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Ray gets tricked into doing a favor for Paige while Terry finds that prison isn't so warm and fuzzy.

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July 19, 2015 at 10:16 PM EDT

The Donovans have a new big dog in their home, which is a not so subtle metaphor for the absence of Ray. That’s not a surprise though considering that Ray Donovan is a not so subtle show. It’s a show that trades in big emotions and big actions, making sure you don’t miss a thing on any level. “Ding” is filled with big exaggerated moments, for better or worse.

“Ding” spends a lot more time establishing where the non-Ray Donovan characters are at in their lives. That begins with Terry, who’s doing what he can to survive the day-to-day prison life. He’s receiving packages from Ray, but he definitely doesn’t want his brother’s help. After all, it’s basically Ray’s fault that he’s in the slammer in the first place.

If anything, Ray’s special treatment is just singling Terry out. A tough guy in the yard approaches him, but the confrontation doesn’t end well for him. It turns out that Terry still has a lot of the power that made him a great boxer back in the day. Despite his Parkinson’s getting worse, which is confirmed by a prison doctor, Terry drops the guy in a hurry.

It’s a solid win for Terry, who needs every little bit of positivity he can get, but it leaves the guy he dropped holding a grudge. He wants a rematch with Terry, so another huge inmate (Banshee‘s Joseph Gatt, who seems to always play a scary prison dude) pays off a guard to look the other way while the rematch takes place.

Not long into that fight, which Terry is once again winning, his opponent gets a knife from another inmate and stabs Terry in the side. That sets off the old Donovan temper and Terry goes to town on the guy, grabbing a weight from the workout area and bashing the inmate’s head in, landing Terry in solitary. Violence is integral to the Donovan family, just in case you were wondering.

Bunchy isn’t faring much better. He’s finally worked up the nerve to confront the Luchadores and kick them out of the gym for not paying their fees, but then backs out at the last minute. He says they can work out a payment plan, perhaps a crumbling of spirit brought on by his infatuation with Teresa, the lone Luchadora.

Ray Donovan specializes in strange relationships, but the one between Bunchy and Teresa might be the strangest. It’s partly a sub-dom kind of thing, but also kind of messed up because she pays to be at the gym and Bunchy likes to masturbate in the office while watching her work. Add to that the fact that she calls Bunchy a perv while getting him to clean the Fite Club’s bathroom, clearly hitting a nerve considering Bunchy’s abusive past, and we may have a twisted relationship that tops them all.

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