While Mickey's in a tough bind with the Armenians, the rest of the Donovans are preparing for Bunchy's wedding.
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After all the murder and body dumping in last week’s episode, “The Octopus” finds time to bring a little love and joy into the lives of the Donovans. It’s Bunchy’s wedding day, as he and Teresa are about to tie the knot. Everything is ready to go, but this being the Donovan family, something is bound to go wrong.

Things are already off the night before, as both families gather at Ray and Abby’s house for dinner. Abby welcomes everyone to their home and says how lovely it is to see all the new faces together. She urges Ray to say a few words, clinking his glass for him. Not a great idea. Ray says as few words as possible, and the ones that manage to come out only serve to passively aggressively insult Teresa and Bunchy.

Meanwhile, Mickey is back checking in with Detective Muncie. She’s organizing a sting on the Minassians, who are about to import a number of underage girls in the hopes of selling them into prostitution. The cops want Mickey to act as a buyer, and they’re specifically going after a man named Ivan Belikov. In exchange for his cooperation, they’ll protect him from the Armenian Mafia.

Mickey knows it’s a bum deal; he’ll end up dead during the sting, or sometime shortly after. Still, he agrees to be the pawn in their game. That decision doesn’t last though, as Mickey shows up at the precinct only to drive away and hide in a hotel for a while until he can escape down south, maybe to Aruba.

With Mickey failing to show, Detective Muncie makes her next move. She heads to Mickey’s apartment and arrests Bunchy, who’s once again getting lectured by Ray in the form of marriage advice. Ray had Avi and Lena check up on Teresa and her band of luchadors, and while they didn’t find anything too incriminating, Ray uses the info to shame Bunchy. Bunchy’s done with that though, telling Ray that, as usual, his anger is really directed toward himself.

Back at the precinct, Muncie tells Ray that she’s got enough to charge Bunchy and put him away for at least seven years. Ray sees only one way out of this: If he gets Mickey, will she let Bunchy go? It’s his weeding day after all. Muncie agrees to the deal, but bringing Mickey in might not be so easy.

Mickey’s holed up in a hotel, biding his time until he can sneak into Bunchy’s wedding quickly before heading down south. It’s a decent plan, but Ray finds him. Mickey’s still convinced that he’s leaving, and Ray tells him to go right ahead, to run away once again. The guilt trip works and Mickey agrees to the sting, if only so Bunchy can get to his wedding.

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While all of this is going on, Bridget is once again off hanging out with her teacher. They’re bowling and taking Oxy; Mr. Donellen says romantic relationships with his students are inappropriate, but apparently drug use and daytime bowling is aboveboard. Nothing much comes of their story, other than that THEY KISS AGAIN AND MR. DONELLEN SAYS HE’S ATTRACTED TO BRIDGET. What is wrong with these two?

When Abby goes to pick Bridget up, she notices that she’s high as a kite. She’s worried something’s wrong with her, but of course she doesn’t talk to her daughter. Instead she mentions it to her new best friend Terry, who says he’ll keep an eye on her for now.

While the wedding is underway, with Bunchy being let out of custody and showing up with time to spare, Mickey is working on the first phase of the sting. He’s wired up and is wearing a camera somewhere on his body — “it’s better if you don’t know,” says Muncie.

He heads into the meeting with the Minassians and tells them that he’s had a good month and is looking to expand his operation and buy some new girls, ones he’s heard are being brought in right now. It’s not subtle, but it works. He gets a few photos of the girls, complete with prices, and brings them to Muncie.

Mickey is shaken though. It’s partly because of how young the girls are and how twisted this business he’s into truly is. More than that though, he knows he’s a dead man walking. It’ll only be so long before one of the Minassians puts a bullet in him.

That leads Mickey to the Fite Club, where the wedding reception is being held. Darryl is DJ’ing the party, going a little heavy on the Seal, and Ray is doing what he can to atone for his treatment of Bunchy. He makes up for his terrible speech earlier and says he’s happy to see these two together, and that it’s clear they’ll fight for each other.

For a moment, just about everyone is in a good place. Bunchy is married and happy, Terry and Abby have found a common bond, and Ray seems content to see everyone else content. That changes when Mickey asks Ray for help. He says if he goes to make the purchase, he’s going to get killed. They know his face. There’s no way he walks away from this.

Ray, of course, has no sympathy. He tells Mickey to go give his congratulations to Bunchy and then move on. That hard stance is short-lived though. When Mickey leaves the Fite Club, a distraught look across his face, Ray calls Lena and tells her to look into Mrs. Minassian.

Perhaps Ray can do something for Mickey, but he’s soon going to have his own problem. As the episode comes to a close, we see Ed Cochran, the creepy former FBI agent from season 2, looking into the NFL deal for an investigative agency. They’re looking into the shareholders because Varick is “missing,” and Cochran, who seems to be low on the totem pole in his new gig, is handed the case. He can’t believe it when he sees Ray’s name on the forms. Things just got a whole lot more interesting.

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