Malcolm Black holds Emily and Victoria captive, and Louise receives a surprise visitor.

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The promos for “Abduction” promised us a lot of verbal jousting from Emily and Victoria. Sadly, it didn’t deliver on that part because we didn’t spend nearly as much time with them in captivity as we should’ve. There’s nothing better than watching those two go back and forth. But nonetheless, tonight’s episode brought this Malcolm Black chapter to a close and set up what will hopefully be the driving arc for the rest of the season as Emily earns herself a new rival.

The Clarkes vs. Malcolm Black

We pick up with Emily and Victoria waking up and finding themselves trapped in a cage. As she is wont to do, Victoria immediately assumes Emily had something to do with this—which isn’t too far-fetched given everything Emily has done—but the women quickly discover that Malcolm is behind all of it. Naturally, Victoria’s first inclination is to offer Malcolm money in return for her release, but Malcolm is an independent man and doesn’t need her money. All he wants is to find his daughter.

After informing a frustrated David of Malcolm’s release from custody, Jack returns to the precinct to get Ben’s help with tracking Malcolm down. Ben quickly informs Jack that he knows everything, and he’s not happy about being lied to. (For some reason he expected complete honesty from a girl who has turned down all of his advances.) Ben is not particularly keen on putting his life on the line to help a bunch of people who have been lying to him. Eventually, he comes around and thank god he does because Jack and David are going to need all the help they can get.

Back near the beach, David heads to Grayson Manor to talk to his daughter, but she’s nowhere to be found. He receives a video message from Malcolm Black, who reveals that he’s kidnapped Emily and Victoria. The three men decide to recycle David’s plan from last week and to make Malcolm think his daughter is still alive, except this time they’re going to use snippets from old voicemails to accomplish the task. Intent on protecting him, David foolishly decides not to ask for Nolan’s help. Malcolm eventually does call and they use the poorly edited and awkward-sounding audio. It’s clear that some part of Malcolm suspects shenanigans are afoot, but nonetheless, he agrees to meet David for a prisoner exchange later that night.

In an attempt to buy the guys some time, Victoria—with Emily’s cooperation we later find out—offers to give Malcolm information on her daughter’s whereabouts in exchange for her freedom. She tells Malcolm that he needn’t wait to meet up with David and instead should seek out Jack Porter. At this point, Emily tackles Malcolm’s guard, Ivan, but is quickly stopped when Malcolm pulls a gun on her.

Once alone, Victoria and Emily have a much-needed talk where Emily tells Victoria that David was planning on killing her and has been doing so since he returned to the Hamptons. In all the confusion, Victoria had not wondered how Emily knew to draw her to the lighthouse. Even when these two women are working together, they don’t turn down an opportunity to hit each other where it hurts. I would’ve loved for this scene to go on for longer, but Malcolm interrupts to tell them it’s time to go meet David.

Meanwhile, Jack returns home to find Ben tied up and one of Malcolm’s goons waiting for him. Surprising us all with his improved fighting skills, Jack quickly takes out the henchman and frees Ben. Based on a symbol Emily drew on this goon’s back with a piece of coal when she attacked him, the two guys figure out where Emily and Victoria are being held.

As to be expected, David and Malcolm’s prisoner exchange does not go as David had foolishly planned. First, Malcolm shows up with only Victoria in tow. Second, Malcolm quickly finds out that Kate’s dead when he uses a fancy laser thermometer (which apparently is a thing) to measure her body, which is still sitting in David’s van. In retaliation, he shoots David and takes him as a prisoner, and thus completing his Clarke Collection.

NEXT: Louise receives a surprise visitor

For old time’s sake, Malcolm tells David that before he kills him, David has to kill Emily and Victoria. (In case you forgot, a flashback in last week’s episode showed Malcolm forcing David to kill a guard who tried to help send a message to Emily.) David refuses, so Malcolm decides to make him watch as he cuts them up into pieces and tosses them into an incinerator. But right before Malcolm has a chance to stab Emily, Victoria tries to buy them a bit more time and tells Malcolm that she killed Kate in retaliation for Kate killing Daniel. “You know the best part? I loved it,” Victoria tells him, and had we not seen Jack kill Kate, we would believe her, too.

Thankfully, Jack and Ben show up just in time to save everyone. During the ensuing fight, Emily manages to cut herself free, but is eventually overpowered by Malcolm. He’s about to throw her into the incinerator when David picks up a fallen gun and sends Malcolm to hell where he belongs. During the clean-up, Emily tells Jack about her and Victoria’s plan and says she thinks Victoria helped because she’s finally starting to feel guilty for everything that she has done. Meanwhile, Victoria tells David that it’s over because she knows he wanted to kill her, but she won’t divulge his sins to the police. “You and Emily deserve a life together. I need to mourn my son,” says a surprisingly merciful Victoria.

Later that night, Ben shows up at Emily’s doorstep with David, who refused to heed the doctor’s recommendations and insisted on returning home. As David limps off to bed, Revenge reveals that it is determined to make Emily and Ben a thing, which seems kind of awful because up until now, Ben has been rather bland. Having once been undercover and knowing what it’s like to push people away, Ben kind of understands what she’s gone through and believes that it must have been for the right reasons since she sacrificed so much. The two decide to start over.

Mommy Dearest Comes To Town

Penelope Ellis, Louise’s mother, arrives in the Hamptons. Because this is Revenge, where parents are the worst, we quickly find out that Penelope is a terrible mother. If Louise goes to the press about being drugged, her mother, as her conservator, a.k.a the one who controls Louise’s inheritance, will cut Louise off. However, Nolan’s lawyers are able to find a loophole: Penelope loses control over the money if Louise gets married, and that’s exactly what Louise and Nolan do. But, they aren’t out of the woods yet, as Penelope reveals that the pills were helping Louise to forget the tragic memory of killing her own father. And, she plans on telling everyone this, so that Louise ends up alone and with nothing.

Margaux is out for blood

Tonight, Margaux is still reeling from her conversation with Victoria in last week’s episode. She decides that someone needs to put a stop to Emily because of all of the misery she has caused—and she’s the one to do it. First, she hires a private investigator her father used to dig up dirt on Emily. Then, she lets Victoria know about her plan. Having seen what revenge does to people, Victoria tries to talk her out of going down this tragic road. But, Margaux can’t be stopped. So, Victoria leaves her with one piece of advice: Make sure the evidence she collects against Emily is irrefutable.

Tonight’s episode revealed that all of this Malcolm Black nonsense was just a means to set up Margaux vs. Emily, which will hopefully be the story arc for the remainder of the season and won’t fizzle out quickly like this Malcolm Black nonsense. It does feel somewhat promising as it will make Margaux feel necessary as a character and finally give her something to do—and it will be fun to see Emily Thorne on the defensive.

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