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July 11, 2016 at 12:21 AM EDT

It’s still early in the season, but Ray Donovan is already forcing Ray to deal with the consequences of his actions. At one point or another, it was assumed the Minassians — or the Russians they were working with — would come after Ray and his family. Ray helping Muncie put Belikov behind bars last week certainly didn’t help his situation. In “Little Bill Primm’s Big Green Horseshoe,” the feud comes to a head and the whole Donovan family is threatened.

Things are ominous right from the episode’s start. We first see Muncie and her team discovering a shipping container filled with young girls, the aftereffects of Ray delivering Belikov. Then, back at the Donovan house, Abby sees Bridget having sex in a car parked outside — with the same teacher Abby was previously flirting with, Mr. Donellen (Mad Men‘s Aaron Staton).

Of course, as soon as Bridget comes in the house her mother lets loose, and it isn’t long before they’re both shouting at each other. Bridget storms off and a food truck passes as she’s walking down the street; it’s the truck we first saw at the docks, where Muncie discovered the shipping container. This can’t be good.

Sure enough, when Abby thinks she hears Bridget come back and sends Ray down to talk to her, he’s attacked by a member of the Russian mob sent to kill him. Ray initially takes the guy down, but he manages to get back up and point a gun at Ray. Just as he’s about to shoot, Abby comes down the stairs with her own gun and kills the would-be assassin. That single act thrusts the entire Donovan family into chaos.

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Well, most of the family, as Conor “C-Money” Donovan is, as always, too dumb to notice his whole family is going into hiding. After Ray spills the beans about everything involving the Minassians — including how he, Avi, and Mickey took them out — Avi and Lena help get everyone to a hotel for safekeeping. Terry refuses to go, instead holing up at the club. Ray only has more problems from there, as Darryl decides to stay with Terry…the two of them brandishing guns, quoting Blazing Saddles, and waiting for the Russians to arrive.

With most of his family safe in the hotel, Ray heads out to find Muncie and see if the two of them can put an end to this. She’s not answering his calls, so he heads to her house. When she doesn’t answer the door, he lets himself in and things get much, much worse. He finds the house destroyed and when he walks into the kitchen, Muncie’s body is on the floor in a pool of blood, her throat slashed. This is serious. The Russians are coming for everyone involved, and Ray needs to figure out how to stop them.

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