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Back at the castle, Lola—who’s calling her son Robert—reaches out to help Mary find something on Narcisse. And thanks to a talkative priest, Mary discovers that Narcisse has not only stolen money from the Vatican, but he’s also helped kill a Cardinal. In other words, he’s the worst. But can they stop Nostradamus’ execution before dawn?

That’s yet-to-be-seen. For now, Francis is visiting Henry’s grave with his mother. Is it creepy that Henry’s face is carved in stone, or is it creepier that my first thought was, “They did not capture his cheekbones.” With Narcisse’s threats out of his mind, Francis is left to ponder what to do about his son. Does he claim him even though Mary asked him not to? Does he listen to Catherine and enjoy all that parenting has to offer? Or perhaps he’ll just go for another walk with Mary and come up with a plan to save Nostradamus. That baby will still be here tomorrow.

So with Francis and Mary plotting, Catherine says goodbye to her once-loyal follower. She promises Nostradamus that sonnets will be written about him and that he will have a statue in Paris, but Nostradamus—who’s clearly wondering if the statue will have facial hair—is having none of it. Instead, he says the one word that will strike fear in the hearts of everyone watching: Clarissa. That’s right, Catherine. Clarissa is more than likely still alive, which means the prophecy is not fulfilled and Francis is still at risk.

Nostradamus is dragged off before he can say any more, but thankfully, Mary intercepts his execution before he can be fully quartered. (That was a close call, Reign.) Mary bluffs Narcisse by saying that Valand—did anyone catch this spelling in closed captioning?—had written his confession down, thereby spelling out the crimes he committed with Narcisse and giving them evidence. But Francis interrupts, and in a very different type of role-playing game than the former king enjoyed, Francis takes the letters that Mary supposedly sent off and burns them so that Narcisse believes he can trust his king. Well that, and Francis gives Narcisse Leith’s land. Yeah, I didn’t care about the Cardinal, but you had to take from Leith? We’re done, Narcisse. Done.

And Francis feels the same way. Done with Narcisse, Francis heads off to see Bash, who accepts the role of King’s Deputy. But that isn’t the only title Francis gives out. When Francis runs into Mary at the baby’s crib, she decides that the child should have Francis’ name. It’s simply not fair for her to resent such an innocent little thing. Francis agrees and decides it’s time for a little Parenting 101. After Mary leaves, Francis asks her maid how to properly hold his child. But wait. Did she just say something about bringing Francis into this world? Are we about to find out that Catherine isn’t Francis’ birth mother?!

Oh no. It’s better. For a moment, King Henry (!!!) possesses the maid’s body. I’d know that eyebrow raise anywhere! Well that, and the maid admits she’s Francis’ father in the closest thing this show’s ever had to a Star Wars moment. Regardless, we are one step closer to a fully fledged return for our favorite crazy king and I could not be happier. And with that in mind, I give you:

King Henry’s ranking: A good ranking that’s only made better by the gasp-worthy ending

Overall, the hour mostly served to set up a number of story lines, but at no point did it drag, and man, oh man, did it stick the ending. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get a manicure after watching Catherine commit the episode’s greatest crime against her cuticles, during which I will attempt to stop laughing from Nostradamus’ hunched over horseback ride. And seriously, what are the odds we trace the plague back to Clarissa?

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