Emily and Ben protect Ben's ex-wife, and Natalie throws this year's Fourth of July party.

By Chancellor Agard
Updated March 29, 2015 at 08:59 PM EDT
Danny Feld/ABC

What a coincidence that tonight’s episode falls on the Ides of March since a theme of betrayal runs so thick through it. From Lyman manipulating his sister to Natalie revealing her true (batshit crazy) colors to David, everyone had to watch their back. “Retaliation” is, at times, an interesting episode in that we finally start to see that Margaux, who is growing more desperate by the day, may actually pose a threat to Emily Thorne. However, it also falters by dealing too much with Ben’s ex-wife situation and his budding relationship with Emily because neither Ben nor this coupling are that compelling. But hey, we got an Everwood reunion, so I was pleased-ish.

Emily vs. Margaux: The April Offensive

Using what she knows about Ben’s ex-wife April, Margaux commands him to steal a copy of Amanda Clarke’s birth certificate. However, Emily and Nolan are, as always, one step ahead and have Ben give her a forgery. This buys them enough time to use a video Margaux took of April to find her before she becomes imperiled. For 10 years, April has been living in hiding from a dangerous ex-boyfriend, Wes, who she met after she and Ben split. Against his wishes, Emily accompanies Ben to find to April, who now goes by the name Kim and is a waitress at a dive bar.

Ben doesn’t receive a warm welcome when he shows up at April’s bar. Turns out April is hiding because of Ben—according to her, she came to Ben after she started seeing Wes because she found out about he was fencing stolen goods. Jumping at the opportunity to save a damsel in distress, Ben called the police on Wes. Unfortunately, the police found nothing and had to let Wes go. Since then, Wes has been after April because he believes she’s the one that snitched. (I’ll admit, I was hoping Gregory Smith would be the one playing Wes to round out this Everwood reunion.)

Meanwhile, back in New York, Margaux figures out the birth certificate is a fake and instructs her P.I./enforcer/whatever to leak April’s whereabouts to Wes. By time Wes arrives at the bar, Emily and Ben have convinced April to let them protect her. The two lovebirds quickly take Wes out and turn him over to the police. All’s well that ends well, right? Wrong.

Margaux is not playing around this time and had two other backup plans in motion. First, she hired Lyman Ellis, who Victoria fired after he failed her in court, to infiltrate Nolan Ross’ home and hack into his computer. Lyman charms his way back into his sister’s good graces and she offers to let him crash there. However, Louise returns home to find Lyman at work hacking. Their argument moves outside toward the cliff Nolan’s home sits on. The two struggle over the flashdrive and—no surprise here—Lyman falls over the cliff and dies.

Margaux’s second plan: she has her Guy That Does Everything Shady set up Jack to be arrested for drunk driving. (How he manages to make the breathalyzer indicate that a sober Jack was drinking remains a mystery.) Ben and Emily pass Jack as he’s getting arrested during their drive back to the Hamptons. Margaux claims to be going after Emily because of the pain she’s brought to the Hamptons, but does she not care about all the pain her own vendetta is causing? Jack, who is relatively innocent in all this, is at risk of losing his son. Lyman, who admittedly was the worst, just died because of what she hired him to do.

Natalie vs. Victoria:

It was only a matter of time before the other Natalie Grayson-related shoe dropped. We found out tonight that she was one of Conrad Grayson’s former lovers. When they were together, he promised her not only money but also the power that came with the Grayson name—which actually means nothing after everything Conrad and Victoria have done to it. However, Conrad died and actually left her nothing, so she went after his father (ew!) and forced him to sign his money over to her. This all comes out at the 4th of July party she throws at Nolan’s club. Natalie pulls David, her new beau, away for some alone time—or rather revenge time, since she tries to frame him for assaulting her. It’s then that Natalie reveals she came to the Hamptons to give Conrad some peace in the afterlife by ruining David’s reputation.

Surprise: Victoria recorded the entire conversation and gives Natalie two options: Sign all of Granddaddy Graysons inheritance over to her, or go to jail. Victoria’s help begins the process of thawing things between her and David. “I guess there was a silver lining to not killing me after all,” she says after David thanks her.


  • Nolan and Louise’s marriage has hit a rough patch. He keeps “losing” his ring, which upsets Louise. However, when he comes home and apologizes after the party, she fails to mention that she just killed her brother.
  • Jack isn’t talking to Emily after her rejection. He has, however, gone back to bartending and now works for Nolan at the club. (For the record, Nolan is also #TeamJack)