Bridget comes clean about the twin secret and Charlie reveals that he's not just a cute NA sponsor
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Some readers have taken me to task for being too hard on Ringer. Mean but fair. But I honestly did not think the show’s first few episodes were good (let us not forget the uber-fake boat sequence from the pilot). So, it pleases me to say that the last couple of installments show incredible promise, particularly this week’s entry. I’d go so far as to say this week is the best episode so far. I think the quality stems from the fact that it was written by executive producer Pam Veasey.

Dear Pam,

Can you please write all Ringer episodes going forward?

Kthnxbye, Tim

So the episode began with pretty much all the major characters being called into the police station and questioned about Bridget. Frankly, I’m surprised the cops didn’t say anything about the GINORMOUS SIOBHAN PORTRAIT but I guess they had their minds on more pressing matters. Both Henry and Andrew told the cops they knew about Bridget Kelly. Flashback to a day ago, when Bridget (fake Siobhan) told both men about her then-secret twin sister. They did not take it so well. Andrew even told Juliet who balked, “Oh gawd — there’s two of them!” Meanwhile, before going to the station, Bridget used her old phone to call Siobhan’s and leave a message as Bridget. One quibble: What is up with all these old flip phones? People it’s time to locate an Apple store. I think there are a few of them in NEW. YORK. CITY. So Bridget played Agent Machado the voicemail from Bridget which made it sound like she had been responsible for Gemma’s disappearance and that she had fled the country (she even mentioned Paris!). But Machado still seemed a bit skeptical.

Meanwhile, poor Malcolm was being driven somewhere in a van by the bad guys. While they stopped to use the restroom, Malcolm managed to escape which, at the time, seemed a little too easy. Those baddies clearly need to remember to lock the door and maybe even take a knot-tying class. So Malcolm was able to break free and run. He apparently wasn’t that far from home because he got back to his place very quickly. My theory? Malcolm is a mutant who is able to fly (more on this later). He got home and quickly grabbed a shirt but weirdly kept on the bloody tank and just put the shirt over it (we did get a flashback to Bridget and Malcolm getting it on and a shirtless shot of Malcolm which made up for the lack of GINORMOUS PHOTO moments). So Malcolm took a bus out of Wyoming and seemed to be free and clear but he ran into his captors at a random rest stop. Apparently they weren’t so inept: they let him go in the hopes he would lead them to Bridget. Malcolm knocked the bad guy out and continued on his cross-country journey.

NEXT: Malcolm is in the middle…of some major drama!

Bridget decided to finally confide in her NA sponsor Charlie why she was so stressed out and mysterious. As soon as she began telling him the details, I became suspicious of this dude. Well there was also the fact that he was wearing a leather jacket which almost always means bad guy in TV and movies. Bridget asked Charlie if he would go down to the precinct and see if he could find anything out about the investigation. He agreed (suspicious!) but later told her that he didn’t really come up with anything. So then Bridget told him exactly (bad move!) where Henry hid Gemma’s car. Oh Bridge, you can be so devious and then just so dumb. Never trust a leather jacket! Or a guy who looks like a Cheshire cat!

So despite Gemma going missing, there was still a planned opening for one of her buildings and a big gala party. Henry insisted upon going as a tribute to his wife and so Bridget and Andrew agreed to go as well. While Andrew and Bridget were getting ready in their giant closet (this show might be a record for scenes set in a closet), Andrew got a call from Juliet’s teacher, Mr. Carpenter, saying she had been in a car accident. So Bridget and Andrew’s romantic moment in the closet had to be postponed. Andrew went down to the scene of the crime and talked to Mr. Carpenter, who said Juliet called him. Um why does a student have her teacher’s phone number…after only a week of classes? This just screams inappropriate. Get ready for a student/teacher affair plotline. For punishment for the accident, Andrew took away Juliet’s trust fund, which led to the best line of the evening. Juliet turned to her drunk friend and said, “You owe me bitch — like $10 million.” GENIUS.

Gemma’s benefit went down with tons of paparazzi stalking Henry. Frankly, I don’t believe for a second that this building would be anywhere in Manhattan. It just didn’t look like anything remotely NYC-based. But oh well. So Bridget was hanging outside the benefit when she looked over and saw Malcolm, who clearly had flown via superpowers because he had gotten across the country in like a day. Now, I’ve enjoyed the fact that Ringer has used common soap tropes like slaps and a liberal use of “bitch” but I really love that they pulled a faint in this episode. Bridget passed out unconscious after seeing Malcolm.

She was taken to the hospital for observation. Andrew actually thanked Malcolm, who seemed freaked out by the whole thing. I can’t remember — did he know that Bridget was a twin? Andrew came and sat by Bridget’s side but then a technician came in with…an ultrasound!!! Amazing! Bridget got all freaked out because, obviously, she is not pregnant and was about to have an ultrasound. But alas we were left hanging as to what happened. Argh.

While the medical drama was going on, Charlie headed to JFK and checked out Gemma’s car. He noticed blood in the back seat. So he grabbed his phone and it sounded like Bridget on the other end…BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY SIOBHAN! Charlie is the guy whom Siobhan has been so rude to on the phone! They’re in cahoots (I love the word “cahoots”)! Charlie is the guy who kidnapped/killed (?) Gemma. We see in a flashback that they had a major struggle outside her house which I’m a little surprised no one witnessed. But anyways he basically tells Siobhan that he awaits her next move. BEST TWIST YET! So good!

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