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November 15, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST


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We gave it a B+

The next day, everyone from the party is serving community service — their punishment — when Veronica asks Reggie for his Jingle Jangle dealer. She meets up with said dealer and scares him off by mentioning the Sugar Man, and then she and Betty follow him back to Ghoulie headquarters. Spoiler: They get caught, but thankfully, Jug and Archie are already there to negotiate the terms of the street race. If Jug wins, the Serpents remain autonomous and the Ghoulies quit dealing at Southside High. But if Jug loses, the Serpents fold, and the Ghoulies get both the White Worm and Sunnyside Trailer Park.

With the stakes set, Betty starts working on Reggie’s car, which is when she promises Jug that she broke up with him to protect him, and that she will explain everything after the race. But before we get to the race, Cheryl has a run-in with Nick at Pop’s, and when that jerk shows no remorse for what he did, she threatens to press charges, at which point he reveals that Cheryl’s mother accepted hush money from his parents. Sure enough, Cheryl finds the check and tells her mother that she’s never protected her. As for the check, Cheryl will hand it over when Penelope is ready to tell her daughter the truth about the Sugar Man.

Cheryl then calls Veronica to inform her that her parents are also still accepting money from the St. Clair family, so Veronica decides to tell them that Nick tried to attack her too. The instant she says it, you can see the switch in Hiram’s brain. Nick is dead to him…maybe literally. Hermione cuts off her husband’s threat and vows to stop taking money from that family. And by episode’s end, the St. Clairs will be involved in a terrible car accident. They survive, but recovering will take some time. (And Veronica seems fine with it. Is her Lodge blood showing?)

As for the race, Betty tells Jug that she never stopped loving him before he and Archie get into Reggie’s car and…lose? Archie pulls up the emergency brake to save their lives, but we quickly find out he did it because he called Sheriff Keller and the cops are waiting at the finish line. Now, the Ghoulies are arrested and therefore aren’t a problem, at least temporarily. But let’s just say the Serpents don’t love anyone getting the cops involved, like, ever.

After the race, Penelope tells Cheryl that the Sugar Man was a story she made up “to turn an all-too-real monster into a child’s boogeyman.” There have been many over the years. When Clifford started grooming Jason to take over the family business, he suggested his son meet the current Sugar Man — and when he did, she says, it launched the terrible series of events that led to Jason’s death. Cheryl then hands her mother the check, which Penelope promptly tosses into the fire. Cheryl then asks one last question: Who’s the Sugar Man now?

Cheryl calls Betty with a name, but Betty decides to give the name to the cops instead of the Hood. Betty then tells the Hood that this is her game now. She found out who killed Jason; she found out the identity of the Sugar Man. Now, the Black Hood is next. “I’m breathing down your neck,” badass Betty tells him. “Can you feel it? Can you feel me?” He hangs up.

As for the Sugar Man’s identity, it was Mr. Phillips! And the cops do arrest him, but that doesn’t keep him safe. At the end of the hour, the Black Hood somehow finds his way into the jail to shoot the Sugar Man himself. Game on, Betty.

Overall, I didn’t love this week as much as I loved last week, but I’m still a big fan of the Betty-Hood connection, and I definitely liked seeing more of Cheryl. Also, anytime this show channels Grease/Cry-Baby, I’m into it.

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