Victoria tries to bring Emily down (again), and Emily and Nolan have a falling out.

By Chancellor Agard
Updated April 13, 2015 at 04:18 PM EDT
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At the end of Revenge‘s last episode, Emily admitted to the world that she was really Amanda Clarke. It was a moment four seasons in the making (and something that hints we’re approaching the end of the Dumas-inspired soap). Now, after our collective sigh of relief that the secret is finally out, it’s time for us and Team Revenge to deal with the consequences. Let’s just say, if Emily thought coming out would make her life slightly less complicated and solve problems, she had another thing coming.

While there were a few interesting happenings, tonight’s episode explored the paradigms of human memory—translation: it was basically a clip show, albeit one with a little more meat on it.

It’s been 24 hours since Emily’s confession and Victoria nor Margaux has made a move. Team Revenge thinks they’re in the clear and only have to deal with Twitter deciding what to call Emily/Amanda, but they are wrong. (ASIDE: It will remain Emily in these recaps because calling her Amanda feels weird. END ASIDE) The press conference upset Louise because she realized that Nolan had been lying to her, so she calls Victoria for comfort. Said comforting sesh takes place on the spot where Lyman died, and that’s where the two women find the flashdrive Lyman stole from Nolan’s computer. It’s time for shenanigans.

With the help of the next Nolan Ross, Victoria is able to decrypt the files and finds evidence of the crimes Emily committed during her crusade. Louise, who feels betrayed by Nolan, also sees the evidence and joins Team Victoria. Later, Louise returns to Nolan’s home to deliver divorce papers and calls him out on his secrets. “No one’s ever going to be as close to you as Emily,” Louise says. “You were never my true wonder twin.” It’s this exchange that makes Nolan, who just finished deleting the evidence from his laptop, run a system check on his computer that reveals that files were stolen.

Meanwhile, Emily and David take swift action to silence Conrad’s conspirators, which leads to a nice trip down memory lane of some of Emily’s memorable takedowns. The Clarke’s return home, confident that Victoria can do nothing to them, but this ease quickly goes away when Nolan tells them what happened. No surprise, Emily is pissed, very pissed that Nolan kept the evidence—it’s like when a serial killer keeps mementos of his victims, you know that’s how he’s going to get caught. Yes, Nolan shouldn’t have kept the evidence, but it’s hard to not understand his side of it. Working with Emily made him feel like he was part of something bigger, that they were accomplishing something worth remembering. In a way, this definitely validates Emily’s insistence on keeping emotion out of her strategic calculations; however, her fear definitely makes her forget that this stopped being just her crusade long ago.

To make matters worse, Team Revenge finds out that Victoria is on her way to a television studio for a primetime interview. (Louise, who is tired of the war, refused to help her out Emily’s crimes, even if some of them did lead to Pascal’s death). Not wasting any time, Emily heads down there and steals Victoria’s thunder by offering the reporter an exclusive, no-answers-off-the-record interview on the condition that she never speak to Victoria. The reporter accepts.

Boy, Emily doesn’t hold back and is mostly truthful about her schemes on national television. She explains the history of her disturbing relationship with Victoria, is open about how her crusade has negatively affected those closest to her, and even brings the double infinity box with her on live television. Never one to miss an opportunity for an attack, Emily sneakily turns the media against Victoria by insinuating that she, and not Emily, may have once or twice crossed the line (killed someone) and basically declared Victoria is evil on national television. While the world may be against her, Victoria does receive a new (old) ally: Margaux, who found Emily’s remarks to be cruel. Louise is determined to make sure Victoria isn’t buried in the metaphorical grave Emily dug for her.

Believing they have their Amanda back now, Nolan decides to play cupid and convince Jack to go after Emily again. Nolan’s convinced that Emily knows deep down Jack’s the one, but Jack isn’t so sure. Meanwhile, the Clarkes share a touching moment on their porch, and Emily admits for once she has no idea what’s next, but she’s kind of okay with that.


  • Episode ending tag: Someone lounging on a beach circles Emily’s photo in the newspaper with a red Sharpie. There’s still more revenging to do!
  • Ben is upset Emily didn’t warn him before making her big announcement. Looks like things are over between the nascent couple.
  • “I’m just a hacker…Now that Emily’s gone, I’m obsolete,” says a drunk Nolan after Emily tore into him for his mistake. Nolan’s outdatedness was hinted at earlier in the episode when Victoria’s tech guy corrected and said Nolan Ross was the old him.

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