On ''The Real World,'' while Colie moons over her possible relationship with Dr. Adam, Stephen and Brooke fake being incapacitated to get out of Outward Bound

By Lindsay Soll
Updated January 25, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

”The Real World”: Hooky and a hookup

Is anyone else out there sick and tired of hearing these Real Worlders complain about Outward Bound? I for one think it’s amazing of MTV to use the reality show to give back to victims of Hurricane Katrina (as opposed to, you know, running a spray-tan business, promoting a nightclub, or booking talent at a surf shop). Stephen’s and Brooke’s little comments about camping were selfish and annoying. (”I’m from the city, man. This is insane.” And ”I would rather die than go back. I seriously said that, and I meant it.”) I literally wanted to jump into my TV set and knock some sense into them. Okay, maybe I just wanted to smack Brooke across the face — it’s a feeling that’s been building since she whined about not being able to find the nail salon.

Other people who probably want to smack Brooke? The four roommates who ended up going camping: Colie, Ty, Jenn, and Alex. What I don’t get, though, is why none of them expressed their annoyance to Brooke about her supposed ”ankle sprain,” especially when she was prancing around in Wild Oats with heels on. I once broke my pinkie toe, and it hurt to put flip-flops on! If Brooke were really injured, there would be no way she could’ve walked around in those ugly shoes. Poor Davis was legitimately sick (not to remind anyone, but we did see him puke), and he unfortunately got grouped with the Outward Bound hooky players who decided to recover from their maladies by drinking and hot-tubbing. There’s nothing alcohol can’t cure, right?

I was also super annoyed this episode when Colie screamed with glee that Adam had quit his job with Outward Bound to be with her. Seriously? What are the chances she was the sole reason for his decision to leave the job anyway? I bet there were other things we just didn’t hear about, because I find it highly unlikely that his one night spent with mono girl was so magical that it changed his life forever. Maybe he got poison ivy in his you-know-where? Maybe he didn’t like the canned food? Maybe this isn’t the first forbidden girl he’s fallen for? Whatever the reason, I don’t quite see the whole granola-boy-meets-Jersey-girl thing working out. After all, she is in an ”open relationship” with some boy named Corey. By the way, have we ever heard of Corey before? He obviously wasn’t important enough for her to mention to Alex when she threw herself at him in the first episode, so what makes Adam any different? Oh, that’s right: He wants to be a doctor. Cha-ching!

Alex was so right (for once) when he said, ”Colie is so dependent on a close relationship, which is evident by her having a boyfriend, falling in love with Adam in one day, and then flirting with me.” She’s definitely a flirt. Did you guys notice how she was constantly touching Adam on their date? I actually believed that she was sincerely into him, up until she made this comment: ”I’m not going to stop myself from doing anything that my heart feels like doing, or my vagina feels like doing.”

What do you think? Will any of the sick roomies come back to finish the Outward Bound training? Will Brooke break her leg to get out of it? Will Adam and Colie become a couple? Finally, does Alex own any other T-shirts besides that faded pink one?

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