffe, a.k.a. Rory’s dad from Gilmore Girls!) says he went to the gas station at 9 p.m., but it had already closed.

Andy, using her keen detective skills, realizes 9 p.m. is a bit early for a gas station to close. Sixteen-year-old Connor Frye (played by an actor who has not been in any of my favorite Canadian—or season 1 Canadian—shows) was working the late shift but closed down early and never returned. A clue!

Chloe and Duncan head to the kid’s house to investigate the red herring. Connor’s mom has basically nothing kind to say about her son or any useful info, but Chloe spots a picture of him as a boy at a campsite. Naturally, that’s where he is now.

Nick and Juliet—who have been awkwardly paired together for the day—show up at the camper and find Connor all alone. They take him in for questioning; Sam pulls the ol’ “I’ll tell everyone in prison you’re a child molester” bit, and Connor cracks. He takes them back out to the woods, where they find Hayley hiding in a woodpile. She screams that she won’t go back because her parents are insane. You know, what most teens think. She complains that they won’t let her walk to the store, wear tank tops, or go to school dances—which sucks, but you know, some parents are a little more strict than others. But it’s Connor who blows this case of the week wide open: He says that her dad poisoned her dog and made Hayley and her brother Jeremy watch, and he makes her sleep in the garage. Hayley then mentions that her dad will use his belt on her if she gets homework wrong. Now that she’s mentioned abuse, the 15 has to, rightly, investigate.

Back at the Division, Andy and Sam confront Mr. Hill about his questionable discipline tactics. But, having found out his daughter wasn’t kidnapped, she just ran away, he says out loud that he needs to find a way to “break that spiteful will of hers.” Maybe don’t say that in front of cops who are questioning you about child abuse, dude. Sam decides to keep him for unofficial questioning while Andy takes the wife and kids home. Once there, Andy convinces Mrs. Hill to look in the garage—which she has never done. (The garage is where Lloyd makes Hayley sleep when she’s bad.) And since he’s cleaned out the freezer, that means she’s sleeping in there tonight. That’s enough for the timid mother Ellen to put her foot down. She allows Andy and Traci to take her and the kids to a hotel while they figure out what to do next.

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Once at the hotel Ellen starts to doubt her resolve. She wants to go back home, but her husband is on his way to the hotel—little Jeremy called and gave away their location when no one was watching. Or so they think… Lloyd is actually headed to the Frye house to beat up Connor, who he blames for Hayley’s “bad behavior.” Juliet and Nick break up the pummeling fairly quickly and an ambulance is called for Connor. Everything is okay!

Except not. Hayley faints and has a seizure. Turns out Jeremy took poison from the house and put in her drink. That’s what his dad did to the dog when it was bad, and Hayley was being worse than the dog, sooooo that’s logical to a 10-year-old with a crazy dad. Luckily paramedics get to Hayley in time, and it’s enough to finally turn Ellen against her husband for good. Andy gives her a rousing “this isn’t the family you want, but it’s the family you have” speech and gets her to agree to testify against her husband.

It doesn’t take long for Andy to translate her advice into her own life. She’s been emotional the whole day about Sam having a baby with Marlo. (Am I crazy or could she be having her own pregnancy hormones!?) She had been distant, but after meeting the worst family in the world, she tells Sam that she’s ready to build a family with him—even if it’s with another woman’s baby. “There won’t be a day that the child won’t be wanted or loved by me.” And no I’m not crying…

While Andy and Sam are building a family, Diaz is tearing one apart. Now that Jarvis is around a lot, so is his wife—which presents a problem for Diaz, who is sleeping with her. He swears to Gail that he’s going to end it, but then Jarvis tells him that he stopped his higher ups from firing people at the 15. The reason? His wife has been happy lately, and you know “happy wife, happy life.” It wasn’t clear to me if he realized his wife was having an affair, but either way Diaz took it as a sign that he has to keep sleeping with Jamie—for the sake of the 15 Division. Diaz is such a team player.

And speaking of the Division, Dov and Marlo are digging deep into the bomb investigation… while heavily flirting. This is becoming a thing, right? I’m not crazy? Anyway, after hours of Dov being on the “dark web” he finally realizes the connection between the bomb material and the precinct: a man named Chris Klem, who just happens to supply explosives to… wait for it… the Metropolitan Police Department. This mystery is going deep.

Other mysteries this episode included: Who is Juliet? What is she doing at the 15 really? And what’s her fascination with Nick? And why doesn’t Gail have a purpose anymore?

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