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Ray is on the road to recovery until a boxing champion pulls him back into the chaotic world of "fixing problems"

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June 27, 2016 at 12:56 AM EDT

It feels like it’s been a long time since Ray Donovan collapsed in church after having a spiritual and physical breakdown. Shot in the gut and looking to open up about his abusive past, he sought solace in the church. Now, he’s recovered. Father Romero nursed him back to health and Ray is even getting some pieces of his life back on track, attending Bunchy’s group therapy session and seemingly patching things up with Abby.

A man named Hector Campos is largely responsible for bringing Ray back from the brink, at least spiritually. It turns out Father Romero helped Hector when he was younger, so now it’s Hector’s turn to help Ray. He brings him to his home in Big Bear for some healing, and even attends Ray’s first group therapy meeting.

Hector Campos has had quite the life of his own. He’s a current boxing champion, so he fits right in with Ray and his gang of gym rats and boxing fans. For a while it seems like Hector is a good influence on Ray, someone who put his life on the right path and found success. This is Ray Donovan, though, so all that sunshine and happiness can’t possibly last.

Things first take a turn when Detective Muncie brings Ray to her office. She asks him, for the sixth time apparently, where Mickey is. Dead girls are popping up everywhere, and as Muncie tells Ray, it’s because the two Donovans screwed up her sting. Now she’s looking to tie them to the deaths of the Minassians. Ray insists he has no idea where his father is and tells Muncie to just accept that he’s gone.

The moment gives us the episode’s best edit, as the show cuts to Mickey, fully adorned in a cheesy cowboy getup and hanging out on a rooftop overlooking the barren landscape of Primm, Nevada. If there’s a better shot this whole season than goddamn Jon Voight in a cowboy suit set against the backdrop of the desert, I don’t even want to see it. I want this image to last forever.

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Anyways, Mickey is living in Primm and doing typical Mickey things, which means he’s running an elaborate scam. It basically goes like this: He has two accomplices at a gas station who purposely sabotage the cars of rich folks stopping by for gas. When they offer to fix “the problem,” the rich guy heads into the casino bar to grab some drinks. They’re greeted by bartender Mickey, who gets them drunk (and puts substances other than alcohol in their drinks) and hooks them up with a woman who, once they’re back in her room, steals everything the man has.

It’s a low-level scheme, but it’s all Mickey’s got. Well, it’s all he had… As he’s pulling off the latest hustle, the casino guards (and head honcho Little Bill himself) figure out what Mickey’s been doing. Plus, they run Mickey’s SSN — Mickey is going by “Chip O’Malley” in Nevada — and find it’s attached to a 15-year-old kid who died in the ’60s. The jig is up, and Mickey is banished from the casino.

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