Everyone's family is a little messed up... and then there's the Clarkes.
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Tonight we got a pretty good idea what the soon-to-be-reunited Clarke family is going to look like. And, to say the least, I don’t think they’ll be the kind of family to send out Christmas cards every year.

Mom and Dad are dealing with some minor trust issues, what with the betrayals and kidnapping and all, but they’re still very much in love, which became apparent at the opening of “Disclosure.” Victoria has a dream that she’s reunited with David, who tells her “I need to know that you were as much of a victim as I was.” After dodging eye contact, she admits, “I didn’t have a choice; I regretted that moment ever since.” And thanks to some of the best acting we’ve seen from Madeleine Stowe all series, we know she’s being genuine: What she did to David Clarke has haunted her most of her life. He approaches her, gently touches her face, and begins to strangle her.

And although that was all a dream, it seemed like a premonition. Yes, Mom and Dad seemed to have embraced a “united we stand” motto by the end of Sunday night’s episode, but he’s bound to learn that Victoria’s trying to get him to help her kill his own daughter, and I’m thinking that strangling might not be too far from reality.

Victoria wakes up from said dream in the back of a good old fashioned stalker van, with David in the driver’s seat. After a failed attempt to escape—and Victoria’s near-death thanks to an eight-wheeler in the middle of the woods—David takes her to the place that he, seemingly, has been spending the past 10 years of his life: a small, drab bunker with a homely cot and not much else. But he didn’t come here to show off his bachelor pad, but to finally confront her head-on: “I’ve had 20 years to piece together the conspiracy that destroyed my life…. Did you betray me?”

It’s not exactly a simple question. Yes, Victoria did testify against her lover in court, but as she tells him, when she found out that Conrad had set him up to take the fall for Flight 197, she had planned on going to the District Attorney to testify, but her husband intercepted her. “For years, he kept me in silence by threatening my children, our children. I had no choice but to become the good wife until I couldn’t stand it anymore. You were always the love of my life, David. Always.”

That apology, along with the line that “The night I lost you my heart broke and never mended” was enough for Dad, who promises her “I still love you. I always have.” But there are still some trust issues to work out, as David did, after all, kidnap her, and she’s clearly on guard.

NEXT: Sisterly Love

Our sisters, meanwhile, are not exactly sharing each other’s clothes. Ever since the death of Declan, Charlotte hasn’t exactly had an easy ride—she just got busted with cocaine at Emily’s Memorial Day party, she can’t pay her rent, and, most recently, she walked in on Gideon cheating on her. Emily finds her at her most vulnerable moment, on the verge of ending it all by throwing herself off a roof. She rushes to Charlotte and begs her not to jump. To that, Charlotte replies with a completely fair question: “Where were you before now?” It’s clear that Emily’s words have no effect whatsoever on Charlotte, and if Jack’s police partner hadn’t stepped in to save the day, Charlotte might not still be alive.

This incident finally seems to shake the Amanda Clarke inside Emily Thorne. Charlotte is, as Emily revealed to Nolan last week, the only thing that’s kept her in the Hamptons, the only family she has—or so she thinks. And so, after nearly seeing the only person she has end her own life, Emily decides it’s time to take off her mask for Charlotte; and Emily reveals that she is her real sister. It’s understandable, but, seeing as she decided to load this all on her sister the same afternoon she tried to kill herself, I’m thinking Emily didn’t hear Charlotte when she yelled at her on the roof, “This isn’t about you.”

Regardless of the less-than-considerate timing, Emily lays it all out to Charlotte, including the fact that she was the one who kidnapped her. Like every other liar in this show, Emily uses the go-to “I had to protect you” excuse for ruining Charlotte’s life. Although I rolled my eyes at that, Emily seemed genuinely heartbroken as she told her “after everything I’d done, part of me felt like I didn’t deserve you. Then I saw you today and I recognize that pain.” That’s when she shows Charlotte the infinity box, filled with the journals from their father. But it becomes clear that Charlotte isn’t accepting her apology gift, telling her, “You chose revenge over me. You can’t take it back.” Sorry, Ems, you can’t gift your way out of this one.

So what exactly has our prodigal father been doing all this time? The majority of season 4 is bound to be devoted to answering that. But for now, he tells Victoria, “The less you know, the better.” (Umm, pretty sure if we’ve learned anything on Revenge, it’s that that is the furthest thing from the truth.) But he is upfront about one thing: He killed Conrad Grayson. But it was all for her, because he’d do “anything” for her, including murdering her ex-husband, natch. She responds with a far-too-casual “thank you” and takes his hand.

NEXT: Who’s killing/sabotaging/revenging whom?

David’s only motives were to find Victoria, confirm that she hadn’t betrayed him, and to protect Charlotte. That’s because, to his knowledge, Amanda is dead. And Victoria Grayson is going to use that fact to her advantage. She tells David that there is one woman responsible for locking her up in a mental institution and ruining her relationship with Charlotte. She wipes away her tears and tells him, “I cannot entertain a future with you until she’s been stopped.” In other words, “Will you help me kill your daughter?”

But Emily’s not playing nice either. When Nolan—frustrated that he can’t have the revenge-free summer he planned for—asks her “Then what? You’ve done everything short of killing her,” it becomes clear that that’s exactly what she intends on doing.

But, in the most shocking moment of the night, we find that our Little Sister may have beaten Mom to the punch. Charlotte tells Emily to meet her at the Stowaway, seemingly to apologize for the way she reacted and talk everything out. Instead, she knocks Emily out, and sets the Stowaway on fire.

Meanwhile, outside our family of four, Nolan is back to being Emily’s gofer. Their relationship is stronger than ever—partially because they’re all each other has and partly because of Emily’s vulnerable revelation last week that she doesn’t know how to be Amanda Clarke anymore. But in just a matter of days, she’s back to being the bully. When will enough be enough for Nolan? He seems to finally stand up for himself when he tells her that he’s done being her enabler, but she lures him back by guilting him into it: “This is not just about me,” she tells him. “It’s about Aiden and every other horrible thing Victoria’s done.”

And even further outside the fam, Daniel and Margaux are set on getting revenge on Gideon. Not only did he blackmail Daniel, but as Margaux learns, her brother also killed the redheaded girl in order to do it. Gideon’s out for Margaux’s position asCEO of LeMarchal Media. He’s currently the acquisitions director and plans on using a deal to absorb a suffering news corporation to make his way there. After a couple failed attempts, Margaux gets the job done by sneaking cocaine into his bag as he’s about to board a flight to London. He’s arrested at the airport, and Margaux gives him a sinister “au revoir.”

Guess everyone’s family is a little messed up…

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