The winter finale ends on cliffhangers we may never get answers to.
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Good evening, Red Banders. If you’re a curious person, you’re going to hate tonight’s episode. It ends on so many cliffhangers, and we may never get answers to them. We all knew this was a strong possibility (episodes 2 and 3 were sinkers), but like the RBS characters, let’s seize the day, live in the moment, and continue with this recap with its usual gusto.

Kara’s Hunter games continue, as she starts off the episode with a mission: to turn Hunter on. Wearing a white tennis girl chic outfit, she goes to his room, where she overhears the doctors give him the option of staying or going home. Okay, RBS, we can gloss over many things… but come on, when do hospitals ever give you the option of staying if you don’t need to? Where do you think you guys are, Canada? Any-hoo, Kara is mad that Hunter agrees to go home and plays hooky from the hospital to avoid him.

Kara’s minion (my personal fave character) brings Kara her car, then unfortunately gets dismissed by Kara (boo!). Leo joins Kara on the joyride, as he is concerned about Emma, who has been ignoring his calls since their fight last week. He hops in the car with Kara and tries to convince her to drive him to Emma’s house. Their first stop is Kara’s old high school, where they watch the cheerleaders practice. She then makes Leo kick a soccer ball. He’s hesitant because he’s never kicked the ball with his prosthetic leg, but after some urging, he happily agrees. Later, they bond more in the car, and their sexual tension hits its precipice. Kara hops onto Leo’s lap and starts kissing him. Once again, Leo is hesitant because he’s never done ‘it’ with his prosthetic leg. Once again, after some urging from Kara, he happily obliges. He doesn’t notice that Emma is finally returning his calls. Emma who?

While Kara is out and about, Hunter’s pager rings. The hospital has a liver for him, and he is rushed into surgery. He gives Dash a letter, saying that if he doesn’t come out of it alive, to give it to Kara (melodrama much?).

While Romeo has been roaming, what has been going on with Juliet? Emma is in the nightmare of her house with her super controlling mother, annoyingly supportive father, and unbelievably insightful sister. At her apartment, Emma goes into a drawer, and finds a months-old sandwich hidden in a drawer. It’s only slightly moldy, though Emma has been gone for over two months. Not gonna harp on the believability factor of this show, but that room would have REEKED!

Emma gains some insight of her predisposition to her condition when she learns that her grandmother was anorexic, and also used to hide uneaten food around the house. She is very upset her parents have never told her this before. Emma’s mom refuses to accept anorexia as a disease, because if she does, Emma will become complacent and accept the disease, saying it would be giving her “permission to be damaged.” Emma runs out in a fury and locks herself in her bathroom, where she finally returns Leo’s call. He doesn’t answer, and she goes into a full-on panic, slamming her cell phone against the wall. She then takes her toothbrush, and goes to the toilet. Hours later, Emma’s dad comes up to find her limp body on the floor. Leo is going to feel pretty terrible when he sees that missed phone call.

NEXT: Will Jordi turn into the next Walter White?

Picking up from last week’s shenanigans, where Jordi turned into one-time drug dealer, a friend of the pop star comes in making out with Jordi and asking him for drugs. He shoots her down, saying that if she doesn’t leave, he’s going to call security.

Later, Jordi goes in for an MRI. Dr. McAndrew tells Jordi the positive news that his tumors have shrunk, and he wants to go back in for surgery. They need to cut ASAP, but complications arise due to Jordi not having filed his paperwork for emancipation. Dr. McAndrew tells Jordi he has 24 hours to file it; Jordi says he’ll get it done. Jordi unfortunately doesn’t have the spare change to file the paperwork. So he does what he can: retrieves the girl’s number from the trash and gets some pills. But from the looks of it, he is actually just going to sell her aspirin.

In the adult section of this show, sparks are a-flying. Dr. Naday, still sporting his hipster necklace, plays chess with Charlie. He really wants Charlie to movie a finger, but for the moment Charlie uses some sort of blink recognition app on the iPad to make his moves. (Hey, if RN Nurse Jackson doesn’t understand it, don’t expect me to.) Charlie playing chess feels like an exponentially vast (and unexplained) improvement from the last time, but we’ll gloss over that and get back to the romance.

Dr. Naday is super awkward. He also finds it really funny to make fun of a middle-schooler in a coma for not being a good speller. Give the kid a break, he’s been in a coma for months. Do you know how many spelling assignments he has to catch up on? Then he flirts with Nurse Jackson in such a weird way. But, hey, she digs it. Later, in the lunch room, Dr. Naday continues to super awkwardly hit on Nurse Jackson. Still, he’s cute. They discuss how Nurse Jackson is a great cook and how Dr. Naday likes food. Before Nurse Jackson can even casually imply for Dr. Naday to come over for dinner some night, he cuts her off, and as fast as the warnings on a pharmaceutical commercial, he says, “I’d love to.”

Nurse Jackson is glowing, until she converses with Kenji and Brittany. Kenji calls Brittany out for the “weirdness” going on with her and Dr. McStupid/Sexy, and Brittany fesses up to hooking up with Dr. McStupid/Sexy. Kenji informs Brittany of the cardinal rule: Office romances never work. Nurse Jackson makes a hilarious face and peaces out of the conversation before Kenji can investigate her.

Nurse Jackson is ambivalent as to what to do and tries to break off her date with Dr. Naday. He confronts her for her reasons, and when she tells him, he kisses her passionately. Dr. Naday not only gets his date with Nurse Jackson, he also gets a thumbs up from Charlie.

Questions the world may never know the answers to:

Will Emma be okay?

Did Kara and Leo use protection?

Will Charlie keep progressing?

What did Hunter write in the letter to Kara?

Best lines/moments:

Brittany’s callback to Jem. Loved that show.

Kenji: “Haven’t seen you wear lip gloss since Madonna was relevant.”

Nurse Jackson: “Weirdness… It’s a medical term.”

Kenji saying that Pam and Jim are fake.

Dr. Naday: “I like to cleanse the palette of the mind.”

Catch you on the flip side or let’s commiserate on Twitter if/when we never get answers.

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