The Graysons expect Charlotte's inheritance to solve all their problems; Nolan gets audited

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Tonight’s episode of Revenge was called “Resurrection,” but what we really witnessed was a death. Emily’s sinking deeper and deeper into her scheming and her plots, and she’s losing herself in the process. I can only hope that a resurrection will follow, that we will see her come out of this darkness eventually, but for now we can only stand by while she self-destructs.

“Resurrection” kicks off with Young Emily on a road trip with her mother, while our Emily narrates via voice-over. Mom’s having a grand ol’ time, but Young Emily isn’t feeling it. She gives her mom a long stare and asks where Dad is. (Side note: Isn’t it adorable that the young actress has got Emily VanCamp’s cold stare down to pat?) Mom sidesteps the question and says that they’re on vacation. Young Emily laughs and just when everything seems relaxed, her mother morphs into Victoria and says, “Before you can rise from the dead, you have to spend a few days in hell.” Resurrection, it seems, is not all butterflies and rainbows. It has a price. And that price might be your soul.

Our Emily wakes with a start to see she’s got Nolan in a chokehold. Never try to wake someone up in the middle of a bad dream, Nolan! Especially not someone with ninja skills. Nolan (sounding like Christian Bale’s Batman) tells Emily this is why she shouldn’t fall asleep watching horror movies. Emily, taking a page out of Carrie from Homeland’s book, spent the entire night watching Victoria on the clam cam, and now she only has bad dreams to show for it. Nolan notes that letting her guard down like this will just provide “Mannibal Lecter” (Nolan’s nickname for the white-haired assassin) with more of a chance to kill her, but Emily says she’s not worried about him…

At the Graysons’ house, Daniel is going through the company’s financials. Ashley walks in and gives him her very best come-hither look, but Daniel’s not having any of it. Conrad is inflating the returns and Daniel wants to know what money he plans to use to cover his tracks. (We, of course, know it’s Charlotte’s inheritance.) Daniel’s phone rings and he picks up when he sees it’s Emily. (Sorry, Ash, you stand no chance against Ems when it comes to Daniel’s heart.) Emily tells him she’s done some research on Charlotte’s doctor and says she has reason to suspect he’s keeping her in rehab on purpose. Daniel does some nifty research of his own (hint: it involves an online search engine) and says he’ll take care of it. Emily hangs up and we see she’s caught in a sniper scope — but it’s just Aiden creeping on her from the sand dunes.

NEXT: Nolan takes his pants off

Victoria meets with Mannibal Lecter, who tells her he won’t follow through on killing Emily unless he gets paid. Victoria, you more than anyone else should know that money makes the world go round. Even mercenaries need to pay their cable bills. Mannibal had fake passports made for Victoria and Charlotte so they could leave the Hamptons behind, but when Victoria says she can’t pay him, he snatches back her new ID as insurance that she’ll stay put until she fulfills her end of the bargain. But for that she needs Charlotte’s inheritance money… Which is already paying for Conrad’s company. Uh oh.

Declan is greeted by an old friend named Trey. Trey invites Declan to hang out, but he’s too busy fixing up the bar to do anything else. This scene appears unimportant, but like most seemingly inconsequential moments in Revenge, it comes into play later in the episode. Back at Emily’s, Nolan is Skyping into a meeting with his accountants. Nolcorp is being audited, and Nolan’s absence is taking a toll on the company. His accounting analyst Padma Lahari tries to convince him to hire a CFO, but he refuses. After hanging up, Nolan complains to Emily that his subordinates are not taking him seriously. “Why would they when you’re not wearing pants?” she answers. Touché. (But he does look rather fine in those boxers.)

Outside the house, Amanda confronts Emily and asks her to rig the paternity test in case the baby’s not really Jack’s. Emily agrees, but for a price of course. Ashley meets with Conrad at his office. Seems Ash is not as smitten with Daniel as we thought. She reports back to Conrad on Daniel’s activities, and Conrad tells her that she only needs to distract him long enough for him to miss the investor’s meeting.

Meanwhile, Daniel heads to Charlotte’s rehab center to break her out. In his hurry to confront Dr. Thomas, he misses Emily skulking in the background. You think Charlotte would be thankful to leave her prison behind, but no. She thinks Daniel is in cahoots with Conrad just because he can’t stop their father from stealing her inheritance. Emily shows up as their argument grows heated and Charlotte decides to go home with her instead. Well played, Emily Thorne, well played. Now that she has Charlotte, she can force Victoria’s hand.

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Emily takes Charlotte to see Amanda. Charlotte gets one glimpse of Amanda’s belly and you know there’s no way she’s leaving her future niece behind. In the car on the way to Victoria’s hideout, Charlotte expresses her concerns over the loss of her inheritance. Without the money, Victoria and Charlotte can’t leave the county. Emily tells Charlotte she’s sure her mother cares more about her than the cash, knowing full well that that’s not exactly true. Victoria does care about Charlotte, but it’s only with the money that she can keep her safe. Needless to say, Victoria’s not thrilled over the loss of the money, and she kicks Charlotte out. It’s for Charlotte’s own protection, but of course she doesn’t understand that.

