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A militia attack on the rebels reunites Miles Matheson and a onetime friend, who exposes Miles’ dark past 

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October 02, 2012 at 04:38 PM EDT

The latest episode of Revolution supplied us with torturous near-successes to turn a bit of power back on, torturously emotion-charged revelations about a few characters’ pasts and, in the case of Danny and a few rebels, just plain torture.

Episode 3 of the series, called “No Quarter,” kicks off with Miles, Nora and Charlie on the road, heading back to the hideout of Nora’s fellow rebels a.k.a. patriots fighting to take power back from the Monroe Republic and rebuild the United States. Neither Miles nor Charlie are thrilled about this detour, and Miles still can’t understand why Nora wants to give the stolen sniper rifle to the rebels. “It’s not like you to fight for a lost cause,” he says. And then Nora all but confirms our suspicions of a romantic past between these two when she responds, “I fought for us.”

Flashback time! And now it’s Miles’ turn. No journeys back in time to illuminate Rachel and Ben’s early days of the blackout, but this episode was a revealing one for Miles. The time? Eight weeks after the blackout. The place? Right where we left them on the night of the blackout, Parris Island Marine Depot. Miles is still there – along with Bass, the soon-to-become General Monroe.

Miles, frustrated with the inaction of his fellow supposed men of action, is packing up, ready to make the long trek from Port Royal, South Carolina to Chicago. “Everyone is just sitting here, waiting for orders that aren’t going to come.” Miles wants making the journey alone, saying, “It’s my family, so it’s my problem.” Fifteen years must have changed a lot between these two, because Bass responds, “You’re my family. That makes it my problem.” And so the two set out together for the Windy City.

Back in the present, Nora, Miles and Charlie arrive at Hannigans, an abandoned restaurant where the rebels have holed up. There Nora embraces a man (Derek Webster) in a familiar hug. Cut to Miles, who might be a bit jealous. Awwwkwaaard. Nora introduces the man as Nicholas, and Miles introduces himself and Charlie as Stu Redmond and Franny. This guy is none too eager to get people keen on who he really is, and soon we find out why.

Inside the restaurant, a dozen rebels lie dead, more injured at the hands of the militia. Nora and Charlie jump right in to help patch people up. Miles, surveying the room of bloodied men, says to Charlie, “This is what being a rebel gets ya.”

Why is a man who was able to knock out a slew of militiamen single-handedly a couple episodes ago so pessimistic about standing up to the Monroe Republic? That we find out soon too.

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