With the entrance of a female doctor, the show gets yet another love triangle.
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For those who ascribe to the belief that distance makes the heart grow fonder, then perhaps the fortnight hiatus helped Red Band Society build its teetering fan base. “So Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want” ended on quite the cliffhangers: wondering what Nurse Jackson was going to do with Charlie’s blood sample, which bachelor Emma would choose, and teasing us with Mandy Moore guest starring. And tonight’s episode was a perfect follow-up. There’s something about this show that feels very ’90s Nickelodeon (which is a compliment). With its shameless cheesiness, incredible acting, dramatic story lines, and snappy dialogue, it could totally fit saddled between Fifteen and Hey Dude. Instead, “Ergo Ego” followed Hell’s Kitchen. But, hey, at least it’s back.

“Ergo Ego” picks up right where the last episode left off, on the roof with the patients admiring Dash’s graffiti, and Jordi and Emma holding hands. Looking at the artwork, Kara’s vision starts to fade, and she leans on Leo. Leo behaves like the knight in shining armor, guiding Kara off the roof and ignites Emma’s jealousy, once again. With Leo gone, Jordi now has his moment to talk to Emma about his feelings. Jordi makes his intentions known to Emma, with lines like, “I have feelings, for you. And I feel like you have feelings for me, too. I was just thinking maybe our feelings could feel things together.” Maybe it’s because these youths have already faced mortality that they decided to skip that part of teendom where you never admit/understand your feelings. Whatever it is, the corniness made my heart burn rather than flutter.

The show finally revisits the classroom, only so they can parallel the novel Pride and Prejudice. The kids didn’t seem to understand the relationships in the book, and evidently neither did the writers of the show. Yes, there is a famous love triangle in P&P, however the dynamics are completely different from the love triangle in Red Band. A more appropriate book to parallel this love story would be Twilight. And thank goodness that hasn’t made it onto high school reading lists.

After much back and forth flirtation and (yawn) discussion, Emma and Leo argue, then kiss. Somehow, Jordi once again is creepily peeping on them. Jordi storms up to the roof, furious, where he dramatically rips off his red band, and flings it off the roof with all his might.

As for the adults of the show: Ever since the fight over Charlie, things are on the fritz between Dr. McAndrew and Nurse Jackson. It turns out Nurse Jackson secretly switched Charlie’s blood with another patient to make him look like he had an infection, thus buying him time in the hospital.

But the employees of Ocean Park Hospital quickly forget this rift as they are distracted by the arrival of Doctor Grace, played by Mandy Moore. Having acted as a girl with terminal leukemia in A Walk to Remember back in 2002, as well as guest starring in Scrubs, Mandy Moore is the perfect choice for this teen hospital show. She plays a doctor that has just returned from Doctors Without Borders in Senegal and has been promoted to be the chief of surgery. Mandy doesn’t look like her usual glamorous self; as Dr. Grace she wears loose shirts, has messy hair, and her non made up face is only decorated by some handmade village jewelry. Of course, she’s still stunning. And, of course, she has some old flame with Doctor McAndrew. Nurse Brittany is none too pleased.

Dr. McAndrew isn’t too pleased to see Dr. Grace. Not only did she leave Dr. McAndrew to go help people in need across the ocean (what a monster!), Dr. McAndrew thought he was going to be promoted to chief of surgery. To complicate matters more, Nurse Jackson goes over Dr. McAndrew’s head by asking Dr. Grace to try some new treatments for Charlie.

Dr. McAndrew reluctantly revisits Charlie’s case, and discovers that Nurse Jackson switched Charlie’s blood so that the hospital would not be allowed to let him leave. He agrees to try the innovative treatment on Charlie, but is so furious with Nurse Jackson that he has her suspended.

NEXT: Kara meets her match

Many of us thought/hoped romance was kindling between Dash and Kara, but perhaps that was just wishful thinking. After Leo leads Kara out from the roof and back into the hospital, he leaves her temporarily alone to get help. That’s when Hunter arrives on the scene. He is a Luke Perry look-alike, complete with areceding hair line, squinty eyes, and “sexily” chewing a toothpick with gelled back poofy hair. Since he can’t ride a motorcycle in the hospital (though, in this show, who knows what can happen), he reads Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It seems what floats teenage girls’ boats never changes.

Kara asks him for help, but he decides to teach her a lesson for being catty, and instead of guiding her to her room, puts her in the elevator, and sends her to the maternity ward.

A random doctor visits Kara and informs her she needs a pacemaker, and that they will perform surgery in the afternoon. Her mother comes to be with her for the surgery. That brings to mind another saying, which is if you want to look nicer, hang out with someone worse than you. And Kara’s mother really is so much worse. But, again, kudos to the casting in this show. Kara and the actress who plays her mother look like they could be real mother and daughter.

Kara is prepped for surgery, and low and behold, who does she have to be prepped with, but the jerk who pranked her by sending her up to the maternity ward when she was blind. After much aggressively flirtatious banter and some romantic arm shaking, it is clear that the chemistry between these two is going to make for a biology lesson.

When Kara wakes up, her mother tells her that she hasn’t been friendly at the hospital and asks her to change. Who knew you could charm your way to a heart transplant at a hospital? Kara’s mom said she was able to change because of her partner, Daniella, and Kara notices the oh-so-romantic box of toothpicks on her nightstand.

Kara exposes her feelings by asking Kenji about Hunter. Hunter walks, correction, struts up behind her, stylishly dressed in all black (didn’t he just get out of surgery?) and flirtatiously sets her off her game. Love is in the air.

Group Therapy:

–Please give Dash more of his own story. He’s got more going on than a one liner of comic relief.

–Kara’s Mom: “You may scare everyone else around here but you don’t scare me.”

–Do Nurse Brittany and Doctor Grace kind of look alike?

–#Lemma won this round. Sorry, team #Jemma.

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