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Many of us thought/hoped romance was kindling between Dash and Kara, but perhaps that was just wishful thinking. After Leo leads Kara out from the roof and back into the hospital, he leaves her temporarily alone to get help. That’s when Hunter arrives on the scene. He is a Luke Perry look-alike, complete with a receding hair line, squinty eyes, and “sexily” chewing a toothpick with gelled back poofy hair. Since he can’t ride a motorcycle in the hospital (though, in this show, who knows what can happen), he reads Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It seems what floats teenage girls’ boats never changes.

Kara asks him for help, but he decides to teach her a lesson for being catty, and instead of guiding her to her room, puts her in the elevator, and sends her to the maternity ward.

A random doctor visits Kara and informs her she needs a pacemaker, and that they will perform surgery in the afternoon. Her mother comes to be with her for the surgery. That brings to mind another saying, which is if you want to look nicer, hang out with someone worse than you. And Kara’s mother really is so much worse. But, again, kudos to the casting in this show. Kara and the actress who plays her mother look like they could be real mother and daughter.

Kara is prepped for surgery, and low and behold, who does she have to be prepped with, but the jerk who pranked her by sending her up to the maternity ward when she was blind. After much aggressively flirtatious banter and some romantic arm shaking, it is clear that the chemistry between these two is going to make for a biology lesson.

When Kara wakes up, her mother tells her that she hasn’t been friendly at the hospital and asks her to change. Who knew you could charm your way to a heart transplant at a hospital? Kara’s mom said she was able to change because of her partner, Daniella, and Kara notices the oh-so-romantic box of toothpicks on her nightstand.

Kara exposes her feelings by asking Kenji about Hunter. Hunter walks, correction, struts up behind her, stylishly dressed in all black (didn’t he just get out of surgery?) and flirtatiously sets her off her game. Love is in the air.

Group Therapy:

–Please give Dash more of his own story. He’s got more going on than a one liner of comic relief.

–Kara’s Mom: “You may scare everyone else around here but you don’t scare me.”

–Do Nurse Brittany and Doctor Grace kind of look alike?

–#Lemma won this round. Sorry, team #Jemma.

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