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October 25, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT


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We gave it a B+

Over at the hospital, Moose thanks Kevin for saving his life and Kevin admits that no matter how dangerous it might be, he can’t seem to stop himself from going into the woods. As a gay man, he doesn’t have a lot of options in Riverdale, but Moose at least invites him to come back and talk anytime.

But for now, he’s headed back to the woods, and when Cheryl sees him, she calls Betty for an intervention. The two of them catch up with Kevin so Betty can tell him he should have “more respect” for himself, but he finally tells her the truth: They don’t have the same set of options. All Kevin has is these woods, and if she can’t accept what he does, they’re not really friends.

While all of this is happening, Archie and Reggie are patrolling town and making themselves semi-useful when a creepy van starts following Ethel and they show up. But really, they should’ve been helping Jug. After convincing Mr. Phillips to reopen the paper, he stays late working on a story about the Ghoulies selling hard drugs, because that seems safe. And by the end of the night, he gets beaten up. (Yep, that checks out.)

The next day he lies to Betty and says it was a motorcycle crash, and suddenly I’m sensing a love triangle with Toni, who of course knows the truth. But the question is: Did the Ghoulies do this? Jug has a strange look on his face.

In another equally dangerous situation, Archie has dinner with the Lodge family, and Hiram invites him to have some rum in his forbidden study. First, he lays down some rules:

  1. “No more sneaking into my daughter’s bedroom, ever.”
  2. “Never, ever hurt Veronica.”

Then Hiram continues his all-too-easy Archie manipulation by telling him that sometimes, defending yourself isn’t enough. Hiram thinks the Red Circle needs to strike back. If the Black Hood is using fear as a weapon, they should too.

And apparently, what scares Archie is a bunch of shirtless dudes in ski masks, because that’s who he’s surrounded by in the video message he makes for the Black Hood. “Riverdale is a lot stronger than you, and we’re not afraid,” the redhead in a sea of red masks says. “We’re called the Red Circle and we’re coming for you. We will find you, we will hunt you, and we will end you.” (This would feel a lot more threatening coming from Liam Neeson.) Meanwhile, Hiram leans back and smirks as he stares at the creepy painting of his daughter he has hanging above his desk.

In a bit of good news, Kevin has a scary encounter in the woods that drives him back home, where his father has been talking to Betty and seems ready to talk about all the things they don’t typically talk about, so maybe their father-son relationship can grow from all this madness.

Ridiculous shirtless video aside, I liked this hour. I could still use more Cheryl, but I think this hour was the best use of the thriller vibe thus far. Plus, I really like Toni. What did you think? Hit the comments with your thoughts or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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