While Mickey chases down his girl and his money, it's do or die time as the Russians come after Ray

By Kyle Fowle
August 22, 2016 at 12:23 AM EDT
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Ever since Ray shot Belikov in the face and stuffed him in a crate destined for Moscow, we’ve been waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. You don’t just kill a Russian gangster without expecting some sort of blowback. That blowback, expected or not, is perhaps even worse than anything Ray Donovan could have imagined. For the first time in a while, it looks like he’s truly up against a wall, and all those around him are in danger.

You see, Belikov’s body, complete with hungry rats, finally arrives in Moscow at the beginning of “Goodbye Beautiful.” Now, some mob bosses might not be so angry, but the man who gets this box, Dmitri, is played by Raymond J. Barry — the same guy who brought a metric ton of gravitas to roles on Justified and The 100. Barry doesn’t play sweet guys, so you know right off the bat Dmitri is the kind of guy who shouldn’t be messed with.

But “mess with” is Ray Donovan’s modus operandi. Agent Barnes knows that. He pulls Ray over and tells him a customs agent at the port was murdered last night, he knows Belikov is dead, and he can only assume the infamous Ray Donovan is at the center of it all. Ray, of course, pleads ignorance in the form of rolling up his window and driving away.

On the inside, though, he’s a bit shaken. He calls Lena to tell her about the murder at the port and gives her instructions to look into it. He wants to know as much as he can about what’s going on before there’s an army of Russian gangsters at his door.

While Hector and Terry deal with the media and an angry Marisol at the Fite Club — she burns a $2 million check and some valuables on the club’s doorstep, but at least Terry gets a date out of it — Sonia packs a bag of money and picks up her daughter from school. They need to flee, right now.

Unfortunately for Abby, there’s only one place Sonia feels she can go. She shows up at the Donovan house and, after Abby calls Ray to tell him what’s going on, sits inside and makes awkward conversation with the wife of the man she slept with. That Donovan dinner table has hosted more than its fair share of uncomfortable exchanges, though.

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I know what you’re thinking. All of this Ray Donovan stuff is cool and all, but what’s going on with Bunchy, Mick, and Teresa, the trio currently on the world’s most delightfully odd road trip? Well, it turns out Mickey’s plan involves more than just driving to Primm and picking up Sylvie. In fact, he plans on picking up Sylvie and stealing back the money from Bill Primm in the process.

What Mickey has failed to realize, though, is that money is apparently cursed, at least for the Donovans. Sylvie lets Mickey and Bunchy into Bill Primm’s house, and while she distracts him, Mickey gets to work on the safe. Unfortunately, his fancy laser-cutter thing dies near the end of the job, so Mickey is forced to improvise.

He sends Bunchy outside with a gun to harmlessly chat with a blind and mute old lady — Bill’s mother, in one sense or another — and then confronts Bill in his bedroom. They head downstairs and Mickey tells him that if he doesn’t give him the code for the safe, Bunchy will kill the old woman.

Before anyone can do anything, though, one of Bill’s bodyguards comes in and pulls a gun. After a tense standoff, he shoots Sylvie, and she dies right in front of Mickey. Just as he’s about to turn the gun on Mickey, Teresa bursts in with a guitar and slugs the bodyguard over the head. They make off with the money — but for Mickey, it’s tainted. He’s lost his love. He and Teresa share a tender moment, but there may be no coming back for either of them.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get back to Ray and the encroaching Russians.

Ray comes home and orchestrates a plan with Sonia, Avi, and Lena to hopefully deal with Dmitri, Waller, and Vlad. The deal is this: Lena will dress up like Sonia and drive her car to a secluded place, drawing out Vlad and then, hopefully, killing him. While that’s happening, Ray will get Sonia and her daughter to a private plane so they can disappear and avoid the wrath of Dmitri. Ray doesn’t like Lena taking on the dangerous job, but he has no other choice.

In fact, he shouldn’t have been so worried. She executes the plan, and Vlad, with no problem whatsoever — but Avi’s not so lucky. After Ray gets Sonia and her daughter on a plane and watches it take off from the runway, he gets a call.

On the other end is a barely recognizable voice. Avi, bloodied and battered and barely alive after getting attacked by Dmitri’s men at Waller’s office, apologizes to Ray for failing him. Then Dmitri gets on the phone: He tells Ray he wants Sonia, and he’ll kill Avi if Ray doesn’t deliver. It’s clear he means it, too. Just look at Avi here. He’s a mess, and we know he’s a tough guy.

Ray’s been dodging threats to him and his family all season long, but if “Goodbye Beautiful” tells us anything, it’s that Dmitri might be the most dangerous threat he’s faced yet.

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