It's a race for David's heart, and neither Emily nor Victoria seem to know who's winning.
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“You can’t make the people you love change, even if it’s for your own good.”

Yes, Jack might have been saying this to Emily (or should I call her Amanda from now on?) about the half-sister who refuses to forgive her, but it was a glaring theme throughout “Meteor,” an episode that, like its name implies, proves that the very nature of chaos is that it’s out of your control.

Facing that realization head-on are Emily and Victoria, the two women after David Clarke’s heart. Emily, fresh off seeing her back-from-the-dead father for the first time in more than a decade, watches as the woman who’s out for her blood seems to be starting a new family with her father. But, like everything in Revenge, you can’t trust what you see. Victoria’s facing the fact that, no matter how hard she tries to put on a Grayson-like front, what’s left of her broken, dysfunctional-ain’t-the-half-of-it family is unraveling at the speed of light. And it only gets worse as she tries to add more members, both David and, begrudgingly, Margaux—somebody has to be the breadwinner, after all—making her lose the grip of her two children. The only reason Charlotte’s sticking around is to try to begin a relationship with her back-from-the-dead father. Daniel is even more of a lost cause, a prodigal son with no intention of returning home. And during “Meteor,” we see that David, too, is now quickly drifting away from her grasp. In fact, he seems to be quickly taking over the reins himself.

And it all began with the father/daughter reunion that nightmares are made of.

David starts wearing the pants…

At the end of last week’s episode, David packed up his knife and left the cabin—sans permission slip from Victoria the Warden—to take it upon himself to kill Emily Thorne. And unlike literally everyone from her past thus far, David actually seems to recognize that Emily is not who she says she is. (And thank God for that, because I, like many of you, would have just about given up on Revenge if he hadn’t.) But naturally, breaking and entering and standing over your daughter while she’s sleeping isn’t the best setting for your own Who’s Your Daddy? finale. Rather, temporary guard dog Nolan shoots at him, not knowing who he is, and David escapes through the balcony.

Which brought us to “Meteor,” where we learned that innocent, put-upon David is done being either of those. Like everyone else in the Hamptons, he has a larger and twistedly intricate plan—one that he’s willing to endure torture both physical and emotional, by having to stick around Victoria. (Let the “like father, like daughter” comparisons commence now.) After revealing to Victoria that he went to Emily Thorne’s house to try to kill her but “couldn’t go through with it”—and after Victoria lost her marbles—David resorts to extreme measures to take back the reins on his life, with his own timeline for revealing to the world that he is alive.

NEXT: A long overdue reunion

We see that first glimmer of Emily Thorne-like resolve when David goes all Da Vinci Code on us and whips himself repeatedly on the back. He’s got a look in his eyes that says he’s out for revenge, no matter the cost. Next up, he makes a purposefully pathetic attempt at robbing a convenience store in order to get arrested, knowing that he’ll match the description Emily gave for her intruder and again be face to face with his daughter. Not exactly the most poetic reunion, but given the circumstances, he can’t exactly take her to lunch at Le Bernardin. Instead, David and Emily stare at each other with knowing, tear-drenched eyes in the company of a few suspected felons and cops watching on.

And I don’t know about you guys, but that look he gives her seems to imply that he knows exactly who she is, and he’s out for the same thing she is.

Victoria puts back on her Grayson dress

I hand it to the woman for being all resolute and such, but there has to come a time when Victoria realizes the Grayson name is dead and gone. But no, when she goes to visit Daniel to try to lend him money, she makes it clear that she’s not giving up hope that she can scoop her children back up into her arms and have a family again. “I’m going to spend my whole life trying to remedy what I did to Charlotte and you,” she says, before handing him an envelope of cash that he turns down. Daniel, meanwhile, reasserts himself as “the patriarch of this family,” and tells her coldly: “Stay away from Margaux, and stay away from Charlotte.” Ouch.

And it seems that Daniel’s not the only one escaping her grasp. In a conversation seething with suspicion—namely because he’s just realized that she tried to recruit him in her quest to kill his daughter—David tells her, “I won’t be anyone’s prisoner anymore, not even yours.” To that she responds with the sorry excuse she’s given over and over: “I was just trying to keep you safe.” Then, the tables really turn when she practically begs him to not leave her: “You still need me, and I will always need you.” But when David walks out without saying a word, it’s clear that she’s lost the power, and he doesn’t need her one bit.

All of this makes Victoria, David, and Charlotte’s save-face press conference at the conclusion of “Meteor” all the more fake. David seems to be using. We’ve been down this road before, so we know it’s bound to get messy.

Add to all that the fact that Louise, the friend Victoria hung out to dry in her escape from the looney bin, is also seemingly out for her revenge, and Ms. Grayson’s going to have a lot harder time holding onto her kin.

Emily’s wearing a nice shade of what-the-hell-just-happened

Still trying to wrap her head around it all, Emily seems just as confused as we are about what David’s plan is, where his loyalties lie, and, mainly, WTF—he’s been alive this whole damn time?? While she’s trying to make sense of it all as the reunited Clarke family addresses the nation, she tells Nolan, “She beat me to him.”

But, if we know anything about Emily, it’s that she’s not going to let Victoria win without a fight. Girlfriend just found out her dad’s alive after spending her entire adult life attempting to exonerate his death. Let’s give her a week to get it figured out, okay?

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