On ''The Real World,'' the house hysteric shocks us all by revealing courage and non-narcissistic tendencies on the group's last Outward Bound trip

By Lindsay Soll
Updated April 26, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

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”The Real World”: Brooke doesn’t go crazy

My, how far we’ve come since the beginning of the Outward Bound adventure! Brooke used to be the girl walking around in booty shorts complaining that there were no mirrors allowed at camp. Now, she’s faced her fears (rappelling down the mountain) and actually acted as a counselor to the campers (she was genuinely concerned when Ashley started hyperventilating). What is wrong with this picture? I mean I know there are a lot of things worse than camping (e.g., bowling), but isn’t it weird to see Brooke spend an entire episode not wigging out? Even when she started to get her typical red face and bunched-up nose, she worked through it. I should be impressed/happy/relieved. Instead, I’m distraught/confused/bored.

In fact, if it weren’t for the random commercials where Alex and Brooke awkwardly stood outside the Road Rules RV (seriously: that belt was not flattering on Brooke’s figure; who agrees?) and told us to stay tuned for bloopers (”Bloopers! Yay! Bloopers!”), I might have very well just given up on this TV Watch altogether and changed the channel back to Lost. But, never fear, I did not, and boy am I glad. Seeing Jenn completely wipe out on the sidewalk and crash into a car gave me a great deal of personal satisfaction, although I could have gone without ever knowing that Colie once pooped (yes, you read that right) into an envelope while riding in a car.

Back in camping world, looks like the poopster had to sit out because she ”somehow” got mono again (translation: she’s a kissing slut), which just makes you wonder: How in the world has no one else in the house contracted mono? After all, Colie’s hooked up with Alex, who’s hooked up with Jenn (twice, as was drilled into our heads last week), who’s probably one time or another breathed on Davis, who’s ”fooled around” with Brooke, who’s made out with Ty. Plus, from the looks of the previews for next week’s episode, it seems that all the girls will make out with ”gay” Davis for his birthday. So one could conclude that the only roommate who should not be dripping in disease is Stephen, and that’s only because his sole purpose is to be the season’s wallflower.

I’m impressed that boss man Chris has remained so calm amid all of the chaos/drama that this spit swapping in the house has caused. What are we going to do now that he and his ever-so-handy life tips won’t be around? I, for one, am hoping he somehow ends up on vacay with the roomies. Wouldn’t it be fun to see him get plastered and try to put the moves on one of the ladies (or men, because, well, I’m not so sure which way Chris swings)? I can see it now: ”Hey, baby, I can start your fire and show you how to go down a mountain, if ya know what I mean [wink wink].”

And so the Outward Bound chapter in the lives of the RW cast members has come to an end, and I’m sure you’re all thinking the same thing I am: Besides going on vacation, what more is there left to see of Denver? We’ve met the significant others, seen some steamy shower sex, witnessed at least two roommates threaten to leave the show, and laughed as Brooke went insane. So, TV Watchers, I want to hear from you: What do you all hope to see happen before the season ends? And where do you think they’re going on vacation?

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