A pants-less Nolan watches the entire exchange on the clam cam. “The poor, lonely panther came to realize she would never return to the jungle,” he says. Padma the accounting analyst turns up and thinks Nolan’s neglecting his company in favor of watching nature specials. He doesn’t bother to correct her. She wants to take him to lunch to discuss potential CFO options. He goes, but only after he’s put some pants on. In so doing, he abandons his vigil of the clam cam… Obviously this is a plot move to leave the cam unattended, but boy am I happy to see Nolan out on the streets. For a second there, I was worried he’d spend the entire season in Emily’s house.

Elsewhere, Conrad is leading the investor’s meeting, which includes Aiden (who is sitting in for Takeda). Ashley fails to keep Daniel distracted, however, and he bursts in on the meeting, yelling at Conrad for keeping Charlotte prisoner and stealing her inheritance. Conrad blames Daniel for not sharing his trust fund in the first place and Daniel storms off. Conrad’s phone rings… and it’s Victoria! He only has a moment to be fazed by her resurrection because Victoria already has a plan in motion. Conrad arrives at the safe house to see Victoria dump a bag full of handcuffs and other restraints on the coffee table. Victoria asks Conrad to hit her and I can’t help but wonder if they’re going to go full Fifty Shades of Grey

NEXT: The Graysons go back to being one big happy family

Jack and Amanda have got the result of the paternity test. According to the papers, it’s his! “I’d do anything for you,” Amanda tells Jack. Hmm, will she perhaps give her life? After all, we still don’t know whose body will be at the bottom of the ocean with the Amanda three months from now. Wouldn’t it be poetic if it was actually Amanda? Jack goes to get some popsicles to celebrate and Amanda gives Emily a call. Emily informs her that she faked the results and suddenly the whole moment is bittersweet. And yet, I have a feeling… Emily’s already using her own sister, what’s to stop her from lying to Amanda?

Daniel finds Charlotte packing for Emily’s house. She’s mad and refuses to stay under the same roof with him a moment longer. Until Daniel offers up his entire trust fund as penance, that is. “Mom made me promise to be nice to you,” he tells her. She’s touched and she immediately starts unpacking. It’s a sweet gesture on Daniel’s part. Still, I can’t help but think that it’s a bit hypocritical that Charlotte decides to stay for money after her own mother just disowned her for not having any.

Mannibal finds Victoria bound and beaten at the safe house and he makes a run for it before the cops can find him. Look’s like Victoria’s officially back from the dead! Thank heavens. She belongs in the Hamptons, not this log cabin. The entire scene — from Victoria’s confrontation with Mannibal to her rescue by the cops — is taped on the clam cam, but Nolan’s not there to see it.

Conrad comes home with Victoria and it’s here we see the true power of resurrection. Daniel was so angry with his mother, as was Charlotte, but on seeing her back from the edge of death itself, they’re willing to forgive. Charlotte, of course, knew Victoria was alive, but now she also knows her mother was just trying to protect her when she banished her from the cabin earlier. Meanwhile, Conrad tells Daniel that he emptied out his and Charlotte’s bank accounts in order to pay a ransom on Victoria. It’s so delightfully twisted that I can’t help a grin. It’s a move worthy of Emily Thorne herself. Victoria calls Emily to the house to make sure she won’t share her secrets and there’s nothing our girl can do but agree. Or is there?

NEXT: Emily makes a new friend…

Declan’s buddy Trey stops by the bar with a gorgeous bracelet. He asks Declan to hide it for a few days in exchange for $500. Turns out Trey didn’t really want to hang out with Declan earlier after all. He just wanted to see if Declan was desperate enough to take him up on his errand. He is. Jack’s going to be a father and the last thing Declan wants is to stick around through that. (Though why he thinks $500 is going to get him a place to stay is beyond me. I mean, he’s in the Hamptons!)

Emily gets a phone call — it’s Mannibal! He knows about the clam cam and he wants to use the footage to clear his good name. Emily invites him over. While she waits, she reveals to Nolan that Amanda is actually carrying Jack’s baby. Nolan can’t believe she lied to Amanda, telling her, “That’s dark.” Everything Emily’s done up until now has been dark, but this is a whole new kind of blackness. Emily’s jealous! And she’s willing to ruin Jack and Amanda’s relationship because of it.

Emily kicks Nolan out of the house. Whether it’s because of his words or because she’s waiting for Mannibal, I’m not sure. Mannibal turns up and Emily says she’ll give him the footage in exchange for information on her mother. Mannibal says he was supposed to kill Kara Clarke, but before he can say what really happened to her, he attacks Emily. As he chokes her — a callback to the start of the episode — a shot rings out. Mannibal slumps over, revealing Aiden standing behind him with a gun.

Until now, Aiden’s been lurking in the background. I’m ready to see him go head-to-head with Emily, but I wonder how this will affect her relationship with Nolan. I don’t want the “fashionably dressed, technologically savvy sidekick” to be forgotten. Aiden’s appearance at this precise moment — Emily’s meeting with Mannibal — is interesting, though. I assumed Aiden wanted to prevent Emily from falling prey to her emotions, but maybe he’s here to stop her from falling prey to her darkness instead. What do you think, readers? Sound off below!

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