On ''The Real World,'' after another drunken fight about sex (yawn!), the kids finally start their jobs as Outward Bound counselors

By Lindsay Soll
Updated January 05, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

”The Real World”: Climb every mountain

Thank God we got two new episodes all in one night, because after the first one was over, I was staring at my computer screen with the same blank look Brooke gave her Outward Bound boss when she asked him if she could bring a mirror while camping. Besides the roomies’ getting their job assignment, did anything at all happen that we hadn’t seen before? We get it: Jenn likes to hook up and then later pretend that she regrets it, Alex likes to make jerk comments, Brooke likes to bitch, and Colie has mono.

One thing that did cross my mind during that first episode: The cast members have become much more open about their sex lives since the earlier seasons of The Real World. I remember wanting to know what really went down in the infamous shower episode in Miami and if Amaya and Colin ever really consummated their relationship in Hawaii. Now we have cast members voluntarily offering intimate information about their hookups and saying things like ”I didn’t get laid tonight. I don’t f— on the first date.” Sure, I’m a sucker for juicy gossip, but I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that we know so many personal details about these so-called seven strangers.

On that note, I am so glad they finally started their job, working as camp counselors for Outward Bound, because I was really getting sick of seeing the roommates talk about the same things over and over while in the same two settings: Monarck or the house. I agreed with Jenn when she said to Brooke, ”This is a blessing for us because we live in a house where we have been nothing but unpolite to each other. We drink all the time, people kissing, whatever, all that stuff…and nobody gets paid if we do all that.” Let’s just ignore the fact she said ”unpolite” instead of ”impolite” — potatoes/potahtoes, right? — and instead note how perfectly she summed up the ways the roomies have been routinely violating all three of Outward Bound’s nonnegotiable rules: 1. No drugs and alcohol. 2. No sex. 3. No behavior that would jeopardize somebody else’s emotional or physical safety.

Nice plugs for the Sports Authority in both episodes! I wonder if MTV has taken cues from The Donald and decided to partner with the sporting-goods store on further product placement. I can see it now: Real World sleeping bags! Fly swatters with your favorite cast member’s picture! Compact mirrors designed by Brooke!

Speaking of Brooke, as much as her constant complaining has gone a bit overboard, I felt happy for her when she pushed through the many obstacles that came her way during the first days of camping. It was a welcome change to see a roommate so vulnerable and not drunk. One things for sure though, I doubt we’ll be seeing the Brookster on the next installment of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. She’d never make it past the first competition.

What do you think? Why did Alex sleep outside after he and Jenn got into an argument about their sexual romp? Was he trying to punish himself or something? And which roommate will be first to break one of the nonnegotiable rules? Will it be Brooke and her indecent shorts?