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January 06, 2019 at 10:00 PM EST
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At the end of last week’s episode, Ray, Mickey, and Daryll’s search for Bridget hit a dead end. They’d arrived at the safe house where she was supposedly being held, but found nothing. Now, at the top of “Never Gonna Give You Up,” they’re driving through the night, wondering what their next move should be. They seem focused and angry. Well, Mickey and Ray do. As usual, Daryll seems to be flying by the seat of his pants. He’s a reliable sidekick, but he’s no leader. That’s why he rides in the back seat.

As they come up with a plan, we learn part of what happened to Bridget. Ray Donovan used a bit of misdirection to get us to think that Radulovic had moved Bridget before Ray could show up, but that’s not the case. Rather, Mac’s made off with her, knowing full well that the cops were going to kill her as soon as the audio that proved Ferrati put a hit out on a judge was leaked. Now, Radulovic is in Mac’s home, beating his ex-wife Amber, pointing a gun to her head, and asking her where Mac is, all while her son watches from the top of the stairs. It’s classic Ray Donovan…you know, where a female character makes a brief appearance as a disposable body to be bruised and battered to further the story of the tortured men that serve as the beating heart of the show? That kind of classic Ray Donovan.

Radulovic stops before killing her because he gets a call from the bartender at O’Donoghue’s letting him know that Ray just drove by. Ray, Mickey, and Daryll head to Mac’s place thinking that Bridget might be there. While Daryll waits in the car in case something bad happens, Mickey and Ray search the place. It’s a long, rather laborious scene — seriously, they tiptoe around the house for ages — but it pays off in the end. Radulovic rolls up to the house, pulls out his gun, and steps inside to finally kill Ray. Daryll jumps into action, but being the screw-up that he is, Radulovic gets the jump on him. Just as it looks like the cop is about to kill Daryll, Ray comes in the room and fires one bullet after another into Radulovic’s chest. It’s excessive, but Ray isn’t thinking clearly. He’es desperate, ready to do anything to save his daughter.

Not only do the Donovans now have a dead cop on their hands, but they also catch the latest news, as cable channels across the country begin playing the audio of Ferrati ordering Judge Scholl to be killed. Ray thinks this is the end. “They’re going to kill her,” he says as he staggers out of the bar, having taken more of his anger out on the bartender who knows absolutely nothing. They head back to Mac’s house and Ray uses Radulovic’s phone to call Ferrati, demanding to know where his daughter is. The Mayor says he doesn’t know, and he hangs up on Ray’s repeated calls. Then, Feratti calls Mac. “You took his kid? Find him, bring him to me.” He didn’t know about Bridget, and suddenly this whole thing is flying off the rails.

While Ray continues his search, the FBI is interrogating Bunchy. He’s facing upwards of 30 years in prison, but he can cut a deal if he’s willing to give up Mickey. That’s who the FBI really wants, but Bunchy truly doesn’t know where he is. “Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you,” he says, and that’s true. When the FBI agent brings in Terry to talk some sense into him, Bunchy shows an affection for Mickey that we’ve never really seen. While Ray and Terry could easily throw Mickey in prison, Bunchy can’t do it. He has sympathy for his father, who once did 20 years in Walpole for a crime he didn’t commit. He can’t do the same thing to his father, he refuses to. It’s moving in its own twisted way. If Bunchy won’t give him up though, Terry will. He promises the FBI agent that he’ll find Mickey and hand him over in exchange for some sort of deal. (Recap continues on next page)

Meanwhile, Sandy and Smitty are having their own adventures. “Ray tried to kill you?” she says. “Yeah, he poisoned me,” replies Smitty.” “To save Abby? That sounds like Ray.” It’s a great exchange, and one of a series of odd-couple type moments between them. Their interactions are ridiculous and lighthearted, up until Officer Bianchi manages to get himself out of his restraints and attack Sandy. He’s taken a beating, that’s for sure, but he can still choke out an old woman. That’s when Smitty officially makes himself part of the Donovan family by picking up a fire poker and driving it through Bianchi’s chest. He’s killed a man now, and that means he’s truly a Donovan. Coming soon for Smitty: helping to bury bodies that shouldn’t be found.

Alright, back to the search for Bridget. Ray eventually gets a call from Mac assuring him that his daughter is safe. He asks to meet at a pier somewhere, and Ray agrees, leaving Mickey and Daryll to get the bodies of Radulovic and one other cop back to Sandy’s house. When the meet happens, Mac is all sentimental. He talks about how nobody on the force ever really believed in him, and that when Ray came along and became his friend, he thought he’d found someone he could connect with. It’s all part of the tragedy that is Mac’s life. He’s spun out of control, and he sees no way of getting back on track. All he can do is right one wrong, and that means taking Ray to Bridget.

He does just that, leading Ray to a motel where he finds her chained to a sink in the bathroom. She’s safe, and that means it’s the end for Mac. He calls Amber, who curses at him and tells him to never, ever enter her life again, and then he shoots himself in his car. As Ray and Bridget pull out of the parking lot, the horn in Mac’s car blares, a reminder of his final sacrifice, one good deed after a host of bad ones.

This story is far from over though. With the audio out there, the election is up in the air. Ferrati tells Judge Scholl that the tape is clearly manufactured, that it must have been done by Winslow’s Hollywood friends. He promises to win the election and begin “nailing Winslow to the wall.” What that means for Ray and the rest of the Donovans, who find themselves burying three bodies, is unclear at the moment, but next week’s finale promises yet another showdown between two powerful people, with Ray caught up in the middle.

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