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“Scandal,” to quote Gandalf the White, was like the deep breath before the plunge. A regrouping episode to slow down for a moment and make sense of all the crazy things that have happened in the two previous installments. And prepare us for all that lies ahead. Unfortunately, you’ll be holding that breath for awhile, because Revenge is going to be in repeats until April. ABC is thinking that it’d be best to air the remaining six episodes of the season as one uninterrupted block—kind of like they did with Lost in its later seasons.

Who shot Tyler Barrol? Amazingly, we found out last night. I don’t know about you, but I really thought that when we didn’t learn the perp’s identity at the end of “Chaos” this was going to be a mystery that would be up in the air for the foreseeable future. Well, this certainly wasn’t a “Who’s in the coffin?” tease, was it? It was Satoshi Takeda! This is very, very interesting. I expected that he had arranged for Tyler’s death on the beach and for Daniel to be framed, but I wasn’t certain if he was the actual trigger man. He was at the barn to retrieve Emily’s revenge box, after all. Then the party. And then he came pulling up in his Maserati to give Faux-Manda a ride out of Dodge. When did he find the time to knock out Daniel and shoot Tyler? Also, it seems pretty clear that the events that actually went down on the beach are not as they were first presented back in the pilot. We now know that Daniel fired the first shot in self defense. But it was at point-blank range with Tyler charging at him. Daniel ended up with Tyler’s blood on his jacket, after all! In the opening moments of the pilot when Tyler is shot it appears to be from a much greater range.

“Scandal” opened with seemingly everyone in the Hamptons parsing what happened on the beach, Rashomon-style. My favorite? Declan’s “I don’t know if it was a hoodie! It could have been anything!” Scratch that, Nolan’s was the best: “The guy went all Benihana on my arm and tied me to a chair.” Who knew that a Pottery Barn knife could inflict such damage! It became clear just in his short testimony that Declan had figured out his brother was 8 Mile, the guy he saw removing Tyler’s body. And he wasn’t about to let Jack go down for this. When did Declan become so smart all of a sudden? Did reading Paradise Lost increase his IQ this much? This is a kid who a couple months ago was stealing lobsters.

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