On ''The Real World,'' Davis gets Brooke all hot and bothered by offering her a three-way with him and his boyfriend

By Lindsay Soll
Updated March 08, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

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”The Real World”: A three-way accident

I must begin by quoting Tyrie (as I so love to do): ”Never before have I seen a group of individuals who all want to have sex with each other.” And never before have I seen a group of individuals who have nothing better to do than have sex with each other (except maybe yell at each other).

So apparently Brooke is the only one not having sex in the house. (Aha! Now we know why she’s always so moody.) She therefore decided she should resort to a threesome with two gay guys, Davis and P.J. I just don’t get this scenario — two straight guys and a girl, maybe, but two gay guys and a girl? That just seems a tad desperate and, well, not fun. Furthermore, I don’t get why Davis and P.J. were allowing Brooke and Jenn to watch them get it on like spectators at a football game. Is there no privacy left in this house?

Davis made the awkward situation worse by egging Brooke on with kisses on the lips and compliments that he’s never been so turned on by a girl in his life. His actions prompted yet another Brooke quote to be added to my list of ”Reasons We’d All Be Better Off If Brooke Were Voted Off The Real World”: ”Hell, I might just turn a gay guy straight….I’m so full of myself.” Hey, at least she’s honest.

I truly want to believe Davis when he says he has no feelings for anyone other than P.J., but then why was he acting so jealous when he saw Brooke and Ty making out? Sure, it’s never a smart idea for two roommates to mix alcohol with each other’s spit (thank you Jenn, Alex, and Colie for teaching us such an important lesson), but what business is it of Davis’? I hope he was just trying to be a good friend to Brooke — and not more — by looking out for her. After all, if any girl is going to turn that boy straight (yeah, right!), I hope it’s someone not so whiny and self-centered.

Speaking of which, there was actually a mention of the roommates’ job this week, where once again Brooke got the chance to be (repeat after me) whiny and self-centered. I am so glad Davis, Stephen, and Brooke had to make up the Outward Bound training they’d missed. It should teach them not to fake illness next time.

Not that Brooke ever takes valuable lessons away from anything. I’m curious just how many screaming matches she’s going to get in on the show until she realizes she has an anger management problem. First Colie, then Jenn, and now Davis. Alex, Stephen, and Tyrie, be careful, she just may throw water in your faces one day, too!

All right, I don’t think I can possibly complain about Brooke any more than I have already, so I’ll leave you TV Watchers with a few questions: Do you think Davis is really attracted to Brooke, or is it beer goggles? Will Stephen ever do anything more than offer insightful confessionals? Finally, will we ever get to see a new story line on this season besides roommate hookups and Brooke blowups?

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